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paul g adsett

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- didn't connect that it was the band that made this.
given i made a zorbing / surfing connection just now,
i reckon i can include this as recreational way of using the elements.
(edit a few minutes later:
what's more, reading an article about jonny pierce and the (now 1-man) band
there's quote which connects beautifully
'it's like i've always been on this hamster wheel working towards this goal...')

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Gold. Sparks.  I like Sparks.  Interesting band ... well, in some ways a duo.

Silver. The Move. Group made very little impact in Australia. Don't know this. Rather catchy.

Bronze. Beach Boys. Singing - "it's a gas" always dates a song. 

Tin. Dean Owens. Unknown to me.

Larry Franz

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A few Americans to be thankful for prior to overeating.

Sons of the Pioneers one more time -- "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds" ("See them tumblin' down, Pledging their love to the ground!")

The Secret Sisters -- "Lonely Island" and "Big River"

The Everly Brothers -- The original "Lonely Island"

Hank Williams -- "Settin' the Woods on Fire"

t bedford

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Gordon Haskell - Worms
Gordon was briefly the vocalist for King Crimson's 2nd LP only (all except "Cat Food") . My Dad liked this song from his solo LP.

Lovin' Spoonful - Amazing Air
From their less than stellar final LP from the 1960's (featuring Joe Butler) without Zal Yanovsky or John Sebastian.

Ohio Players - Fire

Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
bonnie bella

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A Sherlock type of week, mr adsett.

GOLD - TBB. Five minutes of the Beach Boys harmonising. Love that moment starting at 3.13. Be it ocean or glass, this is ... cool.

SILVER - The Move. Hahahahahahahaha. On so many levels. I am envious of all that astonishing hair on the lead singer, except for the stuff growing off his face. A song that stays with you, whether you like it or not. I can't believe it gets my silver, but it's too quirky to pass up.

BRONZE - Dean Owens. Very nice tune. Look a couple of plays to pick it up but it has a good strong sound. Great guitar work. Using my sleuthing and deductive reasoning skills, plus a couple of clues, I found more of this guys work. Enjoying this one at the moment, which would have rated higher than this weeks selection because it's really cool, the only spanner in the works is that it's not an Elvis week. 

TIN - Sparks. And I thought the fire guy with the hair was a victim - what a suit! And is that guy's moustache legal? These days, I'm not sure that fluff there would be acceptable or wise. (paul, I have thoroughly enjoyed the two older clips immensely for viewing satisfaction, they are a couple of real treasures.) Great message, of course, and an interesting lead vocal. Needs more cowbell and looser trousers.

Clapton has it covered.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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SILVER Dean Owens
BRONZE Sparks - New to me.  Agree with Darren re the hint of a European accent.
TIN The Move

Yep, I also brought up the Sherlock reference.  I'm probably not unlike him in some ways.

(from Mr Holland's Opus)

Speaking of numbers, here's two in one  

OK, three in two.
Al Forsyth

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Very simple-dimple voting for me this week. Order presented itself with a cool little surprise here also. 

GOLD standard is to Brian and the Boys yet again for a COOL ditty, that never seems to tire.  It's beyond a song even. It's just cooooooool, so cool.

Silver this week to Dean Owens - nice!!!!!!!! The guitar playing on all of his songs is REALLY tasteful.  Thanks, Paul, for sharing this!  AND Bonnie with the Elvis

Bronze to Bev Bevan and the Bunch - starts out nice and ends even better. 

So the Tin goes to Sparks.  The vocals drowned by the playing syndrome - a fight in the making.  I just don't like it, or the band.  Good on Darren to put in the Sparks-like guy in Sir Paul's more than fun Comin' Up.  STILL like the Buddy impersonation. 

Some air to listen to:

Thirsty, whilst doggie rounding.

Got some listening time on your hands?  Rare Earth will rock The Temps, but do give David a listen:

Can a musician be on fire?

But please watch:

Paul A. good week making us appreciate what is the good and danger that lurks with disasters.  But music can overcome, still. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Al Forsyth

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Legit Fire:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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STILL like the Buddy impersonation.

Al, I believe that is supposed to be Hank B Marvin, not Buddy Holly. 

Wiki isn't helpful as it says this: 

In his audio commentary on the 2007 video collection The McCartney Years, McCartney identified characters that were impersonations of specific artists: Hank Marvin (guitarist from the Shadows), Ron Mael of Sparks (keyboards), a 'Beatlemania-era' version of himself, a drummer vaguely inspired by John Bonham from Led Zeppelin[4] and Buddy Holly.[5] While others such as author Fred Bronson have suggested that there are other identifiable impersonations in the video, such as Andy MacKay and Frank Zappa.[6] McCartney said the other roles were simply comic relief.

There is only the one character in the clip it could be referring to. 

The hairstyle Macca is sporting is not Buddy's. Buddy had curly hair. It's the style Hank Marvin wore with the part on the side. Plus Hank wore 'Buddy Holly style' glasses. The moves are very Shadow-esque as well. 

