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Verden McCutcheon

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This week we are going back in time to review some of the great vocal groups that had a connection with folk music in one way or another.
               First up is
         1)Come Saturday Morning...The Sandpipers

         2)Morning Town Ride.......The Seekers   

        3)Lemon Tree..............Peter,Paul and Mary
        4)California Saga........The Beach Boys

            Looking forward to your Votes,Comments and related Videos
                                                             Lets Get Folky !
Darren J. Ray

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Peter Simpson

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I'll get in early while I have a minute..... Nice change of pace this week

Gold - The Seekers (I work on a project here called "Singing For The Brain" which encourages people with dementia to sing songs from their past - this is one of the songs we use). Sound seems a bit odd on this video compared to the original record where the strings are more prominent as I remember

Silver - Beach Boys. always good to hear something from "Holland"

Bronze - Sandpipers - I'd forgotten about this group. Nice to hear them again

Tin - Peter Paul and Mary 

As for a contribution, well I came across an album by The Rankin Family many years ago when I visited Nova Scotia (which I loved, and which is where I think they were based). Always liked that album which was a compilation. This is on it.........


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(I work on a project here called "Singing For The Brain" which encourages people with dementia to sing songs from their past

Fantastic.  At first glance, I read that as 'Singin' In The Rain'

Mum sang Morningtown Ride to me as a kid.

bonnie bella

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Well then, I'm not the only one with eye trouble then ... I thought this week was called "Kinda Foxy".

Very excited to share a local and upcoming talent, Marlon Williams.  Labelled "The impossible love child of Elvis, Roy Orbison & Townes Van Zandt" by somebody important.  This kid is amazing.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

John E

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Here's my order:

1. California Saga - It's hard to class any Beach Boys song as folk, but this is my favourite song here. It reminds me of my trip to Monterey in 1995.

2. Morningtown Ride - Not my favourite Seekers song, but still good. I used to think the Seekers were mums and dads music, but I've sort of embraced them in my later years.

3. Lemon Tree - This was a close contender for my second choice.

4. Sandpipers - This sounds nice, but it was up against strong company.

This week's theme gives me anopportunity to pay tribute to Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Convention who sadly died last week:

Here's a track by the Trembling Bells (their songwriter/drummer, Alex Neilson played at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona on Saturday, as did Brian):

and here are  the Incredible String Band, who I once saw live with Fairport Convention at the London Palladium. This song is to celebrate yesterday's New Moon, which should appear in a couple of days time.

Al Forsyth

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Verden,  I can vote early this week.

Gold = Beach Boys (Amazing Holland song and part of trilogy)
Silver = PPM (classic trio)
Bronze = Seekers (GREAT voice)
Tin = Sandpipers (snoozer)

Examples later this week of folky nature. 

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t bedford

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GOLD for the Beach Boys
SILVER to the Seekers (Judith's voice breaks the tie for 2nd)
BRONZE for Peter, Paul & Mary
TIN for the Sandpipers

The Mugwumps contained Zal Yanovsky (Spoonful), Mama Cass & Papa Denny:

Lovin' Spoonful had folky roots:

Speaking of Fairport Convention, here's Sandy Denny with the Strawbs, who began as a folk outfit:

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paul g adsett

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here's bw handing an old number,
released on a rather good compilation called
'folkways: a vision shared'
that was written by his wife's grandfather
(so i believe...)...

and here's the chap whose version the lomaxes collected
and now resides in the library of congress
(the song, not the singer., you silly billy..),
not originator, since it's steeped in even earlier history:

and, just to show that,
even though i never quite 'got' jack white,
he,too, can garner applause with a ramshackle version of the same song
in the open air:

and, in rather more controlled surroundings,
his excellent band rustle up a far superior version:
Lee Marshall

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OK...So I HAVE to give this one to 'the boys' for a variety of reasons...not the least of which being that it is modern by comparison.  Plus, of course, I don't frequent the message boards of the other 'acts'.  That said I own all of those songs by THOSE artists.  I must admit also that I have been a Peter Paul and Mary fan from their get-go...and I used to buy Seekers 45s back in the 64-65 era.

