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Darren J. Ray

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     3)The Beach Boys...One of only two B'Boy tracks that I have ever heard on FM radio. 

What was the other one, Verden?
Verden McCutcheon

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The other was Do it Again
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, mate. 

Thought it might have been 'Daybreak Over the Ocean'. 
David W

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My votes in the same order as they are listed .

Gold -Beach Boys
Silver - Cream
Bronze- Procol Harem
Tin - Thrones tune .

An album that matches the theme best is The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins . This is one piece:

Al Forsyth

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So, I'm "in order" as well.

Gold -Beach Boys. Love the song, album, and Blondie's performance.
Silver - Cream The original Power Trio.
Bronze- Procol Harem - like it.
Tin - GoT - Made for tv.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Cantina Margarita

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(sneaky mode)
Where the Red Army is around, KGB won't be far. I placed an aged hillbilly into the white house, which wasn't what they had in mind. They wanted HIS HORSE in.That's why I always need to wait for Sunday, placing my votes here, when they aren't watching. I'm a coward, you know.

Har har again.

Sail On Sailor
got me seriously studying jazz piano, trying to emulate the chords. What I can't do yet is imitate those famous Briansy hand moves without leaving the keyboard. :-)

Cream. Like the vocals, thought at first it was King Crimson's John Wetton.

Nice one. But dedicate a song to those Conquistadores, seriously ? To me, they represent brainless mass murder, nothing else.

Game Of Thrones
Is that music, really ? But people, especially young men, seem to need shows like that.

Here's something for giving your rational cerebrum a rest, and for leaving all the work to your instinctive diencephalon. Men are fierce and dominant, women and children are weak and fragile. Welcome to Neanderthal.

Arrrrrggghhhh !!!!!

Hey Cindy, have no fear. If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind ( ... tossing a cotton ball).

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G Beach Boys
S Procol Harum
B Cream. A relative of mine "Mr Verschoyle" gets a mention in Ulysses the book. Have not read it.
T Ramin Djawadi

Voting a long way from home in Cardiff (Wales).
Larry Franz

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Two from the home front:

The Andrews Sisters -- "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" (although they first recorded this in January 1941, eleven months before the US entered the war)

The Shirelles -- "Soldier Boy" (#1 in the US in 1962)

PS: The ones I heard the most on FM radio in the early 70s, in addition to "Sail On Sailor", were probably "The Trader" and "Feel Flows". Singles like "Add Some Music", "Long Promised Road" and "You Need a Mess of Help" got some attention, as did "Disney Girls", "Don't Go Near the Water" and "California Saga".  Funny, but I don't remember "Surf's Up" or "Til I Die" being played as much. 

paul g adsett

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3rd attempt!(dodgy danubian internet)!
top  marks for the theme!.
floating down the danube trough some balkan and pre-walldown states
and the 'game of thrones' theme resonates...
we've witnessed the history and the results of the breakup of the postwar communist states,
as small nationalistic communities seek to establish their own feifdoms
after the fall of the communist doctrine...
the bombardment of croatian communities by serbian forcefulness,
the 87 days siege of vukovar
(amazing museum there!)
and the united nations bombing of beautiful belgrade...
what fresh angles on history one derives from that!

+  a top notch variety of tunes,
each of which i love for assorted reasons.

gold: 'sail on sailor'
- despite a loathing of whaling,
it's a classic.
and the bw band and the brighton beach boys do fab versions...

silver: 'conquistador'
- a procul harum fave
and a brit pre-equivalent of neil young's 'cortez the killer'
i returned our original copy of vinyl album of the orchestral 'live at whereveritwas'
because it was warpyfaulty...
should i mention that i collected the lyricist of all those procul harum numbers
(including 'a whiter shade of pale')
keith reid,
from brighton station to escort him down to a stevie kalinich gig i put on in brighton?
and that he stayed the night with us (and sjk)...
no, i shouldn't, but...

bronze: 'tales of brave ulysses'
- a brave and bold contender.
can't say i was the greatest fan of cream
(preferring the constituent parts, mostly),
but love this (and 'i feel free'' 'white room') from initial hearing.

