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Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Morningtown Ride (The Seekers - 1964)
What was wrong with Keith, Bruce and Athol? They had a babe in Judith, and whilst it’s kinda nice that they all get a turn to hold her hand in the clip, make no mistake, all three were stuck in her friend zone. So what did they do? Nothing, because they were probably afraid she’d leave the group if any of them made a move. And then she left them anyway! Not right up there with my fave Seekers songs but still a goodie, especially when you dissect the vocal arrangement, presumably by Keith. The only chart-topping group from beyond 50 years ago that is still active with all original members intact. Saw them twice in 2013, six months apart. They were fantastic. The second show, after Judith’s brain haemorrhage, was even better than the first. It certainly didn’t affect her voice or tambourine playing. I was in my element. No auto-tune or backing tapes in their 50th anniversary shows. Have met Athol a couple of times (including a phone call to him when I was a kid) and Keith. Judith and Bruce are on my bucket list. Maybe I can be a matchmaker.

Silver - California Saga: California (The Beach Boys - 1973)
It's a treat to hear all the Boys singing on an almost-vintage-sounding song again. No great emotional attachment for me on this one (I didn't grow up with it) other than it's the Beach Boys.

Bronze - Lemon Tree (Peter, Paul and Mary - 1962)
Have to say I preferred The Seekers’ own version and Wrangler Jane’s rendition with The Termites at the Hewaki camp. (They ate their way into my heart.) I planted a lemon tree in my garden early last year. I keep feeding it seaweed and citrus food, but I’m afraid I’ve killed it, so this song makes me feel guilty.

Participant - Come Saturday Morning (The Sandpipers - 1969)
‘Just I and my friends’? Surely someone could have told them that isn’t grammatically correct. I have it on a CD that a friend gave me so he obviously likes the song (and has bad grammar also). Passable.

The superior version:

Not sure if that’s Wrangler Jane at 1:13. I wasn’t looking at her face.




John E

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One of the best songs I've heard this year - "The Patriot" by Beau from his excellent new download album, An Original Thought". Beau was one of the original artists on John Peel's Dandelion label with his single "1917 Revolution":

Larry Franz

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Verden -- You've motivated me to listen to Simon and Garfunkel's first album (released in 1964). Wikipedia says:
In 1963, aware of a growing public interest in folk music, they regrouped and were signed to Columbia Records as Simon & Garfunkel. Their début, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., sold poorly, and they once again disbanded.
I thought these were three of the best tracks:

"Peggy-O" (the Scottish folk song once known as "The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie" or "There once was a troop o' Irish dragoons")

"The Sun Is Burning" (originally by the Ian Campbell Folk Group)

And the original version of "The Sounds of Silence"

PS -- They also did a pretty good job on "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream", except for the rustic twang they adopted, a bit out of place for two guys who grew up in Queens.
Lee Marshall

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These guys...and one gal...are pretty darned good.  [and they're Canadian]

paul g adsett

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oh, deary,
that ever so luvverly song 'scarborough fair'
(with its ''if only we had rumpelstilkskin on our side' story)
provoked a sad rift 'twixt simon and carthy for decades,
since simon effectively pinched carthy's arrangement
(sorted eventually)...
it's accepted that paul simon' and art garfunkel's (who actually provided the 'canticle' couterpoint) version
'borrowed' too much from the arrangement of this longtime, truly 'trad' number
by english folk icon martin carthy
(see previous posts about the godfather of english folk and his duo with so sadly departed dave swarbrick),
who'll readily agree that 'trad' is a fresh, dynamic, ever-evolving form
(dylan has happily borrowed from him - from freewheelin'' onwards)
and martin might well have absorbed the ewan maccoll / peggy seeger version.
ah, the problems with 'trad'...
here's martin's 1965 recording:

