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David W

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My votes :
1. Brian Wilson
2. 21 Pilots
3. Leonard Cohen
4. Regina Spektor

Like T , I'm not very good with lyrics , don't take them in and never remember them but this must be heavyish

Al Forsyth

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Thanks to John, E., Pete and David for the NEW votes and some songs that meet this spirit.  Interesting how Leonard Cohen is standing this week. Thanks also, Bonnie, for keeping the perception of depth moving forward.  YES, Long Promised Road has all of that and your Princess Chelsea (this week) is a bit Bjork-like.  Music for the world. 

Keep the voting deeper than deep and keep them coming in.  Thanks, folks, for these wonderful contributions this week!!!

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John E

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Re: Leonard Cohen

Lee - I first heard the song "You Want it Darker" on August 12th and got an ominous sense that it was Leonard's "Blackstar". I posted this on the leonardcohenforum at the time. I had heard that he had some issues, but people close to him seemed to be playing it down.

John B - Leonard stressed that he was primarily a Jew who was deeply moved by the figure of Jesus. I believe his mother was a Messianic Jew, and he was raised by an Irish Catholic nanny. He became a Buddhist monk mainly because he needed the discipline that he found at the monastery. However, Roshi's teachings clearly affected his work (most obviously on his "Ten New Songs" album).

For anyone who doesn't know, the music for the track "You Want it Darker" was written by Patrick Leonard, who wrote "Like a Prayer" for Madonna.
Al Forsyth

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Thanks, John E.  I heard the song earlier this fall/late summer and it was so riveting on first hear that I didn't recognize who it was, but understood what I was hearing.  The Hineni, Hineni interested me:

Okay, folks, we are past BOTBs "hump day" and the voting has been interesting.  Three (plus) days/nights remain to vote and deeper is better.  Keep them coming in to your voting precinct here at - yeah! 

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Popeye (not the sailor)

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My deep votes:

Gold: Lay Down Burden - Brian Wilson - A song for Carl.

Silver: You Want it Darker - Leonard Cohen - Depth is what made Leonard's songs great.

Bronze: Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots - No depth here but I was able to make it all the way through this one. Which made it worthy of my bronze. I guess.

Tin: Bleeding Heart - Regina Spektor - The shallow end of the pool.

Thanks Al.
t bedford

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Is it my imagination, or has BotB been overlooking Ian Dury & the Blockheads all these years?

Ian (himself withered by childhood polio) wrote the lyrics of this controversial song for The International Year of the Disabled (1981). It was immediately banned by the BBC, and initially scorned by the Spastic Society. Ian's attitude was "We don't want your pity, we want your respect".
Ian Dury - Spasticus Autisticus

Here's what Ian had to say.

And here's the song in all of it's glory, 31 years later (and 12 years after Ian passed), after everybody "got it"...opening the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

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Lisa G/TS

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I'm in deep....doo doo?... with Al if I don't get goin' on my ballot:

GOLD -- Brian Wilson, Lay Down Burden -- Chef Wilson cookin' up more chicken soup for the bruised soul. No crackers necessary...

SILVER -- Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker -- Chameleon Cohen never jumped thru the same hoop twice, did he? Always a little different.

BRONZE -- Regina Spektor, Bleeding Heart -- Somewhat nice and memorable, although I kinda agree with Lee there's something a little insincerely prefab to it. Maybe it's just us.

PEWTER/TIN -- Twenty One Pilots, Stressed Out -- Maybe I'm not a complete rap hater after all. I'm somewhat intrigued and actually remembering snippets of the "Hamilton" musical soundtrack (what a gamble that concept was; could only be either huge hit or huge embarrassment). However, the best this might have placed this week is Bronze for me, which didn't quite happen. 

t bedford asks "who's flying this thing?".  Apparently, this prehistoric pair:

The closest I can come for deep stuff is a "what animals teach us about life" chapter. (Yep, consider that forewarning if you're not that type). If you think you've got it tough, watch this tiny but mighty muchacha keep a happy tail and keep trying to stand. Turns out Jennifer Collier, who uploaded the video, also wrote and sang the song and is now her owner: 

I now return the board to Al and the Land O' Music.  [wink]

bonnie bella

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Oh, Lisa, you need to go and get that tiny scrap of life, wherever it is, and take it home and love it and stretch it out a bit more!  (I've got Tears In The Morning, thanks.)

t, thanks for posting the Ian Dury clips.

Okay, Al.  Here goes.

GOLD - Brian Wilson.  Who is this guy anyway?  He's pretty cool.  This week I heard two news stories about the boys. The first was on the radio when they said; "On this day in 1964, Brian Wilson had a panic attack on a flight to Houston and subsequently stopped touring."  The next day on the TV news there was also an item. "On this day in 1962, The Beach Boys released their first song, Surfin'." and then they blasted it.  