- with no sense of glee do i place this down below.
shows the strength and depth of the entries!
it works deftly and memorably as a theme tune.
dare i mention.
in an 'everything connects' moment'
that i've booked an artist at the greys down the hill in sunny brighton 
next month:
la based (from boston ma) musician michelle lewis,
whose latest album features the cello of cameron stone,
who provides the cello on this soundtrack.
no, he's not on tour with her,
but come along on the night, she's faaab...

end of plug
- see you there...
Tom Tobben

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Easy to rank this week's brave in battle songs after listening to them all multiple times. I knew the first three like the back of my hand, but I felt I had to give the "Game of Thrones" theme a fair chance to compete against the others. The result:

Gold -- "Sail On Sailor", Beach Boys. One of my favorite Beach Boys songs from the '70s, as well as one of my all-time favorites by them (in my Top 20 or so anyway). One of the reasons I liked this song is Blondie's compelling lead vocals. Also the song starts off somewhat subdued but then eventually really rocks out. And the lyrics are fascinating and compelling. Somewhat like Brian's "'Til I Die" and "Midnight's Another Day", the protagonist battles through life's challenges and difficulties (metaphorically the turbulent waters he sails), determined to make it through to the end of his life's journey. These certainly aren't any "how to speak hip" Mike Love lyrics, if you know what I mean. Ray Charles did an excellent live version too, accompanied by the Beach Boys. Interesting that Brian envisioned a voice like Ray Charles when he co-wrote this song, and Blondie did an excellent job of it.

Silver -- "Conquistador", Procol Harum. These guys always seemed to create sophisticated music, blending fascinating lyrics, excellent instrumental arrangements, and Gary Brooker's distinctive vocals. This powerful song certainly fits that bill. Memorable!

Bronze -- "Tales of Brave Ulysses", Cream. I give the lyrics high marks for their interesting retelling of aspects of Homer's Odyssey. This song also comes from easily my favorite album by Cream, the powerful Disraeli Gears. The album and this song really demonstrate what great and original sounds this power trio (Clapton, Bruce, Baker) could create. With that said, I liked several other songs on this album every bit as much or more: "Sunshine of Your Love", "SWLABR", and "Strange Brew", for example.

Tin -- "Game of Thrones Theme", Ramin Djawadi. Perhaps its because I never became hooked on Game of Thrones, this song did not seem as immediate and impactful to me as this week's other songs. And it sounded to me too much like a generic contemporary soundtrack, so it didn't really grab me like this week's other songs. My bad? Oh, well.

Here's a couple more of a social protest nature that originated during the Vietnam War era, but speaking out for the countless anonymous "heroes" of countless wars and battles who gave their lives, often unnecessarily, over the centuries:

When we memorialize all the honorable deceased soldiers who gave their lives defending our country (or any country over the centuries) on each Memorial Day (or its counterpart day in other countries), we should also consider the countless political and military leaders who sent our young into battle, sometimes unnecessarily or even wrongly. Consider Vietnam and the Iraq War as two recent examples during our lifetimes. And I fear that our current American leader and his advisors may soon "trump" up their own rationale for a war with Iran, as past US leaders did with "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq in the early 2000s or the misguided Vietnam War. Pay attention to what the current American National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has to say to the United Nations on Monday regarding Iran. He was also part of the hawkish "neocon" advisors group that helped lead the US into war with Iraq during the early Bush years, following 9-11.

Lisa, I loved your bluegrass nod to the St. Louis Blues as they battle Boston for the Stanley Cup title. If we win, it would be the first Stanley Cup title for the Blues, so our city is on fire with excitement for a possible NHL championship title. Always fun to root for the underdog -- during the first half of the season the Blues had the worst record in the NHL. Then they changed coaches and caught fire during the second half of the season and so far in the playoffs. We have our work cut our for us, however, currently down 2 games to 1 in the best of seven series. Let's go Blues!
Cindy Hood

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Here is the 2nd and last wave of voters:  Verden, David W., Al, Cantina, D.A.N., Paul & Tom.