i'm so chuffed that we've got to know this magnificent chap a little
(happy to stay with us a couple of times when i've booked him for a gig).
we went to a fab weekend in scarborough (north yorkshire) in january
- a celebration of carthy's missus, norma waterson,of a folk family dynasty
who performed a wonderful set with assorted folk around her
. effectively (fairly)  godmother of english folk
(other than mighty local sussex singer shirley collins),

but, what is ''folk' anyway?
it's deep roots music, (re)interpreted by singers  who're happy to bring the tradition into the present
(ok, there's those traditionalists who still insist on sticking one finger in ear
and blotting out any contemporary influences).
'folk' truly benefits from a contemporary shot in the arm
and it's forever reimagining itself
(hence, the wealth of stuff we'll be hearing /seeing here during the coming week)
- and, ultimately, it's all music, steeped in the reality of life's travails 
(maybe with a touch or more of the magick therein)...

Verden McCutcheon

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    Thank you ever so much early voters ,posters of video clips and the always enjoyable comments .Darren I also prefer The Seekers version of Lemon Tree but then I couldn't use my fav Seekers song !..Remember the theme is Kinda folky but not folky necessarily  so this widens the scope .For eg,would you consider Rocky Raccoon  to be a Beatlesque folky type song or some type of western theme song.

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Thanks for this week's songs and great theme, I love a good bit of folky music [smile]

My vote this week isssssssssssssss:

Gold: California Saga - The Beach Boys
By a long way. There's an instrument in there and I have no idea what it's called or even what it is, but it reminds me of when you pull a string and it makes that groovy "beuuww" noise hahah. Strong gold to the Beach Boys!!

Silver: Morningtown Ride - The Seekers
I think it's only because I know it well. "Rockin' rollin' ridinnnnn'" is my favourite part, the rest is a bit meh.

Bronze: Lemon Tree - Peter, Paul and Mary
Look, not a huge fan of the song but I do like lemons in general. I put it on and in lots of my foods and drinks. That's what bumped this song up to bronze, really. That's about it.

Tin: Come Saturday Morning - The Sandpipers
I care for this song about as much as lemon tree but it wasn't a song about a food (even if only for a metaphor) so it lost out. Sorry Sandpipers.

I hope this counts as a folky song because I dig it so hard!:

“It's all too much.”
- George Harrison
John E

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Good morning California!

Surely this is the only Beach Boys track that has anything to do with folk?

bonnie bella

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Beautiful Bic.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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John -- We in New Jersey get to vote today too! And there are those big empty states like Montana and North Dakota, and our friends in New Mexico (also known as Breaking Bad Land). But at this point who's counting?

The Fendertones, "Sloop John B"


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Gold - The Beach Boys

Silver - Peter, Paul, & Mary

Bronze - The Sandpipers

Tin - The Seekers
Cindy Hood

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Good morning, Verden.  

Well, my mac died a couple of weeks ago, just couldn't be saved.  So, I got a new one and I'm back in action now.

You've got some very good choices and some I haven't heard in years.

I'll go with:

GOLD:  The Beach Boys for California Saga.  For the most part, it's hard to top the Boys.  This one is always a good one to listen to,

SILVER:  The Sandpipers for Come Saturday morning.  WOW!  This is one I remember fondly from long ago.  Great to hear it again!

BRONZE:  Peter, Paul & Mary for Lemon Tree.  

TIN/PEWTER:  The Seekers for Morningtown Ride.  

My final answer, 


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Popeye (not the sailor)

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Here's a folky favorite from the pride of Canada.

t bedford

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This is from Phil Ochs' Pleasures of the Harbor album. Fans of The United States of America and/or Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies should note that the arrangement on this is by Joe Byrd:

Speaking of the Lovin' Spoonful, Tim Buckley's Happy/Sad album was produced by Jerry Yester & Zal Yanovsky (Jerry replaced Zal in the Spoonful). This is called Buzzin' Fly:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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NotJermia, the instrument you mention is probably a Moog bass. You have great ears.  

Larry, that Fendertones clip is terrific. AND features Scott Totten and John Cowsill. Nice surprise. 
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