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paul g adsett

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good morning, world.
well, cindy took me back to more innocent times,
'formative years', i think, is the expression.
and, thanks for the week, cindy.
it dusted out a fond memory of a day out by the seaside
and my first 6d in the slot jukebox experience.
for this week, i'd been cogitating how to link a couple of things i'd wanted to include.
it wasn't so much a lesson in nostalgia,
but was going to reflect on more, um, elemental urges and desires...

but, enough of that.
that theme went out of the window
(though 2 choices were retained) when i,
and a good many of us here were gobsmackingly hit senseless
by the disastrous wildfires in california.
hit closer than we'd want, more personal than we'd anticipate,
by the tale of someone we 'know', even though we'd not met.
an original blueboarder, steve eidem, whose home in magalia,
right alongside paradise, ca,
was lost to the camp fire last weekend.
i'm amazed by steve's resilience as he's documented hopes / fears
and, eventually, confirmation that his house was destroyed and
all his possessions (including extensive record collection) and cats lost.
and by the way he's squared up to what's gone down
('it's only stuff...')...
should you wish, and i hope noone (including admin) objects to the mention,
there's a gofundme site set up by another blueboarder to assist steve and family right now:
there's hints of industrial malpractice by the power company,
conspiracy theories around buyig up cheap land for mining rights
and wholesale deliberate land clearing to build a railroad(!).
however it pans out,
the one thing y'can't overlook is the power of nature
to restablish a hold over us on this planet.

and so, a proper 'elemental' theme arose.
'earth,/ water, fire and air
met together in a garden fair...'
(incredible string band 'koeeeaddi there').
play with it as much as you like
- there's some obvious ones,
plenty of scope for more esoteric connections.

earth: sparks: 'never turn your back on mother earth'
- still recording and performing,
the mael brothers have produced some fantastic singles and albums.
here, from 1974's enormous hit album 'propaganda',
written by ron mael, produced by muff winwood,
with salutory words sung by the unique voice of russell mael
'when she's on her best behaviour
don't be tempted by her favour,
never turn your back on mother earth.
towns are hurled from a to b
by hands that look so smooth to me,
never turn your back on mother earth...'.
there's a better audio available (see below)
but this one shows the band in their quirky splendour.

water: the beach boys: 'cool cool water'
- from the beach boys' first post-capitol album, 'sunflower'
(nb the album sleeve picture was taken at hidden valley, thousand oaks,
right near to where bw and band are playing a 'christmas album' show,
which we'll be at, in december
- and, yes, that's the site of that shooting, not too far from those southern california fires).
released summer 1970, where every member added some music to proceedings.
it has its roots (source?) in 'smile!'s 'i love to say dada')
this song dates back to the earliest bellagio days in 1967,
not used on 'smiley smile' or 'wild honey',
reworked with added mike love lyrics but failing to chart as a single.

fire: the move: 'fire brigade'
- a top 3 uk hit in early 1968, recorded late 1967
(recorded after i'd seen the move play on the
jimi hendrix / pink floyd / nice / amen corner / eire apparent package tour)
written and performed by roy wood with a cracking guitar line.
it's actually a 'cast your mind back ten years...'
nostalgic look at a schoolboy crush (an almost kinksian song)
and, wow...
introduced by a dj besuited in a stylee definitely of its time.

air: dean owens: 'southern wind'
-my great chum, dean, from leith, edinburgh,
has toured and recorded for many years now,
occupying that amorphous roots genre oft named 'americana',
with the felsons (about to stage a one-off reunion gig in glasgow next month),
various projects and solo, recorded in various places.
this is the title track off his latest album,
co-written with the great talented, versatile will kimbrough,
recorded in nashville once gain with well respected producer neilson hubbard.
one reason i'm wanting to bang on about this is that the song has been nominated for
'song of the year' at the amauk awards 2019 (americana music association uk).
well deserved recognition.



Darren J. Ray

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Beautifully said, Paul. 

Steve's a lovely guy. It's great his friends are supporting him through this. 

And here is that better audio for Sparks. I hope you don't mind me posting it ...

John E

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Nice one, Paul! Here's my order:

1. The Move

2. Beach Boys

3. Dean Owens

4. Sparks

Here are a couple more elementary songs by two of my favourite live acts (both perfect for The Greys):

Larry Franz

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From 8 1/2:
Guido (Marcello Mastroianni): Your Eminence, I'm not happy.