SILVER - 21 Pilots.  Lotta people don't like rap.  I find it depends on how somebody raps, the quality of the chorus. and how many swear words they can cram in.  Some rappers could do with ruminating over the "less is more" approach. I really like this song, and it could have gone gold for me on another week.  Until this week, I had assumed they were Canadian.  Not sure why.

BRONZE - Regina Spector.  But only because...

TIN - This Should Carry A Warning.  Okay, Leonard Cohen in any way, shape, or form, is much too deep for me.  I even tried with great solemnity to watch a documentary on the guy and ended up asleep after twenty seriously deep minutes.  Did this guy live in black and white?  He's so ... deep.  And that voice.  It's also so ... deep.  I could only play this a couple of times, only in bright sunshine, never alone, and rarely to the end.  Nurturing self-induced nightmare sessions is not a sport I take on for fun.  Sorry Al, but this song scares me more than that girl with the spinning head in The Exorcist. 

Brooke Fraser "Therapy".

Thanks Al.


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Hi Al,

Here are my votes for this week.

Gold - Lay Down Burden – Brian Wilson

Silver - You Want it Darker – Leonard Cohen

Bronze - Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

Tin - Bleeding Heart – Regina Spektor

Graciegirl :-)
Darren J. Ray

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bonnie, the lead guitarist from Mi-Sex, Kevin Stanton, was a lecturer at my music college. I was chuffed when he turned up. 

I can reel off all the lyrics to 'Computer Games'!

'But You Don't Care' is my favourite track of theirs. 
Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Lay Down Burden (Brian Wilson - 1998)
Not quite my favourite off Imagination. I bought it in '98, and took it with me on a rainy weekend at the Marriott on the Gold Coast where I played it for the first time. I've listened to 'Lay Down Burden' many times, even through a big PA, and it gets me each time. I'm not even certain it was originally intended for Carl. It still stands up regardless, as a great song. "Just remember the way I held you. You're always in my heart".

Silver - Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots - 2015)
What the hell is that on his neck? Interesting melody in the chorus, words are clever. Not half bad.

Bronze - Bleeding Heart (Regina Spektor - 2016)
I liked ‘Samson’, but this is too poppy and repetitive. She says ‘bleeding heart’ 35 times in the song.

Participant - You Want it Darker (Leonard Cohen - 2016)
No disrespect to his fans, but it didn’t move me like I wanted it to. He didn’t write this.



Verden McCutcheon

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  Season 7 Week 41..Depth Perception

                  1)Lay Down Burden....My second fav Brian Solo song right behind Love and Mercy

                  2)You want it Darker...Never was crazy about this guy even though he is a legend from my neck of the woods but I do enjoy this track

                 3)Stressed Out ......Got a kick out of the video and the tune is pretty good !

                4)Bleeding heart.....exceptional tin track.New to me I think !

                                                                   good selections Al !


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Al, votes first:

   Gold – Brian Wilson – Lay Down Burden
   Silver – Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker
   Bronze – Regina Spektor – Bleeding Heart
   Tin – Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
I didn’t know much about Leonard Cohen.  “Hallelujah” was about it.  Since his death I’ve heard more of his stuff.  For this week’s song I had to look up “Hineni”.  Here’s one from Leonard that seems to be a lot like “You want it Darker”.  I’m still making up my mind in regards to the sum of Leonard’s music.  I think I need more delving.

I thought of this song…

Good week, Al.  I heard new things and all were interesting.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”


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GOLD  Brian Wilson.  Might be my favourite solo track.   Especially the 'stripped down' version he's done with his band (I can't remember if I've seen them do it in person)
SILVER Leonard Cohen
BRONZE Regina Spektor
TIN 21 Pilots
Al Forsyth

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Thanks, everyone, for the support and offerings this week.  I had to scramble a bit to put this group together as I had a complete other set ready to rumble, but it will probably never be used so this one came in nicely.

My Gold is to Brian as the song somehow gets me to my core - hooray for this song! In he film he is mentioning the loss of Dennis and in this the loss of Carl. 
My Silver moves up due to the responses this week.  Bonnie, the song scared me at first - Leonard
My Bronze is a tie 1.5 each Kids I work with LOVE Twenty One Pilots.  The melodies ARE nice.  I like Regina enough. Love the recital footage at the end.

Jane Kelly Williams is the lady who did Lay Down Burden on Making God Smile (can't find it) but here is something else of hers:

Patti has to pinch hit for the Nobel Laureate

I heard her this summer:

Heavy/Deep - feel it, enjoy it!

We can ALL find our depth after all! I'll put up the results later tomorrow.

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