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bonnie bella

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t, great song choices, and even better names!

We don't hear a lot of Johnny Cash around here, so here's one from him; "Miss Tara".

And Johnny with Tara and the rest of his girls.  It's too early for Christmas (says everybody but the retail industry), but this picture just looks so lovely.


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Larry Franz

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I should have posted this one instead of "Clementine" two days ago. Hindsight....

Elliott Smith, "Punch and Judy"


The Roches, "Older Girls"

Eric Carmen, "Caroline No"


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 Gold - Elenore – The Turtles

 Silver - Gloria – Them

 Bronze - Valleri – The Monkeys

 Tin - Pamela Jean – The Survivors


t bedford

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Lovin' Spoonful - Bald Headed Lena (live)

a couple more by Paul Revere and the Raiders:

Melody for an Unknown Girl

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Darren J. Ray

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t, that Smothers Brothers clip of 'Along Comes Mary' surely isn't all live. 

The instrumental backing seems exactly the same as the record. 

Surely 1:19 is the give away. 

RIP Larry Ramos and Brian Cole. 
t bedford

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t, that Smothers Brothers clip of 'Along Comes Mary' surely isn't all live.

Well, first of all, Al posted that Association clip, not me. But as long as I'm weighing in, the vocals are certainly live, however, I'm not totally convinced the backing track is the record, but it does seem to be prerecorded, and 1:19 is indeed the giveaway.

I'm almost certain that the live "Elenore" that I posted is all live (watch Barbata on the small cymbals, around 1:09, totally different from the record). The Spoonful's "Bald Headed Lena" also seems fully live....Zal's guitar parts aren't on the record.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, t. 

Yes, I watched that Turtles clip. 

I believe it's the same one you used in Season III when it won Bronze in a close week, beaten by 'Friday on My Mind' (The Easybeats) and 'Dance, Dance, Dance' (all live). 

Yeah, all live. 
Pons and Nichol are using amps. 

I reckon it's about time a host used 'Outside Chance' and 'Love in the City', too. 

Been on the road the last few days. 

Impossible to check out the week on a phone or tablet with all the clips people are posting. Won't load. 

Hoping people get back to posting fewer actual clips and more of the links, as Larry does it. 
paul g adsett

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gold: 'gloria'
- who would've really thought mr morrison would go on to the most major heights?
what a great guitar string striking sound.
what warbly organ undercurrent.
what strident drum knocks underpin the action.
and, van's voice. oh,van's voice...
here it's barely controlled spitting snapping, snarls.
he doesn't deserve the girl with that attitude.
sadly, it's a snearing, snapping, snidy side
he's too often held up as his regular attitude to the world.
it's at odds with the deep, spiritual side that has seen mr morrison produce
some of the most sublime music feasible.
however you may wish to behold van the man, he's flippin'brilliant.
i can truly say hismusic means as much to me as mr wilson's,
but i don't really want to meet him.
this is a true anthem.

silver: 'elenore'
- brilliant. truly brilliant.
how to disect the pop market and beat the bizniz
by calculatingly producing a virtually immaculate popsong.
beautifully written,
beautifully played.,
beautifully sung,

bronze: 'valleri'
- 'oh yeah, c'mon...'
oh, c'mon, messrs boyce & hart.
c'mon, monkees
- you can do better than this.
you frequently had done.
and you frequently did after
(well, da boyz did,not sure b&h, um, 'progressed').
but, c'mon...
the brass section and the noodly guitar part are the best bits.
if only they'd f***ed with the formula...

tin: 'pamela jean'
- well, if i recorded 'woop oh oh...' vocals in a tunnel,.
i'd probably think, 'er, wait a minute...'
and think again.
if i recorded a pharting sax break that failed to integrate itself into the mix,
i'd go 'er, um, hang on a minute...'
and think again.
i might keep the bones of the tune and reuse it a bit later.
oh, he did...
fairly dreadful.

a (mostly) nifty selection of pop tunes to while away the week.


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Great picks Mom! Its going to be very tough for me to decide...but I'll give it a shot...

GOLD: Pamela Jean-Survivors
Despite the poor audio quality, this one is going to have to take the gold. I love Car Crazy Cutie, so naturally, I love Pamela Jean as well. The doo wop sound is fabulous; I'll never get tired of it. The sax is nice as well. Even though Brian is the only Beach Boy present on the record, the vocal performance is still very good IMO. Awesome song!

SILVER: Valleri-Monkees
Even though the Monkees didn't play on their records, I still thoroughly enjoy many of their songs (and I ❤️ the TV show). The Wrecking Crew did another fantastic job on this song, with the rapid classical style guitar riffs, horn section, etc. I really like the vocals on Valleri; the harmonies are nice and tight.

BRONZE: Elenore-Turtles
It was extremely hard for me to put Elenore in third place, but its simply because I enjoy Valleri slightly more. The chorus is my favorite part of this song. And, as with the others, the vocals are wonderful!

TIN: Gloria-Them
This is the only song of the bunch that I really don't care for. It's a bit boring for my taste, and I've never been a real fan of Van Morrison's voice. I think Gloria pales in comparison to the others on the list.

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Verden McCutcheon

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   Season 8 Week 30  ..Girls...........

                     1)Elenore.....A very good song by a sometimes overlooked group...

                     2)Gloria....Good mid-sixties rocker from this short lived Irish group."Its all over now baby Blue" is my fav by THEM

                     3)Pamela Jean...Not bad but not very original.

                     4)Valleri.............Not enough monkeying around on this one.Compared to some other tracks by The Monkees this one doesn't make me go ape.

