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paul g adsett

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while still ponderising this week'slot
from afar, in deepest, farthest cornwall,
with only sporadic access,
i meant to post a couple of songs
by a very favourite writer, van morrison,
sung by a very favourite wilson
who has a splendid ear for excellent covers
(bravo, larry f, for already slipping one in) 
and has produced plenty of very, very good albums
- the exquisite cassandra wilson:

'tupelo honey'

'crazy love'

6, no 8, attempts to get that link fixed!
quicker to send semaphore signals!
David W

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My votes :

Gold - Wilson Phillips
Silver - Carl and Passions
Bronze - Dennis
Tin - Brian

Frank Wilson and Do I Love You

bonnie bella

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Ta very much to Popeye, David and Lisa for the votes, and Lisa - no "Wilson" week would be complete without THE Wilson!  Lest we forget!

Popeye, thanks for Carl Perkins.  Carl's are hard to find.  I feel like I've come across him in the battle recently?

David, great contribution.  Funky stuff.

Lisa and Dan, a number of highly acclaimed Bryan-with a y's out there, thanks for posting them.  Lisa, I LOVE "I Saw Her Again".

t, Ann and Nancy Wilson make a great addition to this week.  Is Mr Ferry a Brian-with-an-eye or why?  He's really (painfully) "in theme" for this performance.  That eye patch looks real.  I wonder what happened?

Larry, still listening to Carl Broemel, the first song is just lovely, so I'll save the rest for the morning.

Paul, Cassandra Wilson is indeed an incredible artist.  I have to hear more from this lady.  [smile]

A couple of Kiwi contributions.

Supergroove, One of the lead singers is Karl Steven (the guy in the striped pyjama's).

Dennis Marsh, for a little bit of country.

And while it's not singing, this one of the classy Wilson sisters.  These girls tame horses others have given up on, and make them stars.  Oldest sister Vicki in action with a previously wild horse form the mountains, and a Bon Jovi accompaniment.  (Note she takes the saddle off the second time they jump the cars.)


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Cantina Margarita

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Hi Bonnie & all,

so you want us to do a round about several Wilsons and Phillips, all trying to shake off the burden Brian's unbeatable talent put upon their shoulders. Let me tell you first, all three examples you've chosen are great ones, in my opinion. Even very great ones to me. The question is: is there anybody able to depass the man himself, performing a Gershwin classic in a great way, only for the length of a BOTB week ?

The hardest task first: find an acceptable reason to rate Brian's Gershwin rendition last place. This is necessary to do justice to the three others because I don't want to see any of them "winning" tin.

Here's my reason:

Recognizing BWRG's greatness, I still think it's Jimmy S. who did the greatest Gershwin rendition in pop music ever. Done, Brian will easily be able to overcome the shame I'm giving to him.

So there's my ranking:

Dennis. This song, again, shows quite clearly that Dennis was nothing like the "Peppermint Patty" of the group with talents in sports, but not in music. No way.

Carl & The Passions. Carl, obviously, even tried to shake off the name "Beach Boys" to be respected as a reasonable soul musician, without being measured by Brian all the time. The song seems to be a similar approach to the early disco Bee Gees stuff on "Main Course" and even a bit earlier. Forget about the Beach Boys formula only for 5 minutes, and you're hearing a great R&B song.

the girls. This is what Dennis and Carl always wanted to do: strong R&B related pop songs with hit potential, completely emancipated from Brian, the Beach Boys, and all the flower power stuff of the 1960s. Congrats for this, and for weaving the ingredients of Beach Boys and Mamas/Papas to a complete different cloth.

Brian, for one of the greatest numbers on one of his greatest solo albums. I must be crazy.

Hey guys, only three nights to sleep left, and then my wife, me, and our brave Skoda Fabia will start the greatest road trip in a long time. We will see the northern land's end of continental Europe (we already did the southern end at Gibraltar, but driving a rented Skoda), we will taste Danish Dynamite, and we will meet THE MAN. In a tiny and intimate venue, at Randers, Denmark. A dream is coming true.

I don't understand much of that language, but following Google translator, this is a very nice announcement. Expressing the surprise to be honoured with a gig like this in a Danish countryside venue.
Larry Franz

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Unless I missed it, nobody mentioned Brian Hyland this week. He recorded his first big hit, "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Polka Dot Bikini", when he was only 16, but went on to better things.

