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Maybe as final as the Pet Sound's final performances? 😁
I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Lee Marshall

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[biggrin]  Somewhere 'round there Deb. [thumb]
bonnie bella

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Lee ...  [smile]

My votes.

GOLD - Denny.  Love POB.  It's a very 70's kind of album, so not to everybody's tastes, but for me, it's a beautiful example of what Dennis was capable of and what he enjoyed.  Amazing that this album was never really picked up on release, and less amazing that it has developed a bit of a following since.  

SILVER - The Walker Brothers.  Sounds a little like Elvis coming into this song.  While the lyrics are a little overwrought (unless you have a giant asteroid hurtling towards your house), it's a beautifully short version of a classic love song and it does the trick.

BRONZE - Harry.  What makes this song great at the start can make it a little annoying at the end.  That guitar, for example.  Still, you have to give it to Harry, he's an excellent, meaningful vocalist and a total legend.

TIN - Survivor.  Haha!  it's the e.y.e of the t.i.g.e.r.  Strong memories of this song when I was a kid, with a brother who worshipped the song and the movie and his gym set, which never pumped up his arms at all despite all the effort. (He was also obsessed with Top Gun, but we didn't have a plane or even a cockpit, so we got more e.y.e of the t.i.g.e.r than Danger Zone.)  This is a shocker. Dah - dah dah dah!

One from The Color Purple (where, I ask, is the "u"?)

Thanks Cindy.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Cindy Hood

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Lee, Yep.  It's my final answer - every week!

I don't believe that I've ever come back and changed my votes.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Al Forsyth

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If I ever vote late in a week - I'm probably flip-flopping my votes.  Early voting means - it is what it is!

Kaki King from Into The Wild soundtrack (another depressing movie, Darren, but beautifully shot and the music - ahhhh)

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
paul g adsett

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gold: 'river song'
- the least llkely movie soundtrack choice of the bunch.
insanely luvverly.
the most gorgeous of them, but close run between 3 out of 4. 

silver: 'everybody's talkin''
- what an iconic pairing. 
unforgettably locked into place alongside the movie.
a brilliant interpretation of the song.
written by the chap who wrote the utterly beautiful 'the dolphins'
which tim buckley (and eddie reader) sang so beautifully.
kie miskelly (onetime stalwart blueboarder)
gave me the double album fred neil cd way way back
as he couldn't get his heard around neil's vocal style.
must say i don't play it as often as a nilsson record, but he's well worth exploring.*

bronze: 'the sun ain't gonna shine anymore'
- could be gold many a week.
had no idea about the movie - still don't want to know more, thankyou.
tin: 'eeyore of the tigger'
- spare me.

footnote - credited with 'sound effects' on the 'fred neil' 1967 album
(rereleased in 1969 as 'everybody's talkin'' after nilsson's hit)
is a certain nick venet.
yes, the chapppie who signed the beach boys.
y'see - everything connects!
Al Forsyth

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Thanks, Paul, for that "connection".  Very close interpretation by HN to the song - and no, wha, wha's.  Here's the chap - Fred M. and a good to listen Sunday.
Searchin' for dolphins alright:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Cindy Hood

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Voting is now closed for week 10.

Thanks to Bonnie and Paul for getting your votes in.

Paul, Kie Miskelly is a great guy!  He's a FB friend of mine for a few years now.  He surprised me a similar kind of gift from across the pond.  He sent me Dennis' POB and the 2 CD set of SMiLE when it was released and right before Christmas.  He'll always be Santa to me.

Stay tuned for the results, coming up in a few.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Cindy Hood

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Here are the preliminary results for Week 10, At The Movies:

GOLD:  Walker Brothers for The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore.
Gold:  6;  Silver:  6;  Bronze  2 + 1 split at 2.5;  Tin/Pewter:  1 = 49.5 pts.

SILVER:  Dennis Wilson for River Song.
Gold:  5;  Silver:  5;  Bronze:  4 + 1 split at 2.5;  Tin/Pewter:  1 = 46.5 pts.

BRONZE:  Harry Nilsson for Everybody's Talkin'.
Gold:  4;  Silver:  4;  Bronze:  6;  Tin/Pewter:  2 = 42 pts.

TIN/PEWTER:  Survivor for Eye of the Tiger.
Gold:  1;  Silver:  0;  Bronze:  3;  Tin/Pewter:  12 = 22 pts.

We had 16 voters this week for an overall total of 160 pts.  

Thank you all for participating this past week and to Darren J. Ray for all of his help with posting my battle for me.  


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, Cindy.

They’re in the book.

It was the third time around for ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’.

It was used twice in Season I (before we decided a track could not be used again in the same season).

Its record:

- a Gold in Week 12 of Season I (Prodigal Son),
- a Bronze in Week 39 of Season I (Roy Roger Bridge),
- a Gold in Week 10 of Season IX (Cindy Hood)

Scott Walker’s ‘Sons Of’ won the Gold in Week 25 of Season III (Frankie Teardrop).

It was the second time around for the official release version of ‘River Song’.

It won the Gold in Week 4 of Season VII (t Bedford), with 59.5 points and 33.06% from 18 voters.

This week it scored 46.5 and 29.06 from 16 voters.

A demo version of ‘River Song’, apparently recorded with the Beach Boys in 1973, won the Silver in Week 43 of Season III (paul g adsett). It scored 37.5 and 25% from 15 voters.

This is Dennis Wilson’s Battle record:

Holy Man (Dennis Wilson/Taylor Hawkins) (a Silver in Week 42 of Season II - Roy Roger Bridge),
River Song (demo) (a Silver in Week 43 of Season III - paul g adsett),
Farewell My Friend (a Gold in Week 9 of Season VI - Verden McCutcheon),
River Song (a Gold in Week 4 of Season VII - t Bedford),
Sound of Free (Dennis Wilson & Rumbo) (a Gold in Week 27 of Season VII - bonnie bella),
River Song (a Silver in Week 10 of Season IX - Cindy Hood)

It was the second time around for ‘Everybody’s Talkin’’.

It won the Silver in Week 35 of Season VI (Deb#1), with 44.5 points and 22.25% from 20 voters.

This week it scored 42 and 26.25 from 16 voters.

It was the sixth entry for Nilsson. 

His record so far is: 

Coconut (a Tin in Week 23 of Season II, 7th in Tin Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood),
Without You (a Bronze in Week 2 of Season III - DomesticAnimalNoises), 
1941 (a Tin in Week 11 of Season V, 7th in Tin Play-Off - Tom Tobben),  
One (a Silver in Week 13 of Season V, 8th in Silver Play-Off - Peter Simpson),  
Everybody's Talkin' (a Silver in Week 35 of Season VI - Deb#1),
Everybody’s Talkin’ (a Bronze in Week 10 of Season IX - Cindy Hood)

It looks like ‘Everybody’s Talkin’’ will be Harry’s fourth entry in a play-off (Bronze).

If it makes it and wins, both ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ and ‘River Song’ will progress to a play-off (the Preliminary Final) for their first times.

The 22 points and 13.75% of the vote for ‘Eye of the Tiger’ are the lowest scores for a song so far this season.  


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