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Al Forsyth

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Hoping Tom's votes can come in.  A mere nine minute gap.  Close to the close but I LOVE reading his analysis every week. Paul McCartney would "let 'em in"!  
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I’d just donned my jammies and slippers but I have time for one more, Tom.
I noticed Darren has posted since, but I remember how late I have voted at times, so I re-did the totals.  Darren, I closed early and as a leading proponent of the Come-Lately Party, I recommend we include the vote from Tom.
If accepted the BBs would take the Silver and Tennessee Ernie would take the Bronze.

Gold - Randy Newman - Short People, Total Points: 47.5
     4 Gold, 7 Silver, 4 Bronze, 1 Tin, 1 Bronze/Tin Tie

Silver – The Beach Boys: A Day in the Life of a Tree, Total Points: 46
     5 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze, 2 Tin

Bronze – Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford, Total Points: 44
     6 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze, 5 Tin

Tin – Peggy Seeger's "Gonna Be An Engineer", Total Points: 32.5
     2 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze, 8 Tin, 1 Bronze/Tin Tie 

Number of Players: 17
Total Points: 170

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Darren J. Ray

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Yeah, right. 

If everyone could please get your votes in before the host closes on Sunday night (in the US) , that would be very appreciated. 

You have seven days, folks. 

I'll re-write the summation and edit the scores. 
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Deb. 
The people have spoken and those results are in the book. 
It was the third appearance for Randy Newman and his first electoral win. 
His record: 
Laugh and Be Happy (a Tin in Week 40 of Season II - Teenage Symphony), 
I Love L.A. (a Tin in Week 9 of Season V, 5th in Tin Play-Off - Cindy Hood), 
Short People (a Gold in Week 38 of Season IX - Deb#1)
It was the second time around for ‘A Day in the Life of a Tree’. 
Previously, it won the Silver in Week 10 of Season III (Tom Tobben) with scores of 49 points and 27.22% from 18 voters. 
This time, it again won Silver and scored 46 and 27.06 from 17 voters. 
Seven of the tracks from Surf's Up have been used.

Its record:

Don’t Go Near the Water (a Tin in Week 12 of Season IX - Tom Tobben),

Long Promised Road (a Gold in Week 25 of Season II, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 9th in Gold Play-Off - Roy Roger Bridge),

Student Demonstration Time (a Bronze in Week 11 of Season V - Tom Tobben; a Tin in Week 26 of Season VII - Cindy Hood),

Feel Flows (a Gold in Week 44 of Season VIII, 8th in Gold Play-Off - GGH),

A Day in the Life of a Tree (a Silver in Week 10 of Season III - Tom Tobben; a Bronze in Week 38 of Season IX - Deb#1), 

'Til I Die (a Gold in Week 27 of Season I - Lisa Graham; a Gold in Week 13 of Season VIII, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off - Tom Tobben), 

'Surf's Up' (a Gold in Week 8 of Season II, 2nd (annual Silver) in Gold Play-Off, 6th in the Ultimate Battle - Cynthia D. Hood)


‘Sixteen Tons’, with 44 points and 25.88% of the vote, looks to have sewn up a spot in this year’s Bronze Play-Off. 


Please continue to support your hosts. 

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