Buddy played a sunburst Stratocaster. Hank played a red Strat as featured in the clip. 

Also found this at

Music video

“Coming Up” is also well known for its music video, with Paul McCartney playing ten roles and Linda McCartney playing two. The “band” identified as “The Plastic Macs” on the drum kit (a homage to Lennon’s conceptual Plastic Ono Band), features Paul and Linda’s imitations of various rock musician stereotypes, as well as a few identifiable musicians. In his audio commentary on the 2007 video collection The McCartney Years, McCartney identified characters that were impersonations of specific artists: Hank Marvin (guitarist from the Shadows), Ron Mael of Sparks (keyboards), and a ‘Beatlemania-era’ version of himself. While others such as author Fred Bronson have suggested that there are other identifiable impersonations in the video, such as Andy MacKay, Frank Zappa, Mick Fleetwood and Neil Young, McCartney said the other roles were simply comic relief.

Looks like Wiki has just copied this and added 'Buddy Holly' to the text. 

Image result for Hank B Marvin red strat

Image result for Hank B Marvin red strat

paul g adsett

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'sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground...'
- you picked one of the alltime heart-wrenching songs there.
thoughi used to want to avoid listening to it as i thought it too saccharin,
he really does open soul and inner turmoils.
but in the sweetest fashion.
not seen this performance clip before and it's rivetting.
i wondered about including the mavericks version of that hollies' hit.
this, of course, is better
(just don't tell my chums in the band, but i'm sure they know!).
i didn't realise sparks were so little known elsewhere.
they're an american pair, and truly made their mark here,
but not globally, then.
seek 'em out.
dig the holmesian reference there, boy (but the clip don't work here in uk).

- i'd not want to accuse anyone of extrapolating reality beyond description,
but, hey, you cheated!
'air on a g string' indeed!
well done, squire. still, at least no one has mentioned 'londonderry air'.
and dusting out a rare earth number. that's inspired.
motown prog funk that sounds gooood.
not heard this particular track for decades.
very wide stereo mix and a lot going on. loved it
maybe a trifle too hendrixy?
though i actually enjoyeded that more than the exquisite hendrix 'fire' this morning
(sorry, al).
but, that marty robbins' rendition - cor, lummy, rinse my ears out...

dr kildare 4evah, sorry, i mean st kilda 
- thanks for diving in. and for succintness.
it was a surprise to find the move, too, aren't as widely known worldwide as id've thought.
biiig bw fan and sometime blueboarder, john kirby
(brit, from the midlands, ?wolverhampton ? now ensconced working in las vegas)
was an integral part of the move's touring entourage
and has many a fine tale to tell of that whole scene jeff lynne and all
(and some great photos on his page, if you've not met him).

i'm enjoying the variety (well, mostly) and shall go play some sublime coltrane this afternoon.
anyone who's black friday'd out,
do pop by and listen and vote.

Al Forsyth

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Then could Coming Up be the rebuild from the fire(s) and it's earthy/airy/and even watery (without live at Glasgow)

Minus the characters (and yes the Hank Marvin or subconsciously Buddy?):

I extrapolate where I can:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Verden McCutcheon

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 Season 9 week 40...Elementary my dear

         1)Cool Cool Water...I believe I used this one in my first battle way back in the first season.So obviously I liked it then and still do 9 years later

         2)Southern Wind...Good  touching song

         3)Fire Brigade....Catchy little ditty and does remind one of The Kinks

         4)Never turn your back on mother earth...This is the only track this week that I didn't connect with.

                                                 Good Theme Paul
Lisa G/TS

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GOLD -- The Move, Fire Brigade

SILVER -- Beach Boys, Cool Cool Water

BRONZE -- Dean Owens, Southern Wind

TIN -- Sparks, Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

I've heard this mentioned as a potential threat in some of the wildfire situations. EDIT: For clarification, the song subject, not Al Jardine, was a potential threat. (Recent version beginning with a "good luck/break a leg" call shifting into memories of Al & Brian's high school football mishap): 

After I get a couple of monthly bills cleared away, I hope to donate to the North Valley Community Foundation that Doug/bugs mentioned. Nothing against Steve (who I remember being generous with his music collection) or the GFM donors - I'd just like to spread a bit of hope amongst other good Californians who are also in an unenviable situation.

Shifting gears...that Wizzard oh my...they took their fashion sense from ABBA with such timeless, colourful outfits, didn't they?  [rolleyes]   Reminds me when I first heard this cover version, I thought it was Olivia (not de Havilland, keep know who...). I kid you not:

thanks, paul! Cheers!

"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"
David W

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My votes , Fire Brigade , always a favourite of mine .

1. The Move

2. Beach Boys

3. Sparks

4. Dean Owens

Surprised no ones gone for the obvious .....this video an alternative ending featuring ermmm Superman !


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I know someone (more a friend of a friend) who has family in Paradise CA.  Hoping they'll be OK. 

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