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paul g adsett

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now, never thought i'd get a chance to repeat, in context,
a tale told by folkie / raconteur richard digance.
but i can.
right here.
right now...
michaelangelo goes to the doctor and says
'doctor, doctor, i've got a crick in my neck and a bad back'
and the doctor goes
'i've got the cure for that'
and bursts into song
'ceilings, don't go painting ceilings!'

i'll preface the following with a proviso.
in many other weeks, any of these'd be tinnest of tin.
but we work with what we've got.
here's today's menu of tripe'n'onions:

tin: 'feelings'
- the only bits i like are the piano line
and the 'wow-wow-wow' chorus bit around 1:40.
half the time the chap doesn't even sing 'feelings',
but some some truncated gargle of the word, in the singular or ending in '-en...'.
there's better versions of a song that's by no means 'the worst...'.
shame it doesn't fade after 10 seconds.

bronze: 'summer of love'
- the epitome
('ah-ah-ah-saaay ep-i-toe-mmm, there,boy')
of what-them-beach-boys-should-never-have-turned-into. 
yeah, c'mon everybody, join the mike?-let's-bash-'im-posse.
easy to do.
and i don't wanna engage in that.
but, on the evidence of this, the case gets even easier.
what a whine.
maybe best served as a shark-attack warning klaxon on a west coach beach.

silver: 'achy breaky heart'
- i've tried, knobbishly, to hate this since its inception.
being an elitist country music fan, one must turn one's nose up to this pap.
in actualitay, what i don't like is line dancing.
that's it. line dancing.
again, it's easy to turn one's nose up at line dancing.
and, i do.
i do in the full knowledge that it's my elistist attitude achy breaking through.
and this song is inexorably tied to that gross misappropriation of collective dance moves.
so, i must hate it.

but he's left-handed, so i oughta support him purely for that, should i not?
i have been known to enjoy some of brs's songs
sometimes a tad too gung-ho american patriotic for me,
but he's got a sense of humour and self-parody and self-awareness
(i've even watched a hannah montana episode or two - just for brs, no less).
plus he's a good songwriter.

i've got a sneaky admiration for him,
such that, when i do hear this, oh mercy,
and if i can blot out the thought of any visuals,
i enjoy it. i do.
i do.
there, i've outed m'self!

gold: 'honey'
a soft spot in my innards for this one
(i'was just a twig' when it was released - oh, no i wasn't...)
right form the opening 'see the tree, how big it's grown...'.
remove the schmaltzty arrangement and some of the tackier lyrics
and, what've you got?
you've got one of those songs listing quotidien doings,
that mr bw himself might've wrote in such manner as 'busy doin' nothing'
'slipped and almost hurt herself... she wrecked the car... but what the heck...'..
and making that work as a song, that's a skill.
it's vied with 'little green apples' stewing away in me for decades.
and honies, i quite like it.
let's face it, it's tacky'n'maudlin (that noted twin college in oxford?).
but im partially partial to liking it.
hearing it ever couple of years or so is ok by me.
sure doesn't embarrass me to say so.
shame it fades out quite the way it does.
that lets it down.

despite it all, i quite liked putting m'self through the traumas
and listened to each as fairly and as frequently as i could.


Larry Franz

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Mr. Adsett -- Thank you for that superb dissertation!

On a more sour note, I don't think anyone has mentioned this one yet, which makes "Sugar Sugar" almost palatable by comparison:

Ohio Express, "Yummy Yummy Yummy", 1968

Lee Marshall

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Just bashing back on behalf of the dead...and our host...Paul.  The dead don't sue...and they seldom, if ever, respond to those who attack them after the fact...

You know I always thought the WORLD of Carl.
bonnie bella

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Hi Cindy.

Gold - Feelings.

Silver - The boys.

Bronze - Honey.

Tin - Mr Ponytail.