Voting is now closed.

Thanks to all who 'bravely' participated in this week's battle.  

I'll be back in the am with the results.


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Cindy Hood

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Here are the final results from The Brave In Battle contest.

Gold:  8;  Silver:  3;  Bronze:  1;  Tin:  0 = 43 pts.
Gold:  4;  Silver:  5;  Bronze:  3;  Tin:   0 = 37 pts.
Gold;  0;  Silver:  4;  Bronze:  5;  Tin:  3 = 25 pts.
Gold:  0;  Silver:  0;  Bronze:  3;  Tin:  9 = 15 pts.
We had 12 voters which brought the total points to 120.

Thanks again to all who participated.  


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Cindy.

Those scores are in the book.

It was the second time around for the Beach Boys version of ‘Sail On, Sailor’.

It won the Gold in Week 24 of Season IV (Cindy Hood) with 68 points and 34.00% from 20 voters.

This time, it won the Gold with 43 and 35.83 from just 12 voters.

A live version of ‘Sail On, Sailor’ (Scott Bennett with Nelson Bragg & Probyn Gregory - 2012) won the Bronze in Week 32 of Season III (paul g adsett).

Twelve voters is the equal lowest turnout ever. Week 14 of Season IX (Deb#1) and Week 27 of Season II (Karate Worm) had the same number.

‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’ is the second entry for Cream.

‘I Feel Free’ won the Silver in Week 26 of Season IV (Verden McCutcheon) and finished 8th in the Silver Play-Off.

They were the first entries for Procol Harum and Ramin Djawadi.

‘Sail On, Sailor’ and ‘Conquistador’ are chances of making play-offs, but the relatively low points may cost them.

Conversely, the 25 points for ‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’ is the second lowest ever for a Bronze. Only ‘Dream On’ (Aerosmith) from Week 1 in Season VIII (Cindy Hood) has scored lower, with 22.

The 15 points for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is the equal lowest ever. It shares that record with ‘Die Trompeten Von Mexiko (Helge Schneider - 2007) from Week 38 of Season II (Cantina Margarita).

The last song to receive no Golds or Silvers in a week was ‘Fantasy Girl’ (album version) (38 Special - 1981) (21 points, 13.12%) from Week 39 of Season IX (Cindy Hood).

The 12.50% for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is the equal seventh lowest percentage for a song ever. 

Lowest percentages ever in the Battle:

10.00  Die Trompeten Von Mexiko (Helge Schneider - 2007) (15 points) (Week 38, Season II - Cantina Margarita)
11.11  Love Keep Us Together (Martin Sexton - 1996) (20) (Week 45, Season III - Al Forsyth)
11.90  For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (album version) (AC/DC - 1981) (25) (Week 34, Season VIII - GGH)
12.10  Forever (Jesse and The Rippers - 1992) (23) (Week 3, Season III - Cynthia D. Hood)
12.11  The Living Years (Mike + The Mechanics - 1988) (23) (Week 27, Season I - Lisa Graham)
12.11  You and Me and Mexico (Edward Bear - 1969) (23) (Week 9, Season II - Verden McCutcheon)
12.50  It’s Not Right (Katharine McPhee - 2010) (25) (Week 13, Season VII - Darren J. Ray)
12.50  Hey, Soul Sister (Train - 2009) (20) (Week 19, Season IX - Tom Tobben)
12.50  A Song of Ice and Fire (Ramin Djawadi - 2019) (15) (Week 15, Season X - Cindy Hood)

Please continue to support our hosts.


Cindy Hood

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I must admit that it was a pretty poor showing last week.  I guess a lot of people were on vacation.  

Thanks Darren, for all your hard work and diligence in keeping this game afloat.  Looking at that list of lowest scorers, I couldn't believe that Hey, Soul Sister by Train rated so low.  I love that song!  


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
bonnie bella

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Sorry I missed voting in your week, Cindy. I blame the Queen. She insists on having a birthday every year. I don't know who she thinks she is ...

My votes would not have changed the order, so there's something.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

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