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Gold - The Beach Boys - Breakaway
Silver- Celsi, Bragg, and Maitland - The Bright Light of Glasgow
Bronze - Housemartins - Caravan of Gold
Tin - Chumbawamba - Idris Strike Song

Chilling near Lancaster, Pa to see the man himself tomorrow. The day starts off with a train ride on the Strasburg short line. Not a cloud in the sky....
Someday I hope to see Celsi, Bragg, and Maitland in person.

Good week, Paul

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

t bedford

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Gracie - "I Get Around" is not in play. "Breakaway" is... [wink]
I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!

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Originally Posted by Graciegirl

Gold - Break Away – The Beach Boys   

Silver - Caravan of Love - The Housemartins

Bronze - Idris Strike Song – Chumbawamba

Tin - The Bright Lights of Glasgow – Celsi, Bragg & Maitland



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I have fixed my vote, what can I say....   other than Opps..   [redface][crazy]

paul g adsett

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- i'm totalersiating the scores,
so, if y'need to, there's a little time to slip a new one in...
in the meantime,
here's the end of the tale of the anny celsi song.
... preceded by, um, slap on the wrist from ms celsi herself (oops):
'Also, correction in your text - Nell was not Daniel's mum,
she was the mum of Tony Gaughan, Danny's brother in law,
and the fellow who sorted the gigs for us in Glasgow.'

so, as i was saying, tony offers his mum's home to us to crash for the night.
not that she knew in advance.
anny, tony, daniel - a carfull head off from the 13th note club venue,
over the river and beyond,
leaving 3 of us, me & nelson, to head off on foot to find a cab en route.
now, it's nighttime, but it's glasgow.
plenty of cabs in glasgow, aren't there?
er, not tonight, josephine, not empty ones.
don't they know we've an international musician,
who's played his heart out in town,
looking to find a bed for the night?

we walk down saltmarket, pass the park with the people's palace,
cross the river clyde, heading south.
plenty of full cabs going in the other direction - none stopping to pick us up.
for tonight, yes, the city has had an international music act descend upon it.
yes, i know, but not just anny'n'nelly.
for, way down at the massive hampden park stadium,
mr bruce springsteen has finished playing to a packed crowd.
every cab in town is ferrying punters back from there.
nelson's knackered. sober but knackered.
i'm knackered. (semi-sort-of) drunk, but knackered...
we walk on, but floundering, and reach the gorbals.
the old crime infested slum area,
redeveloped into, a crime infested tower block area.
but, now is the age of the reimagined gorbals,
being rebuilt as more salubrious modern blocks of flats.
but, still the gorbals.
will we survive the trek?
or will we be sacrificed to the gods,
in the spirit of survival of the fittest in comparative musical popularity?

cabs continue to pass in the opposite direction.
between us we don't have a phone, so we can't even book one
or call up and get the car to rescue us.
it's damp. it's not wet, but it's certainly damp.
now, at his best, nelson can never be accused of under-statement.
he's not shy in being unbecoming...
he flags further.
our feet falter, but we persevere.
we persevere until we hit a street corner that's got a scaggy patch of grass.
seeing the sumptuous, silk sheeted lawn, nelson decides he can go no further
and lays himself down on the ground.
he doesn't cast himself to the ground, but sort of floppy flounces to the floor.
our companion (the only chap who knows where we're going anyway)
and i look at each other and sort of shrug and gurn.
what do we do now?
i'm not kipping on the grass for the night.
i'm not carrying nelson.
i can barely carry m'self much further.
even the cabs are less frequent
- and, even if any did pass empty, none of 'em have stopped for us.
we're doomed.

and then it gets worse.

i see a car pass by.
not a taxi, but a police car.
a police car with two glaswegian coppers inside.
the policecar slows down,
turns and comes back towards us.
it stops on the corner and an officer eyes us up.
there's two of us stood alongside what appears to be a body on the ground.
we smile delicately...
a few words from an opened window and the officers disengage themselves from the vehicle.
we smile again, sheepishly...
we begin some explanation.
the truth can't be complicated, can it?
nelson's sensed something is afoot
- he probably sees the foot and other feet approach him from his horizontal position.
his lanky shape slowly arises, without any graceful flounce.
quite frankly, he looks pathetic.
we barely look better.
his american accent gives credence to our tale of,
'we've just been at a gig in town...
tired musician...
invited back to mum's for the night...
no taxis... bruuuce...
long way...'
they buy it - are they trusting, or merely gormless?
'where are you going, then?'
i'm fearing we'll be done for loitering with no known intent,
carted off for the night to the drunk tank.
is that a fate worse than gorballed?

the rozzers are actually friendly, apparently genuinely have our best interest at heart.
it seems we're still quite a way from home.
and home is the other side of the gorbals.
the invitation to 'get in' isn't an order preceding a one way trip to the clink.
it's an offer to drive us to tony's mum's.
hurrah for the 5th cavalry.
the three of us sit in the back of the cop car,
gleefulness tempered with slight (well, more than mild) embarrassment.
as we head for the tower block,
the tale is told, of springsteen's acolytes hoovering up all the cabs
and including that of mr bragg's day job employer.
by the time we extract ourselves from the policecab,
nelson's got the names of the officers and is promising them comps
to the next brian wilson date in glasgow.

and so we enter and all already there wonder what on earth had happened.
despite not knowing ahead of time of her incoming guests,
nell proves to be a real treasure of a host.
and we get a suitably greased breakfast to set us up for the next day,
when (after visiting a garden shed record company)
the tour heads southwards to liverpool the next night
and leicester the next - ah, july 2009
(what on earth was i doing?
i was old enough to know better, but  young enough to overrule the sensible).
rock'n'roll at its very best.
and anny had found a friend for life.
for it was at nell's that they stayed on subsequent tours.
she's now passed.

and, that's how this song got to be written.
a memorable, merry mixed with mirth and mire, episode.

for those who suggested the performance entered into competition needed work on,
here's a version form later in the the 2017 tour,
at the greys, brighton.
the gig i promoted and missed m'self
(so i've no fillum of it for posterity, only snippets from others).
this is from another(infrequent) blueboarder and is worth a look / listen:

Lee Marshall

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Way better...

