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paul g adsett

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crikey, what a super start to a (?time of the) season.
and, with timely mentions of some recently departed from both
the music scene and our own family here.

gold: 'time to get alone'
- 50 years old!
well, goodness gracious.
i bought this album, '20 / 20' 50 years ago!
and i love it.
and i still do.
i bought it before i first saw the beach boys live in sunny brighton  on 30 may that year.
loved 'em and still do.
i bought it before i met ashley later that year.
loved her and still do
(not least 'cos she bought me the bonzo dog band 'keynsham' for xmas that year.
loved the bonzos and still do...).
still have the lp's, too.
anyway, this song...
loved it and still do.
every aspect of it,
from the lyrics, the sentiment, the vocal, the harmonies, the sweeping strings
(don't they just hint at 'let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together' s&g's 'america'?)
and that '...deep and wide...' moment.
oh, that '...deep and wide...' moment!
one of those exquisite musical moments.
like 'h&v', i love this in all its various forms,
but, does that outro really belong there?
silver: 'time won't let me'
- i didn't really know this number before this week,
but like it more and more over the week.
it fits beautifully into that mash up of pop where american pop groups took the british pop approach
and turned it back into american pop,
at which point british bands then covered american numbers and had hits here...
(see below)
there's quite a similarity with some english combos, 
not exactly spencer davis group,
more amen corner.
love the hammond sound.
like the backing yelps,
an oh so so ok guitar break.
great slightly breathless vocals.
not too sure about the high pitch trumpet sound.
but, it's great of its type.
are those the drummer's knickers flying upwards around the 1:50 mark?
bronze: 'do that to me one more time'
- i thought this'd be my silver choice as i've always liked it.
over the week i realise i only need to hear it once every so often.
and this has been too often.
it's gorgeous, mostly luvverly arrrangement,
but a bit soporific
and the whistly-warbly keys interlude just annoys after a bit.
that hoik up the gear at around 2:35 is a bit of a grate.
and, to be honest, i prefer roberta flack's voice.
tin: 'this time'
- dum di dum plod...
of its time, no doubt, but...
good grief!
falls far far short of the other contenders.
quite like the idea of the twin guitars,
but it's been so much better done by so many others.
not my type of song.
not my type of singer.
a stray, but not feral.
if i thought he was  deliberatelytrying and failing to emulate
the throaty, swaggery delivery of rod stewart,
i'd vote it even lower.
i'll try and draw a few themes together now with an 'everything connects' contribution 
before i, um, call time...
that cross-pollination of british-us-british pop included parallel recordings of songs
eg 'green tambourine' by the lemon pipersstatus quo
and one of my favourite pop singles of 1968 'bend me shape me' by amen corner,
who had the bigger uk hit here than the american breed version,
both of which were recorded after the outsiders' original
(written by scott english & larry weiss, who also wrote
'help me girl' hit for both the outsiders and eric burdon
as larry kranz mentioned and wrote 'hi ho silver lining'
- scott e wrote and recorded 'brandy', which became barry manilow's hit 'mandy'
before his hit with bruce johnston's 'i write the songs').
the outsiders' 'time won't let me' would've been on a second lenny kaye compiled 'nuggets' compilation album.
here's a number from the grammy nominated 'nuggets' compilation
 'where the action is: los angeles 1965 -68',
curated by performer / dj / producer / writer / historian andrew sandoval
he's not only well known for beach boys related stuff
(he was at the dennis wilson dennybash weekend where we met him at chez jays)
but worked with oodles of people including dave davies of the kinks
and wrote the definitive book on the monkees
(nods to those departed
- and bravo, popeye, for that kinks number.
a fresh gem included on last year's 50th anniversary very faaab boxset
'the kinks are the village green preservation society').
here are the yellow payges (sounding much like love here)
with an early jimmy webb song
'our time is running out'.
and it is...
Cindy Hood

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Voting is now closed.

Sorry if we missed you!

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Cindy Hood

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I have also included DAN, Paul and my votes in the mix.

I have the final scores as:

Gold:  8;  Silver:  4;  Bronze: 0;  Tin:  0  = 46 pts.
Gold:  4;  Silver:  5;  Bronze:  3;  Tin:  1  = 38 pts.
Gold:  1;  Silver:  3;  Bronze:  4;  Tin:  5  =  26 pts.
Gold:  0;  Silver:  1;  Bronze:  5;  Tin:  7  = 20 pts.
13 voters = 130 overall points.  

Thank you to all who participated in this contest and also a big thank you to those who find the working videos that work everywhere.   That is an immense help!


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Cindy.

As you’ll see, they’re in the new book.

As stated, it’s the fourth time a version of ‘Time to Get Alone’ has been used.

Its history….

Video no longer available but probably the 20/20 version:
- a Gold in Week 28 of Season I, 6th in Gold Play-Off (Roy Roger Bridge)

The Hawthorne, CA version:
- a Gold in Week 34 of Season II, 4th in Preliminary Final (Tom Tobben)

 The Redwood version:
- a Tin in Week 41 of Season VII (Tom Tobben)

A 2013 mix of Summer Love Songs and Hawthorne versions:
- a Gold in Week 1 of Season X (Cindy Hood)

It was the debut entries for the Outsiders, Captain & Tennille and John Cougar (Mellencamp).

‘Time to Get Alone’ and 'Time Won’t Let Me’ have percentages that would usually qualify them for play-offs, but 13 voters may or may not be enough to get them over the line. Time will tell.

The 26 points for ‘Do That to Me One More Time’ is the lowest for a Bronze since ‘Dream On’ (album version) (Aerosmith - 1973) scored 22 points in Week 1 of Season VIII (Cindy Hood). That was the lowest points EVER for a Bronze.

Its 20.00% is the lowest percentage for a Bronze since ‘Dependin’ On You’ (album version) (Doobie Brothers - 1973) scored 18.12 in Week 39 last year in Season IX (Cindy Hood).

The lowest percentage ever for a Bronze is still 15.75% for ‘Crocodile Rock’ (The Beach Boys - 1991) in Week 36 of Season II (Cynthia D. Hood).

Please support your hosts. 

Cindy Hood

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Thanks, Darren!

And now, I'm off to support this week's host!

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
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