                                                                                        Good Selections

The Egg

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The Egg here checking in before I take to the skies....

Gold......going with Them because they are fun....lucky Gloria!

Silver.....Elinore is the guilted girl!

Bronze..the last two were close but the boys harmonies always go Pamela Jean!

Tin.......Valleri just never did it for me......probably get Egg on my face for that one!

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GOLD, etc Elenore
SILVER Pamela Jean
TIN Valleri


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Originally Posted by Al Forsyth

My Girls, Girls, Girls votes (and some clips)

Gold - Boyce, Hart, The Wrecking Crew and the Monkees - sounds like an album title.
Silver - G-L-O-R-I-A, Gloria, but what is Van and company smoking? 
Bronze - Car Crazy Pamela Jean - survivable. 
Tin - to the Turtles - I was never a fan and good that the show is Happy Together Tour - as it has that oldies appeal. 

Girls:  Ariel, Jean and Ronnie~

Thought for sure that THIS was coming into play this week:


I almost chose 'Wendy' over Pamela Jean for my week! Decided to go with the lesser known.


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Ready to call out the girls at the close of my week.

One of these things is not like the others and it is:

GOLD - Pamela Jean - The Survivors (Brian Wilson)
This song makes me want to put on a poodle skirt and hop on over to the soda fountain. 1964 but feels like the 50's. A happy tune and I love the vocals.

SILVER - Elenore - The Turtles
I had almost forgotten about this group until we went to their Happy Together Tour this summer. Really enjoy this song with a catchy chorus.

BRONZE- Valleri - The Monkees
Not their very best song, but it's fun and it was one about a girl! Though the lyrics are a bit lacking. Loved the TV show as a kid.

TIN - Gloria - Them
Someone had to be last. Sorry Van. A great road-tripping song but probably wouldn't listen to this one over and over.

A few more hours left for those last minute Lucys to get their votes in.


Tom Tobben

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OK, better cast my votes in this fun Girls' week:

Gold -- "Elenore", Turtles. I've been a big Turtles (and later, Flo & Eddie) fan since their earliest days, and this is a classic, catchy pop hit, even if Kaylan originally conceived of it as a spoof to satisfy the suits at White Whale records. One of their very best songs, and it barely edged out my second place choice:

Silver -- "Gloria", Them. A great mid-60s garage band classic that I heard and danced to countless times back in the 60s and beyond, and still an oldies staple (along with Morrison's even more oft-heard "Brown-Eyed Girl" from 1967). I wonder whether Darren's 60s tribute show performances include either of these (sorry if I missed your comment on this earlier, Darren).

Here in the US, however, Them's original 1964 version of "Gloria" didn't make the national Top 40 charts. Instead, in 1966, the Shadows of Knight from Chicago had a big national hit with the song, reaching #10 on the Billboard charts. That's the version I heard endlessly on the radio and performed live by area bands back in the mid/late-60s. It ranks among my top 25 most-played songs in my iTunes library. Had this week's battle contestant been the version by the Shadows of Knight, it would have edged out "Elenore" as my Gold choice. So it goes. Here's the Shadows of Knight's version:

And the excellent R-rated live version recorded by the Doors, which was included on their Alive, She Cried album:

Bronze -- "Valleri", Monkees. Another pop classic by this made-for-TV and more teen-heartthrob band. What's amazing is that the Monkees went on to become a lasting pop favorite, and they've seen a popular resurgence in recent years. A few years ago, I saw Mickey Dolenz perform as one of the acts in The Turtles' (Kaylan and Volman) ever-evolving Happy Together tour, and Dolenz still sounded quite good. He also sounded great on the Monkees' recent new album, Good Times!, from 2016.  

Since we're focusing on the "girls" theme this week, here's the Monkees' lovely "Me and Magdalena" from the Good Times! album, featuring Mike Nesmith with Mickey Dolenz:

Tin -- "Pamela Jean", (Brian Wilson's) Survivors. This lesser-known early side project is too derivative for me, seemingly combining the Dion & The Belmonts doo-wop sound (think "Runaround Sue" from 1961) with Phil Spector's wall of sound. Once Brian found his own sound, his songs were so much more original and impactful.

Finally, since most of the well-known "girl" songs from the 60s era have already been mentioned, here's a few more lesser-knowns from around that period that I don't believe have been brought up yet:

First, speaking of Magdalena (above, by the Monkees), here's Frank Zappa & the Mothers' own totally different "Magdalena" song from their Just Another Band from LA album from 1972. And, yes that's Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (aka Flo & Eddie, formerly of the Turtles) on vocals. Somehow, as our own paul adsett often says, it all seems to connect this week.

Then, all you late sixties Woodstock-era hipsters will remember Country Joe (McDonald) & The Fish. Here's their lovely, and lyrically amusing, "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine". Just what kind of girl is she!

More mainstream was Stevie Wonder's lovely ballad, "My Cherie Amour", from 1969:

The legendary early (some argue, the first) country rock group the Flying Burrito Brothers (founded by former Byrds Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, along with fellow original band members Chris Ethridge and Sneaky Pete Kleinow) is best known for their classic debut album, The Gilded Palace of Sin, from 1969, which features this lovely song, "Christine's Tune" (aka She's the Devil in Disguise) written by Parsons and Hillman:

Finally, from 1972, here's the Allman Brothers Band's lovely "Melissa", from their excellent Eat A Peach album. It's also the first song the Allmans recorded after the death of guitar virtuoso Duane Allman:

Excellent battle week, Debbie!
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