So then...

Gold...The Sand Pail Sailors
Silver...[what has 4 balls. 6 legs and sings?]  Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey and Mary Travers
Bronze...Morningtown Ride...I'll Never Find Another Yew...The Seekers
Come Saturday Morning.  What more sand?  Pipers just missed the ride.  Tin.

Sorry for the humour...but...I think it's funny.  [4 and 8?  Abba]
Lee Marshall

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Geez John...I didn't know that we'd lost Dave Swarbrick... ... ...

I love this little fun piece as folk music can also be all about the instrumentation...enjoy THIS ride...

paul g adsett

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lee (and, of course, all and sundried),
'twas a blow that swarb departed,
but he'd been struggling for a long time.
well enough to undertake some dates last autumn to commemorate
the 50th anniversary of duetting with the godfather of english folk,
martin carthy.
i was so fortunate to be able to entice them to play a gig here in sunny brighton 
and here they are 20 sept 2015
playing together at a local church
(needed a bigger venue than the greys for this,
though they've both played the greys individually).
the pics are stills from the diveo i recorded
- one of swarb's very last gigs
(nothing goes up on youtubube etc without the artist's express agreement,
so it's not available to watch, just yet,
though hopefully i'll get the nod from martin to publish some songs
if there's any performances he approves).
swarb was a stalwart, a true folk hero, a great player,
very humorous (almost stone deaf!) and a great chap to know.
he's one of the few people to have read his own obituary,
since the daily telegraph printed it in error back in 1999
when he was very ill in hospital..
he thought it a right laugh and proceeded to sell copies signed 'r.i.p. dave swarbrick'
- until the newspaper sent him a 'cease and desist' letter as he was breaking copyright!!!
a huuuge loss to the world of music
(and to his luvverly wife, jill).

Lee Marshall

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Thanks Paul.  I was a lonely F.C. fan through my high school/college years.  Seems they didn't score as well in Toronto as they did on home turf but they were GIGANTICALLY great.  Used to 'dig' Fotheringay,  Strawbs, Steeleye Span, the Pogues and the Chieftains too.  Still do actually.

Strawbs made some noise on Free Form FM here back in their hey-day.
John E

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Lee - I was lucky enough to see Fotheringay supporeted by Nick Drake and the Humblebums (Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafrerty). I've also seen the Strawbs and Steeleye Span several times - originally in the early Seventies and a few years ago (together) at the Barbican. Here's my most memorable Fairport story, which i posted on my Facebook page, a couple of days ao:

My strongest memory of Dave Swarbrick is when he and Fairport played at a recording of the John Peel BBC Radio show in London, on a double-bill with Mott the Hoople. The organizers made the mistake of putting Mott on first, and long-haired youths such as I were "freaking-out" in the aisles. After this rock 'n roll mayhem, there was an interval. As I walked back along the corridor, I heard John Peel and Dave Swarbrick having a heated discussion. These were Dave's exact words "What do you expect me to do after that? Go out there and flash my pr*ck?"! In the second half, Dave sent the whole thing up by playing several versions of their latest single "Now Be Thankful" at various speeds. Severe editing had to be done [smile] R.I.P. Dave:
Larry Franz

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Hi Verden -- Folk music generally isn't my thing. Not that I would condone acts of violence against its performers or proponents, but there's something to be said for direct action.


Gold -- The Beach Boys -- Very nicely done, although the Steinbeck lines could have been improved (he "found" the valley? Was it missing? And "valley"/"Charlie"?)

I'm tempted to give the three groups of folk singers a tie, but since ties should be a last resort, I'll simply scrunch them together:

Silver -- The Seekers
Bronze -- Peter, Paul & Mary
Pewter -- The Sandpipers

One group that fits the theme, of course: The Byrds. Jim McGuinn, Gene Clark and David Crosby all pursued careers as folk singers. Two traditional songs showing their roots:

"He Was a Friend of Mine", Turn, Turn, Turn!, 1965 (with new lyrics regarding the Kennedy assassination)

"Wild Mountain Thyme", Fifth Dimension, 1966

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