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Darren J. Ray

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Gee, I got a question - anybody care to hear some folk music?

Larry Franz

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If it's written for the movie, is it really folk music? Or simply "kinda folky"?

Now here's an article from LA Weekly entitled "Why Surf Rock Is Southern California's Folk Music":

The article links to "Mr. Moto" by the Bel-Airs:

paul g adsett

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- here's a track from a 1969 album,
from a singular performer roy harper
(currently about to play some 75th birthday dates!)
which has a singular title and is full of quirky ditties.
'folkjokeopus' is a great, meandering lp, quintessential harper,
that drops hints of dylanal stewartsyd barrett
and heaven knows who else,

amongst the stuff he might have dropped in recording it.
there's tinkering throughout done by roy geesin 
(think pink floyd's 'atom heart mother' amongst his many substantial recordings).
'composer of life' begins with tinkles that might evoke something
bw might well have tinkered with...:

as one of my 'everything connects'  asides,
our local chum andy roberts was roy harper's long-time guitar sidekick.
i'll add something separately...
paul g adsett

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so, 'everything connects' ...
another 50th anniversary
(and a long preamble...)
our local chum andy roberts was roy harper's long-time guitar sidekick.
andy's got a fine history,
from his early liverpool scene days, a lifetime of performing with
various bonzosroger mcgoughhank wangfordadrian mitchell...
performing in the 'surrogate' pink floyd in their early 'the wall' shows.,
on cat stevens' 'teaser and the firecat'...
andy's about to play the greys once again here in sunny brighton
this time as plainsong with co-founder member, the sublime iain matthews ,
who, as well as being an original member of fairport convention,
alongside a #1 uk single with 'woodstock'
has made some ultra-fab albums over the decades,
including collaborations with mike nesmith.
plus, there's mark griffith (all the way back to matthews southern comfort
sometimes one of the rutles,
also simultaneously having a career playing bass with 
cliff richard  and the shadows over the past 40 years.
their new album 'reinventing richard'
commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of a greenwich village folkie turned author, richard fariña.
he was married to folkie carolyn hester and joan baez's kid sister mimi.
a motorcycle accident near carmel in california,
on a book signing tour, 4 days after the publication of
'been down so long it looks like up to me'
brought him to an early, sticky end
(unlike dylan, he didn't survive, otherwise...).
iain's (and fairport / sandy denny recorded several fariña songs in the past,
including  'reno nevada.

so, here's a trailer for 'reinventing richard'
(the full tracks seem to have been removed from youtubube)
and a lowkey recent live performance of 'too many sorrows'

and a gorgeous little track from the great first plainsong album
'in search of amelia aerhart'

here's iain's arrangement of 'seven bridges road' (which the eagles 'borrowed')
from the 1973 album 'valley hi' produced by mike nesmith:

and one of nesmith's finest songs 'propinquity' (starts at 2:34).

and thanks, once again, for the indulgence...

bonnie bella

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Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Hi all,

First (Gold)  The Beach Boys   California Saga
Second (Silver) Peter, Paul & Mary    Lemon
Third (Bronze)  The Seekers   Morning Ride
Fourth (Tin)  The Sandpipers   Saturday Morning

Al Forsyth

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YaY, Mary!!!!  You are in this and that is wonderful.  Don't feel any pressure to be a regular but here's hoping that you can and host one sometime as well.  It's a constant clean-bill-of-health here at when the bickering begins or ends on other threads - always has and always will be a cool place to come over and discuss and VOTE.  And of course, I agree with your votes this week.  [smile]  

Keep that song of the week going though! 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lisa G/TS

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Joining our folk fest...

GOLD -- Morningtown Ride, The Seekers -- I'd agree with t bedford; Judith out-lilts (new word?) Mary Travers quite handily, and that ain't easy.

SILVER -- Cali Saga, BBs -- Could be the Beach Boys' best travelogue. 

BRONZE -- Lemon Tree, Peter, Paul & Mary -- A respectable third place for a respectable trio. 

PEWTER/TIN -- Come Saturday Morning, Sandpipers -- If it wasn't used in a 60s movie or commercial, it seems like perfect fodder for one. Not to be confused with Fodder's Day. [wink]

The mockumentary "Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story" was on TV last night...edited but surprisingly not as edited down as I thought it might be. Here's funny faux folk from it (and as Tim Meadows says "...this song is very deep..."):

Good week, Verden!

bonnie bella

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My votes.

GOLD - TBB.  Had to be. 

SILVER - The Seekers.  Apparently I know this song.  Apparently everybody knows this song.  Somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind there is a faint tingle of recognition... but maybe I don't remember it for a reason.  Judith looks like a sacrificial lamb to slaughter, or reluctant bride. just saying.  

BRONZE - Peter Paul and Mary.  Never heard it.  And you can eat Lemons.  Lemons are cool.

TIN - The Sandpapers.  Never heard it.  Rubs me entirely the wrong way.  And while I'm on it, nothing wrong with Lemons.  Nothing at all.  Did I detect a little lemon discrimination going on?

The Hipshooters covering Jimmi Hendrix.  A kiwi band that deserved to have done much better.  I saw these guys in concert when I was at University.  

Fly My Pretties "Apple Heart".


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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A few more folks.