People around here must be getting wistful as the season draws to a close, because I heard his second big hit on our local free-form FM station today:

"Sealed with a Kiss", 1962 

"The Joker Went Wild", 1966

"Gypsy Woman", 1970 (originally done by the Impressions)


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Gold - Doctor My Eyes - Wilson Phillips

Silver - It Ain’t Necessarily So - Brian Wilson

Bronze - The Sounds of Free - Dennis Wilson

Tin – Here She Comes – The Beach Boys


Verden McCutcheon

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Season 7- Week 27 The Wilson's

1 ) Doctor My Eyes 

2 ) Sounds of Free

3 ) It ain't Necessarily So

4 ) Here She Comes 

Sorry late..... I had computer issues . 



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To have to decide between these contenders was almost painful. [confused]

Thanks, bonnie.  I enjoyed the task immensely. [biggrin]

       Gold - Brian - "It Ain't Necessarily So"

       Silver – Dennis - "The Sound of Free"

       Bronze – Wilsons Phillips - "Doctor My Eyes"

      Tin – Carl - "Here She Comes"

Wilson's Warbler Song

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

paul g adsett

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plenty of big skies,
brilliant sunsets,
bright milky way,
cliffs, bays, moorland,
fab beer and icecream
- but minimal internet,
here in deepest, farthest cornwall,
so v brief entry:

tin: 'it ain’t necessarily so'
'here she comes'
silver: 'the sounds of free'
gold: 'doctor my eyes'


Tom Tobben

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Late to the Wilson parade this week. After a number of listens, here goes:

Gold -- "It Ain't Necessarily So", Brian Wilson. I've always been both a big Brian Wilson and George Gershwin fan, and I loved Brian's interpretations on his excellent BWRG album a few years ago. The moodiness of the song, both in Brian's vocals and in the instrumental arrangement, were a good fit for Ira Gershwin's lyrics, and for the drug dealing character, Sportin' Life, in Gershwin's opera Porgy & Bess, for which this song was originally written.

Silver -- "Here She Comes", Beach Boys (Blondie) from Carl & The Passions. This album was slow to grow on me initially, but over the years I've come to like most of the songs, and really like a number of them, especially "All This Is That" and "Marcella", as well as Dennis' ethereal "Cuddle Up", "You Need A Mess of Help (to Stand Alone)", this week's battle song, and even the gospel-y TM song "He Come Down". I'd take this album any day over some of the latter day Beach Boys albums from the 80s and 90s, as well as over the under-realized Love You, as Al mentioned earlier this past week.  

Since Carl didn't actually write or sing lead on this battle song, here's Carl's first major lead vocal, if I remember correctly, "Girl Don't Tell Me", from the excellent Summer Days (and Summer Nights) album:

And this image and touching inscriptions to remember Carl by, as shown on the Carl Wilson page on Wikipedia:

Bronze -- "The Sound of Free", Dennis Wilson. A good enough song from Dennis, but over time his solo songs start sounding too much alike to me. I think, perhaps, that his limited vocal range may be part of the reason. Nevertheless, during his lifetime, Dennis' own musical talents were underappreciated.

Tin -- "Doctor My Eyes", Wilson Phillips. Like all of Wilson Phillips' music, the vocals are excellent and the song well-produced. The drawback for me, however, is that I much prefer the original Jackson Browne version on his excellent Saturate Before Using album.

And here's a couple more classics from another famous Wilson. Here's Jackie singing "Baby Workout":

And his lovely soul classic "Whispers (Gettin' Louder"), from a few years later:

bonnie, nice battle featuring the best known members of the musically talented Wilson clan, and some of their lesser-known (i.e., not over-played) songs.

Lee Marshall

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I should clarify that, in spite of my saying that I really think the nuanced performance of Wilson Phillips on Doctor My Eyes is an improvement...I, too, dig Jackson's version more.  Maybe it's 'cause I know it way better and perhaps because his grit helps sell it to a different degree.  But I still give the ladies HIGH MARKS for adding something to the song that wasn't previously there... ... ...and it works... ... ...well.
Darren J. Ray

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bonnie, not sure if Paul's votes are hieroglyphics to you as well, but they should read: 

tin: 'it ain’t necessarily so'

bronze: 'here she comes'

silver: 'the sounds of free'

gold: 'doctor my eyes'

bonnie bella

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Hi there,

Thanks to the last voters, Cantina, Gracie, Verden, Deb, pauly g, and Tom.  

