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paul g adsett

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my introductory remarks this week are likely to be longer than
my comments on the songs...
in the light of last night's events in orldando fl,
here a modern take on an earlier song that still resonates
 (it's not written by pete seeger
one version of which includes the lines
'the world is one great battlefield
with forces all arrayed.
if in my heart i do not yield,
i'll overcome some day'
'when i was very young and the urge to be someplace else was on me, 
i was assured by mature people that maturity would cure this itch. 
when years described me as mature, the remedy prescribed was middle age.
in middle age i was assured that greater age would calm my fever 
and now that i am fifty eight, perhaps senility will do the job. 
nothing has worked...' - john steinbeck 'travels with charley'
(crikey, i'm now quite a bit older than he was then and it still applies!)

and, after acknowledging plenty of contributions
some of which, like the mighty wizz jones!)
are fully in the folk vein, rather than, in the terms of the theme,
having 'a connection with folk music in one way or another'
including a man i'm very happy to have known, phil sloan,
the wonderful fleet foxes, steve earle and several contemporary folk-influenced outfits,
including the english folk rock fairport convention, sandy denny,
incredible string band and the lovely, lovely sounds of trembling bells.

here's my votes:
tin: 'come saturday morning'
- until we leisurely travelled the length cuba a couple of years ago,
i had no idea that the sandpipers' big hit  'guantánamera'
was actually about a young paysanne woman from the region of guantánamo
based on a poem by poet / philosopher / revolutionary josé martí.
and, having passed through that town and right near the us base enclave
carved out of cuban territory and still, despite the efforts of us president obama,
still, disgustingly, holding people who don't seem to have the civil rights
that the american state claim to endorse,
the song acquires new resonances...
however, coming back to this week's contribution,
it's a shame that i find this recording far, far too sterile.
not unpleasant, but like bland wallpaper paste.

bronze: 'lemon tree'
- not my favourite version,
but i like it, not sour, but a little too sweet to hit the spot on my palate.

joint gold: 'morningtown ride'
- not too sure why i make this a golden number,
other than, since it was first released,
it's held an impenetrably soft place somewhere within my synapses
(nothing whatsoever to do with judith d's voice
and her, um, attractiveness to an impressionable youth,
oh no...) .

joint gold: 'california saga' 
- after the alien west coast surfin'n'car related songs
that first attracted me to the beach boys's fab music,
this trilogy was probably the songs that drew me into the coast of california
simultaneously (well, i actually first started reading it before the album came out
and it was the first steinbeck novel i read)
'travels with charley' and dabbling with bukowski and keroac's 'on the road'
had swept me up into the vast swathe of american landscape,
roadtripping and culture.
plus, i sought out the epic robinson jeffers
(via 'beaks of eagles') before i ever discovered walt whitman,
so, it's a firm favourite track.
'my fault, my failure, is not in the passions i have,
but in my lack of control of them.' 
'one day i will find the right words, and they will be simple.'
jack kerouac

(nb: if a california roll is a sushi dish,
is california saga an americanised, dyslexic, indian spinach related snack?).

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I used to be part of a folk group for a few years when I was in high school, but broke off after graduating and moving away.  Folk music is so rich and so varied.  Simple and human, in so being, it has a universal reach.

I had a really hard time this week.  These songs are all right up there IMO.  "Come Saturday Morning" reminds me of a special friend who is no longer here.  The memories sway my votes.

Gold – "Come Saturday Morning", The Sandpipers
Silver – "Morning Town Ride", The Seekers
Bronze – "California Saga", The Beach Boys
Tin – "Lemon Tree", Peter, Paul and Mary

I was blown away by the Sanders video, thanks, Al.
NotJermia, welcome and yes, I think Jim Croce is folky enough.
Bonnie, Led Zepplin covering Joan Baez…now that’s unique.
Nice to see you here, Mary. [wave]

Still time for a mini-hootenanny?
The Weavers:

Woody Guthrie:

Peter, Paul, and Mary (edit: oops, mostly Mary):

I have no Idea who is singing this, but my Dad used to and that’s why I think of it.

The Rovers:

This Doc Watson cooks:

Good music all around this week, Verden.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”


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edit: changed votes

GOLD Seekers
SILVER Beach Boys
BRONZE Sandpipers
Verden McCutcheon

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  Season 7 Week 16..Kinda Folky..RESULTS

         First thanks to everyone who participated.We had a nice turnout of 22 participants including two Newbies  MaryNYC and Notjermia !

  Again The Beach Boys walk away with a wagon load of gold.I figured they would do well but not that well.I was somewhat disappointed in the poor showing by The SandPipers but it was nice to see The Seekers do well with their track. So without further delay here are this weeks results .

          1)California Saga 74.5 pts (12gold +1shared,6 silver ,2bronze and 1tin )

          2)Morning Town Ride 63.5pts (7 gold +1 shared,7 silver,4 bronze and 3tin)

         3)Lemon Tree 48pts (1 gold,6 silver,11bronze and 4 tin)

         4)Come Saturday Morning 34pts (1gold,2 silver,5 bronze and 14 tin)

                   22 voters=220 aggregate

                                                                     verden signing off for week 16 season 7 !
Darren J. Ray

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Well hosted, Verden. 

Those scores are in the book (now the second last post on page 1 of this forum).

It was the second time around for 'California Saga: California' and its second Gold.

Domestic Animal Noises used it in Week 22 of Season I when it scored 51 points and 31.87% of the vote from 16 voters. 

'Steamboat' and all of 'Mount Vernon and Fairway (A Fairy Tale)' are the only tracks off 
Holland that haven't been used yet. 

The history: 

California Saga: California (a Gold in Season I - Domestic Animal Noises), 
California Saga: Big Sur/The Beaks of Eagles/California (a Gold in Season II - Roy Roger Bridge), 
The Trader (a Gold in Season III - Roy Rogers), 
Sail On, Sailor (a Gold in Season IV - Cindy Hood), 
Only With You (a Bronze in Season V, 4th in the Bronze Play-Off - Peter Simpson), 
Funky Pretty (a Tin in Season VI, 4th in the Tin Play-Off - Tom Tobben), 
Leaving This Town (a Bronze in Season VII - D.A.N),
California Saga: California (a Gold in Season VII - Verden McCutcheon)

A live version of 'Sail On, Sailor'  (Scott Bennett with Nelson Bragg & Probyn Gregory - 2012) was also used by paul g adsett in Season III. It won the Bronze that week. 

It was the third appearance and third Silver for The Seekers. 

Their record: 

I'll Never Find Another You (a Silver in Season I - John Potter), 
A World of Our Own (live) (a Silver in Season II - Domestic Animal Noises), 
Morningtown Ride (a Silver in Season VII - Verden McCutcheon)

Both Gold and Silver winners this week are in contention for higher honours at the end of the year. 

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