His Eminence: Why should you be happy? That is not your task. Who told you we come into this world to be happy?

But we can still play.

Gold -- The Beach Boys -- A fellow fan and I skipped to this track so we could play it for a non-fan. His reaction was: "What the hell is this?" He wasn't converted.

Silver -- The Move -- Yes, it moves.

Bronze -- Sparks -- Based on the better audio.

Pewter -- Dean Owens -- There is an Americana Music Association UK?

It was April 23, 2014, when I made an Elements playlist in preparation for hosting. Which I never used. A few selections:

Johnnie & Joe -- "Over the Mountain, Across the Sea" (a twofer)

The Beach Boys -- "Country Air"

Bruce Springsteen -- "I'm On Fire"

Thanks, Paul.

paul g adsett

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- thanks for the gratuitous mention of one of my alltime favouritest fillums.
in an 'everything connects' moment, i can think of a clear link to the title,
since it'd fit any of these (one for each element):
i) a figure on the richter scale of amplitude 'great'
ii) a pretty good synchronised swimming score
iii) a heat input figure for combustion analysis of gas fired apparatus
iv) a pretty fresh / strong gale force wind

but can't quite fit the rossini 'barber of seville' theme to it
(unless it's a measure of how close a shave is carried out, allowing for designer stubble).
here's a great trailer:

Cindy Hood

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Paul, I'm getting in early for voting this week.  In light of the 'Campfire' disaster in 
California now, this is a fitting theme.  I don't know if the catastrophic fires are an act of mother nature or human error, but still horrific whatever is responsible for it. 

Here are my votes.

Gold:  Beach Boys for Cool, Cool Water.  A lovely one from the Boys!

Silver:  Dean Owens for Southern Wind. Yep, those southern winds can be brutal.  California is and has suffered wind's wrath many times with those wildfires and those Santa Ana winds.  Here in North Carolina, it's frequently windy and have frequent tornado watches.  

Bronze:  Sparks for Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth.  

Tin:  The Move for Fire Brigade.  

Good theme, Paul!  I certainly hope that these fires are put out soon and that they never happen again.  So devastating for all of those Californians who have had to go through this horror so many times.  I'm also remembering the huge apartment building fire that happened in England.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA.  Have a safe journey if you're traveling for the holiday.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".

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it's sherlock week... not that that quote appears in the books.
Darren J. Ray

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Russell Mael and Dean Owens - pick the yank!
This is a mile out in front…
Gold - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Sparks - 1974)
Never knew these Mael brothers were American. I always thought they were European and probably German. I don’t remember their songs as a child. But I can’t forget seeing their film clips on Countdown and being amazed to see Hitler playing the keyboards. And a few years later Macca included ‘Ron' in the ‘Coming Up’ clip. The best song of the week and I keep playing it over and over. The keyboard intro hits the spot, the vocal and that tasty guitar solo. One for my collection. Thanks, Paul. My only complaint is its brevity. I have to keep walking back to the computer room to re-hit ‘play’. 
Silver - Fire Brigade (The Move - 1968)
So this is the group Jeff Lynne joined and turned into his own ELO. Nice to see a young Bev Bevan in the clip; obviously a great drummer. I’ve enjoyed the limited stuff I’ve heard from Roy Wood, too. Groovy pop song with a guitar riff that sounds very ‘Footloose’. 
And then there’s the rest…
Bronze - Cool, Cool Water (The Beach Boys - 1970)
This is harder to dance to than ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I know that because my grandfather came into my bedroom when I was 15, I was playing A Night the Opera and he started dancing to it. This song has a bit more going for it on dedicated listening but never a go-to song for me. One of my least favourite tracks on Sunflower. But I love the costumes most of the Boys wore on the cover of the album - Mike dressing up as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Al trying to look cool like the Sundance Kid, Bruce as Gilligan and Brian all in white. Someone must’ve forgotten to tell Dennis and Carl it was a fancy dress photo shoot and they look really out of place. 
Participant - Southern Wind (Dean Owens - 2018)
Gee, I wonder how t feels about this guy. He’s Scottish! The song sounds like your typical American modern country ballad, a formulaic sound imitated by country acts from Australia (Keith Urban, Adam Brand, et al) and obviously in the UK. The thing is I usually like that sound. So hackneyed, it’s actually appealing! This is ok, but I’ll give the faintest of nods to the Boys. 
John B

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Some interesting songs I don't know that well (but that I like).!  

