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paul g adsett

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Originally Posted by paul g adsett

the time has come to unfurl the figures and fling ‘em to the elements.
my elementary school adding up seems to be correct
(though teacher hasn’t yet checked).

gold:  the beach boys ‘cool cool water’: 54 
(9 g / 4 s / 2 b / 2 t = 17)

silver:  the move ‘fire brigade’: 46
(4g / 6 s / 5 b / 2 t = 174)

bronze: dean owens ‘southern wind’: 36 
(1 g / 6 s / 4 b / 6 t = 17)

tin: sparks ‘never turn your back on mother earth’:  34 
(3 g / 1 s / 6 b / 7 t = 17) 

scores = 17 entrants = 170 points
(unless djr finds a miscalculation
- which he did, but not totals...).

ta for all the contributions – plenty of lateral thinking there
and a good few to treasure.
i must say I’m surprised in several ways
- over nicely spread votes
- just how divisive sparks were (with so many tins and bronzes)
and how little known they were
- how many actually enjoyed my pal dean, despite being an outsider,
and recognise how 'good' country / americana stylee music differs from the mainstream, formulaic  idiot windbags that are churned out.
- there's definitely a bunch of roy wood afficionadoes out there,
but i thought the move had a bigger global impact. 

and, do remember, if your spirit moves you
- the campfire / paradise appeal awaits your pennies.

i’ll sign off with, for me, one of the greatest disco records,
which, when contemplating the quintessence of heaven,
fits into the ethereal 5th element…
certainly one of my favouritest 12” singles ever
(only topped by a couple of soft cell singles, really)
and you’ll get all glorious 7 ½ minutes here.
wig out to sparks with georgio moroder

‘it’s number one all over heaven…
lyrically weak, but the music's the thing.
abriel plays it
god how he plays it
gabriel plays it
god how he plays it
gabriel plays it
god how he plays it
gabriel plays it,
let's hear him play it…’ 

here's the diveo for the 7" (but go for broke with all 12")

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Paul. 
Those scores are in that ‘book’ called ‘Season IX’ which currently resides towards the bottom of page 2 of this forum. 
It was the second time around for ‘Cool, Cool Water’. 
Verden was correct. He used it in his first ever week hosting, Week 15 of Season I. 
It won the Gold with 60 points and 27.27% from 22 voters. 
This week, it scored 54 points and 31.76% from 17 voters. 

Six tracks from Sunflower have been used. 
Its record is: 
Slip On Through (a Gold in Week 13 of Season III, 10th in Preliminary Final - Michael F. Becher), 

This Whole World ( a Gold in Week 17 of Season II, 5th in Gold Play-Off - Domestic Animal Noises; a Gold in Week 3 of Season VII, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth*),  

Tears in the Morning (a Tin in Week 10 of Season I - Gordon Higgins), 

All I Wanna Do (a Gold in Week 6 of Season VI, 6th in Preliminary Final - bonnie bella), 

At My Window (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season II, 4th in Bronze Play-Off - Michael F. Becher), 

Cool, Cool Water (a Gold in Week 15 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon; a Gold in Week 40 of Season IX - paul g adsett)

* This version was a 2016 re-master with a longer ending.  
A live version of ‘Forever’ was used in Week 3 of Season III (Cynthia D. Hood). It won the Gold and finished 7th in the Gold Play-Off. 
The version of ‘Cottonfields’ that originally featured on a variation of Sunflower, released in some countries including Australia, has been used twice. It won the Gold in Week 40 of Season III (Tom Tobben) and again in Week 25 of Season VII (Darren J. Ray). Both times, it failed to make play-offs.  
The only version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day’ that has been used is a Norwegian version by Trygve Thue, 'La deg løftes av musikk’, used in Week 13 of this season by D.A.N. It won the Bronze. 
It was the first appearances for the remaining acts, The Move, Deans Owens and Sparks. 
‘Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth’ is an outside chance of making the Tin Play-Off. (On a personal note, I’m disappointed about that because I love it. I wonder how many of the voters based their votes on the primary video from the Dutch TV show and not the clearer audio version posted below it and if that would have impacted, either way, on their vote. If even one more voter had given it anything above a Bronze, chances are it would definitely feature in the Tin Play-Off. Drats!)
Please continue to support your hosts. Five weeks to go and we’re into the play-offs. 
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