I'll be back in a few hours to respond to some comments and share the results, so anybody else who might like to vote, feel free.  This week, I am going to abstain, as I purposely picked four songs that I like almost equally.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

bonnie bella

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Cantina, So pleased you enjoyed all four songs.  May I also add that after your week featuring ABBA, I went on a musical journey of discovery of them, and now have a much greater musical appreciation of them.  It's possible I had simply suffered from overexposure, so thank you for opening my eyes.

Lovely to see the girls gather a gaggle of golds near the end.  This particular song stood out as a bit of a gem on their covers album "California", I for one enjoy their rockier sound.
Deb, there's even a Wilson bird.  Who knew??

paul"gormwald" adsett, I hope you are treating Cornwall nicely and not leaving confusing little stanzas blowing in the wind for the locals to scratch their heads over.

Tom, I bet I'm not the only one who always look forward to your feedback, and this week did not disappoint.  There was obviously a certain soft loveliness around Carl, and not just because of his incredible, almost angelic vocals.  Thanks for posting something from him this week.  After putting up the songs, I went through a few of Carl's and kicked myself with all the great options I could have used.  Sorry Carl, you were underrepresented, and that is a shame.

Larry, thanks for posting great songs during the week.  I don't know if anybody else enjoys your playlists like I do, but I've always enjoyed the surprise of what might come up.  If it weren't for you, I would not know about The Fleet Foxes, TOPS, or Best Coast, let alone so much more. 

Lee, It pays to always listen to your excellent opinion, and I'm delighted that you see merit in the girls with this performance.  [smile]

The results for this week are as follows.

GOLD (55 points)  Dennis with "The Sound of Free" (7G, 4S, 7B, 1T).

SILVER (46 points)  Wilson Phillips "Doctor My Eyes", just edging Dad out of second place with one more gold placing  (6G, 2S, 5B, 6T).

BRONZE (46 points)  Brian, "It Ain't Necessarily So"  (5G, 4S, 4B, 6T).

TIN (43 points)  Fittingly, the only non-Wilson, although this song certainly had it's fans, with a staggering nine silvers (and I love it!)  "Here She Comes" (1G, 9S, 3B, 6T)

There were 19 voters.  An aggregate of 190.

Thank you so much to all who voted.  The Wilson family are why we are here, so lets celebrate them! (Oh, and Blondie.) 

On to you Al, over and out.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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Well done and hosted, bonnie. 

They're in the book, now stuck nearly half way down page 2 of this forum. 

'Sound of Free' was the fifth Dennis Wilson solo entry selected in the Battle. 

The record: 

Holy Man* (a Silver in Week 42 of Season II - Roy Roger Bridge), 
River Song (demo) (a Silver in Week 43 of Season III - paul g adsett), 
Farewell My Friend (a Gold in Week 9 of Season VI - Verden McCutcheon), 
River Song (a Gold in Week 4 of Season VII - t Bedford),
Sound of Free (a Gold in Week 27 of Season VII - bonnie bella)

* a posthumous release, vocal by Taylor Hawkins

'Doctor My Eyes' is the second Wilson Phillips song used. 

'Hold On' also won a Silver in Week 3 of Season V (Al Forsyth). 

'It Ain't Necessarily So' is the fourth track from Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin to be used. 

Its record is: 

Nothing But Love (a Gold in Week 4 of Season III - Deb#1), 
I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' (a Bronze in Week 31 of Season IV - t Bedford), 
They Can't Take That Away from Me (a Gold in Week 19 of Season VII - t Bedford), 
It Ain't Necessarily So (a Bronze in Week 27 of Season VII - bonnie bella)

'Here She Comes' is the sixth of the eight tracks from Carl and the Passions to be used, leaving just 'Hold On Dear Brother' and 'Make It Good' untried. 

'All This is That' has the best record, twice going deep into the play-offs. 

Results are: 

Marcella (a Gold in Week 19 of Season II - Michael F. Becher), 
You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone (a Silver in Week 23 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood), 
All This is That (a Gold in Week 14 of Season III, 8th in Gold Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood), 
All This is That (a Silver in Week 2 of Season VI, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 4th in Preliminary Final - D.A.N.), 
Cuddle Up (a Gold in Week 44 of Season VI - Cindy Hood), 
He Come Down (a Gold in Week 45 of Season VI - Lee Marshall), 
Here She Comes (a Tin in Week 27 of Season VII - bonnie bella)

A live track of 'Marcella' (from The Beach Boys in Concert) was also used in Week 38 of Season I, by John Potter. It won a Gold. 

With 43 points (third highest so far) and 22.63% (second highest so far), 'Here She Comes' looks a certainty for the Tin Play-Off this season. 
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