1.  "Cool, Cool Water" by the Boys

my best friend in HS, was a big Jeff Lynne fan and this was one of his favorite Boys' songs.

2. "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth"  by Sparks

you know, I've never, til now, heard the Morrissey/Sparks connection, or understood why Morrissey loved them so much.  Great song! 

3. "Fire Brigade"  by the Move

another great song, and reminds how very much they appreciated both the Beatles and the Beach Boys
man, what an insult, Darren to compare it to 'Footloose'...

4. "Southern Wind"  by Dean Owens

not as good as a 'Hickory Wind' or a  'Howling Wind' or a northern lights/southern cross, etc.

Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by paul g adsett
- thanks for the gratuitous mention of one of my alltime favouritest fillums.

You're welcome, although it was a vague response to your opening remarks regarding events in California and suffering in general. One might say it's elemental:
the noble truth of suffering: birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, death is suffering; union with what is displeasing is suffering; separation from what is pleasing is suffering; not to get what one wants is suffering...

Social Distortion -- "Ring of Fire"

bonnie bella

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Hi paul.

And one for Steve Eidem. Before my time here, but my thoughts go to you.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

paul g adsett

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- always a joy to listen to 'the whole of the moon'
arcade fire
i've some albums,thought they were fab
(live certainly)
but struggle with their earnest sameness now, to be honest.
least said about the twee couple the better, eh...

john b
- i agree.
let's go round to djr's and be a bit, um, footloose with him
to show him the error of his ways, what!

- not every song needs to be danceable
(though me'n'john b will be round to perform
to the sound of the soundtrack to 'a clockwork orange'
as we, um, perform some moves on you...)...
and, lummy, that australooblycountry stuff.
mind numbing
(but sheer poetry compared to the same title,
completely different  hit song by jason aldean
- it's sort of 'california girls' in outlook)
'nuff said...

Larry Franz

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A few wet ones.

The Standells -- "Dirty Water"

The Drums -- "Down By The Water"

Sons of the Pioneers -- "Cool Water" (this is from the 1940s, which may be why it takes a little time to get going)

The Rolling Stones -- "She's a Rainbow" (presumably a rainbow is a mixture of air and water, but what about the colored light?)

t bedford

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GOLD - The Move. Their version of Do Ya actually got played a few times in Cleveland (around 1968?)

SILVER - The Beach Boys. I also love to say 'dada'

BRONZE - Dean Owens. Good voice, a bit reminiscent of Neil Diamond

TIN - Sparks. I hate their vocals

XTC - Deliver Us from the Elements

XTC - Garden of Earthly Delights

XTC - Me & the Wind

XTC - Great Fire

XTC - Mermaid Smiled

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
paul g adsett

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- thanks for your thoughts.
(as if no one has ever slipped that into a sentence when addressing you...),
the grenfell tower inquiry (towerblock fire) continues,
with the quality of the cladding (cost cutting) used to refurbish the exterior
being under scrutiny right from the start.
very, very harrowing tales,
families still in unsatisfactory temporary accom,
contradictory advice,
plain mismanagement...

from steve's latest missive,
it sounds like their is concerted effort to assist residents,
but it'll be, like any major event, a long process.
anyway, back to the wonders of nature
and the extrapolations of people's picks here.

the drums, eh, a voice not like andy fairweather lowe in tone.
a bit bleaty, but emotive.
nouveau electro-pop (if one may slot 'em into any category).
rather like it (after the first 10 seconds thinking, nah, run of the mill#0
why have i not heard this before?
reminds me a bit of stornoway, a band from oxford
who were pretty dashed good (first album i stiil play with some frequency).
here's a song about, well, in order to keep vaguely within  the parameters of the theme.
sort of land surfing.
zorbing = rolling about in a transparent plastic ball
(like a hamster globe) on a slope, or on water. too.
was quite popular on the downs outside brighton for a while,
but too steep(!)

you also picked a track that figured in my thinking for one of my choices.
the sons of the pioneers produced some jolly platters, did they not?!
i ruled it out in favour of this gorgeous production,
which nearly, nearly, nearly made the list:

t b
- may blessings pour upon you for the wealth of xtc picks
(though i've not played any yet today, i hold 'em all dear).

roll up, chaps, splash a few more about,
whistle up a few airs,
fan the flames and dig the earthy grooves...


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