All pretty rotten songs, and I blame Mr Cyrus for the linedancing craze that ensued.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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So I’m voting the worst the Gold, etc. and the Tin to the least of the worst.  I feel upside down.

           Gold – The worst worst song here is BB's/Summer of Love

           Silver – Bobby Goldsboro/Honey

           Bronze – Morris Albert/Feelings

           Tin – The best worst song is Billy Ray Cyrus/Achy Breaky Heart (Wow)

I don’t really know if it matters.  None of them are much better than the rest.


I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Cindy Hood

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I really love Sugar, Sugar!  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy - not so much.

We were watching the presidential debate tonight.  A real mud slinging fest, let me tell you.
While I was watching, my son is on his laptop and all of a sudden, I hear this playing....

and then

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Darren J. Ray

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'Yummy Yummy Yummy' sure gets a great response from an audience! They all sing along. 

Co-written by Artie Resnick, who also had a hand in 'Good Lovin'' (Young Rascals), 'Chip Chip' (Gene McDaniels) and 'Under the Boardwalk' (you name 'em). 

He also co-wrote this with Bobby Darin, recorded by the much-maligned Mr Entertainment in 1963.  

paul g adsett

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listen pal,
i won't have a bad word said about the best bubblegum music,
it's 'step-outside-and-say-that' time if y'do...
having said that, 
does 'yummy yummy yummy' qualify as such?
it sure does, pardner, so,
what'll it be?
custard pies at 10 paces?
a pair of wet kippers at dawn?
a spellign bee challenge?
you name the terms and we'll see it through, maaan...
Cindy Hood

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Good morning, everyone!

These are the tentative results for Week 33's Best of the Worst.  

We had 17 voters this week and these are the results after collaborating with Darren:


GOLD (the Worst):  BB's/Summer of Love:
Gold:  7 + 1 split at 3.5 pts, Silver: 3; Bronze:  4;  Tin/Pewter: 2 = 50.5 pts.

SILVER: (Somebody please shoot me}:  Morris Albert/Feelings.
Gold: 3 - 1 split at 3.5 pts;  Silver: 5;  Bronze:  6; Tin/Pewter:  2 = 44.5 pts.

BRONZE: (Just plain awful}:  Billy Ray Cyrus/Achy Breaky Heart.
Gold:  3;  Silver:  4;  Bronze:  4;  Tin/Pewter:  6 = 38 pts.

TIN/PEWTER:  (Eeeeuuuwww):Bobby Goldsboro/Honey: 
Gold:  3;  Silver:  4;  Bronze:  3;  Tin/Pewter:  7 = 37 pts 

17 voters = 170 overall pts.

Sorry for the delay and confusion.  But, these ARE the final results, finally.

Thanks to everyone for voting this past week!




"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Larry Franz

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Trying to decide which would be worse:

1) listening to the candidate who was approvingly compared to a gorilla by one of his supporters last night spew for an hour straight

2) listening to "Yummy Yummy Yummy" on a 60-minute loop (i.e. 24 times without interruption).


Still thinking....

You know, it's not that bad a song at all! [smile]

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, Cindy, and well done. 

They're in the book. 

You've put The Beach Boys back on top!

It's the first of your five weeks hosting so far this year that the Beach Boys record has won the week. 

It was the second time around for 'Summer of Love'. 

Last year, it won Tin in Week 37 (yours truly). 

It becomes the fourth song to win both Gold and Tin in separate weeks here, after ‘I Got You Babe’ (Sonny & Cher), ‘Leader of the Pack’ (The Shangri-Las) and, from your recent Week 31, 'September' (Earth, Wind & Fire).

It's a remarkable turnaround in fortune for the Boys!

'Honey' is the second entry for Bobby Goldsboro and also his second Tin. 

'Me and the Elephants' won Tin in Week 20 this year (yours truly). 

'Honey' is an outside chance of featuring in this season's Tin Play-Off. 

They were the first entries for Morris Albert and Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Looking forward to future hosts exploring their other numerous hits.
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