Pete Seeger:

Kingston Trio:

Phil Ochs:

Tim Rose:

Biff Rose:

Tom Rush:

Tom Paxton:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
David W

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Sorry travelling still . Brief votes :

Gold -Beach Boys
Tin -Sandpipers

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Hi Verden,

Here is my vote for the week, I enjoyed listening to all of these.

Gold - Morning Town Ride - The Seekers
Silver - Lemon Tree - Peter,Paul and Mary
Bronze - California Saga - The Beach Boys
Tin - Come Saturday Morning - The Sandpipers

Graciegirl [smile]

Cantina Margarita

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Hi Verden + all, here my votes below:

1. The Seekers - Morningtown Ride

In the mid 1970s, there was a young guy moving to the loft of the tenement we lived in, with his girlfriend. Both shining like Barbie & Ken, and acting extremely cool. Not that they were hipsters, rather the natural type, with him driving a little gardening enterprise. Any reasonable kid in the neighbourhood was allowed to be in their flat, even at times when they were out because somebody needed to care for their dog. But the best thing was that they brought the music to the ghetto kids. They had a huge collection of records, high-end hifi equipment which us workers' kids had never experienced before, and a HQ tape machine, which was extremely influential to me and my elder brother, who began to invest in stereo equipment immediately. Seekers, Beatles (Rubber Soul!), Mamas+Papas, Peter Paul + Mary, Byrds, and Shadows were top of the list. A pity they moved out just a couple of years later (due to good family news, I think). I remember them whenever listening to one of those Seekers songs, and I wouldn't want to miss those door-opening moments. Sitting inside my small but fine home recording studio just now, I can't hold back from putting it my #1.

2. Beach Boys "California Saga"

A good idea for them to work as California tourism promoters. But nobody ever did that better then our Lucky Old Son in 2008. That album needs to be the very next thing to listen to ….

3. Come Saturday Morning by The Sandpipers

… what we hear is the Wrecking Crew – wonder what it would have sounded like under a certain producer's care. Not that great by far.


4. Peter Paul Mary - Lemon Tree

a bit too folky for me, even back in the day.


Many thanks Verden for bringing it all back for a moment. Won't be long till the next disaster news on TV.


And be glad I won't bore you with Teutonian folk music.... where's the :vomit: smilie ?
Tom Tobben

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My votes this week:

Gold -- "Lemon Tree", PPM. My introduction to modern folk music came in the early 60s as a young kid. More than any other group, Peter Paul & Mary were the definition of folk music, and this is one of their classics. As kids, we used to sing for fun or enlightenment lots of PPM's songs from the early/mid-60s.

Silver -- "California Saga: California", Beach Boys. I love the California Saga trilogy, especially Al's "The Beaks of Eagles", based on a poem by the American poet Robinson Jeffers. Our battle selection this week feels more pop than folk, but a pleasant song nonetheless.

Bronze -- "Come Saturday Morning", Sandpipers. A popular soundtrack song from the 1969 film, The Sterile Cuckoo, starring Liza Minnelli. The song was nominated for an Academy Award for best original song for a motion picture, and Liza Minnelli was nominated for Best Actress in the film.

Tin -- "Morningtown Ride", Seekers. I was a big fan of the mid-60s Seekers, but for several of their other better-known hits in the US (e.g., I'll Never Find Another You, A World of Our Own, Georgy Girl). For me, this battle song falls to the tin this week, though it's certainly decent enough.  

Here's certainly an old traditional folk song that the Beach Boys did later resurrect into a major pop hit on Pet Sounds, even if the song doesn't really fit very well thematically with the rest of the album:

Next, for a handful of contemporary folk artists and songs released over the past decade:

First, Steve Earle, from his 2007 album Washington Square Serenade, which won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album:

Then, a song from the Monsters of Folk, a fascinating 2009 album project featuring Jim James from My Morning Jacket, M. Ward from She & Him, and Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes:

Next, a young group I saw perform live in Asheville, North Carolina, a couple years ago, from their tasty  traditional folk album of mostly original songs, titled My Love, She's in America, from 2014:

Also, a couple of fine folk blues recordings by famous blues musicians:

This old nugget, from Blind Lemon Jefferson, which was later to become better known when recorded as a rockabilly tune by Carl Perkins and then by the early Beatles:

And this one from the legendary Charlie Patton, who spent much of his life as worker at Dockery Farm in the Mississippi Delta region, while also shaping folk blues and influencing other legendary bluesmen who were to follow, such as a young Robert Johnson:

For all of you A Mighty Wind fans, here's an entertaining folk interpretation of an all-time Rolling Stones classic, as performed by the Folksmen, which I first posted here a few years ago, in connection with my Ledbetter (Leadbelly) battle week:

Finally, before she became a big pop star in the mid-60s, Nancy Sinatra hopped on the folk bandwagon with her cover of this old Civil War classic in 1963, and just as the war in Vietnam was in its early days.

Nice battle week, Verdon!
Verden McCutcheon

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   Season 7 Week 16...Kinda Folky..........

         here are my votes....

                         1)Morning Town Ride....Quickly became a favorite after getting The Seekers greatest hits last August.I had never heard it before and it got stuck in my head for sometime.

                         2)Come Saturday Morning...I like songs that have a dreamy sort of quality to it.I still remember the first time I heard it as a child and it stayed with me all through the years. A very special song for me.

                        3)Lemon Tree.......A classic folk song  although I like The Seekers version better

                        4)California Saga...Tough placing this one in the tin Bin but I prefer the others over this track.


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