BB's Gold
Them 3 folks 2nd/Silver

Housemartins 3rd
Chew a Bumba last

There ya go mad-adder...get out the pencil and paper...I changed my vote.
paul g adsett

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aaarrrggghhh, lee
- just logged in to present totals and...
tempted to say it's unfair unless everyone gets chance to change, based on fresh evidence...
but, your votes don't change the rating, only adjust the individual scores a tad,
so i'm now realterating my totals.
back to you...

paul g adsett

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well, not a clean sweep for the beach boys,
but clear winners.
maybe it was a trifle unfair to add this one in.
or i plumped for a bunch of non-contenders.
yesterday afternoon, saw the brighton beach boys perform 
'celebrate the last days of summer'
a relaxed, open air gig in an outdoor space in town.
warm, beautiful sunshine (could've been wet'n'wild, so whew!).
packed amphitheatre, families with picnics,
plenty of kids dancing, oldies waggling their bits,
some performance surfing.
a very fine day.
'breakaway' figured in the setlist - percussionist theseus took the lead
(viz attached).

seems i might've frightened some would-be entrants away this week,
a mere 15 entries. ah, well...
here's the scores (thanks, as ever, to djr for adjudicating.

gold: 'breakaway - acapella' - the beach boys
13 gold / 2 silver / 0 bronze / 0 tin = 58 points

silver: 'idris strike song' - chumbawamba
2 gold / 5 silver / 6 bronze / 2 tin = 36 points

bronze: 'caravan of love' - the housemartins
0 gold / 5  silver / 8 bronze / 2 tin = 33 points

tin: 'the bright light of glasgow' - cbm
0 gold / 2 silver / 4 bronze / 9 tin = 23 pointsbbb1.jpg  bbb2.jpg  bbb3.jpg  tin = 23 points

(oops - but, there y'go! someone had to be in 4th place,
even if al f was unable to differentiate 'twixt 3 choices
and lee reinvested).

thanks to those of you who appreciated the chumbawamba entry.
as a band, they never expected the massive hit they produced
and never really lived it down,
since their repertoire was nothing like that, really.
their latterday, political folkie era saw an excellence that was a trifle erratic elsewhere, 
though they were always entertaining with their quirky music hall approach
and consistently sharp political incisions.

the housemartins i loved as a live act.
never the greatest, but fun.
a pop act - pop with some serious undertones.
of their time.
many of their fans couldn't grasp why they performed 'caravan of love',
wanting wall to wall jangle.

cbm - yes, this clip sees them decidedly under-rehearsed
and a little wonky.
but, it found its way into competition purely because it means something to me
(and, obviously, to the three performers, too.
and i'm very pleased anny celsi wrote song and nelson arranged it.
do listen to the second example from the greys brighton.

to finish, here's a(n almost a capella) number 
that has remained i my brain since first seen on tv a long time back
(1962, apparently).
the magnificent, incomparable morecambe and wise
here's how a vocal group (fails) to sort its act.
i kept it for now, and, by happy happenstance,
an 'everything connects' moment allows me to point to
their constant piss-taking on their shows of des o'connor,
whose 'dick a dum' fits into lisa's week this week.

one and all

paul g adsett

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flippin' 'eck!
i forgot to add my own votes to the week
(despite including 'em in the totals!
having thanked djr for adjudicating,
i've now got to thank him again
- for adjudicating and nudging me over my bloomin' bloomer.
oh, the ignominy...

here's my votes:
gold: 'breakaway' - sublime
(though the  a capella 'add some music to your day' i prefer, slightly)
silver: 'idris strike song'
bronze: 'bright light of glasgow'
'caravan of love'

there y'go...
cheers and good night

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Paul. 

They're in the book. 

It was the second time around for a version of 'Break Away'. 

The Hawthorne version won a Gold in a very strong Week 16 of Season IV (Deb#1). 

That week its scores were 67 points and 30.45% from 22 voters. 

This week it scored 58 and 38.67 from 15 voters. 

The single version has never been used. 

It was the second entry for the Housemartins. 

'Happy Hour' won a Gold in Week 33 of Season V (Peter Simpson). 

Celsi, Bragg & Maitland have not featured before as a trio, but Nelson Bragg and Duncan Maitland have had entries. 

'Surf’s Up' (Paul Steel with Scott Bennett, Nelson Bragg & Probyn Gregory - 2012) won the Gold in Week 32 of Season III (paul g adsett). 

'Sail On Sailor' (Scott Bennett with Nelson Bragg & Probyn Gregory - 2012) won the Bronze in Week 32 of Season III (paul g adsett). 

'Steel Derrick' (Nelson Bragg) won a Gold in Week 3 of Season IV (Tom Tobben). 

'Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long' (Nelson Bragg) won a Gold in Week 30 of Season VI (paul g adsett). 

'Kooks' (Duncan Maitland) won the Silver in Week 32 of Season III (paul g adsett).

With just the 16th highest points score but 2nd highest percentage, and 14 weeks to go, 'Break Away' is a chance of making the play-offs.  

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