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Larry Franz

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Well, that's over.

She & Him cover the guys: "Christmas Day"

"Little Saint Nick"

The Roches -- "Star of Wonder" (not "We Three Kings")

"We Three Kings"

Verden McCutcheon

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   Season9 week4...Christmas Songs

                     1)I'll be home for Christmas....Decent version of this classic

                     2)What I really want for Christmas...I like it once it takes off

                     3)Santa Claus is coming to town...Kinda mediocre version

                     4)Christmasey….Never really cared for this one

                                                                   merry Christmas !!!
Al Forsyth

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It's kind of funny when the Holiday is over - that you really don't want to be playing Christmas music soo much but maybe we need to keep up the spirit going longer before all of the decorating comes down.  

This is song that has been getting some heat, but it's still great and here's a fine performance.

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Tom Tobben

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Well, I hope everyone has been having a fun and restful holiday season, now that we're past the Christmas rush (for those who celebrate). With the holiday festivities behind us and the clean-up and post-holiday recovery largely accomplished, I'm back to cast my votes this week. First, Mary, thanks for hosting this past week's Christmas special battle featuring four Brian Wilson / Beach Boys recordings.

With regard to their Christmas recordings, I must say that I generally prefer Brian's and the Boys' original Christmas songs over their covers of traditional Christmas classics. That has also influenced my votes below:

Gold -- "What I Really Want for Christmas", Brian Wilson. Lovely original song and stellar group choral intro and fills elsewhere in the song. Brian's voice sounds so crisp, pure, and inspirational on this song. The understated instrumental arrangements excellently complement the dominant vocal and harmony tracks, and the lyrics (presumably the co-authored contribution by Bernie Taupin on this song) evoke the winter mood that accompanies the Christmas season (in most of the Northern Hemisphere). The clip-clop wood block fills are a nice touch also. Probably my favorite song on Brian's Christmas album, and the album's title song so Brian must have thought a lot of it too.

Silver -- "Christmasey", Brian Wilson. My other personal favorite from Brian's solo Christmas album. More up-tempo than the song above, but another lovely original with more prominent instrumental arrangement accompanying the vocals and harmonies. I love the use of the horns and strings on this song, co-written by the legendary Jimmy Webb.

Bronze -- "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town", Beach Boys. A big gap from my gold and silver to my bronze and tin picks. The cover songs on the original Beach Boys Christmas album sound more like something that my parents' generation would have liked, with more of a big band instrumental arrangement and tight Four Freshmen-styled harmonies. Sounds more like something that fans of the old Rat Pack might have liked, rather than a younger rock and roll-oriented generation. 

My personal favorite interpretation of this old Christmas classic is this original rocked up version by Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band, which itself has become a Christmas classic:

Tin -- "I'll Be Home for Christmas", Beach Boys. Now, this is definitely a Four Freshmen-inspired arrangement that must have been targeted to older listeners. A nice enough song song but too mushy for my tastes, and with an instrumental arrangement that could have been the Living Strings' elevator music. Not for me. 

Had our battle included some of Brian's best original songs from the Beach Boys' Christmas album (e.g., Little Saint Nick, The Man with All The Toys, Christmas Day), my voting results would likely have been at least somewhat different. 

Here at home and in our cars, we've played the heck out of a wide range of Christmas albums from all genres and streaming Christmas songs for the past month, but now it's about time to turn the calendar page to 2019 and put away all the enjoyable Christmas music for another 11 months.

Mary, thanks again for closing out our 2019 battle year with a timely battle featuring Brian and the Boys' Christmas music.

Here's wishing everyone here a fun New Years' Eve and a prosperous 2019 filled with lots of good music, both new and old!
bonnie bella

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Hi Mary.  A busy, Christmassy week. I ran over a small grinch-like on my way home yesterday.

Let's see.

GOLD - What I Really Want is Syphilis. Pretty and I do like Brian's distinctive voice at this stage.

SILVER - I'll Be Home in a Chrysalis. It's okay as far as Christmas songs go.

BRONZE - Christmasknees. Had never heard it before but pleasant enough.

TIN - Santa. Have we checked his credentials? I always found Santa a suspicious looking fellow. Do they still make kids sit on his knee? You'd never have got me near him; screw the My Little Pony, I don't need it bad enough.

Tough week to host, Mary, as so many are away this time of year. You did well. 


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Lisa G/TS

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Santa. Have we checked his credentials? I always found Santa a suspicious looking fellow. Do they still make kids sit on his knee? You'd never have got me near him; screw the My Little Pony, I don't need it bad enough.

Heh, heh...good point, bonnie. It's funny how there's a couple of ways parents contradict the safety rules they teach their kids. First, they tell them not to take food or treats from strangers, then at Halloween (does NZ celebrate that?), they're sent around even to neighbours the family barely knows to collect candy. Secondly, they're told to keep their distance from strangers, so no wonder some young 'uns have panic attacks and meltdowns as they're forced onto a strange Santa's lap. 

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Darren J. Ray

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Just a reminder that Mary's week closes in 12 hours. 

Then we're off to the play-offs. 
paul g adsett

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most of these figure in the bw 'christmas album' shows
and they are now inextricably linked with my florid recollections of the two gigs
we just experienced in thousand oaks and cerritos
and spending time with some favourite people.
a fresh context and deep joy.
gold: 'christmasey'
- loved this since its release.
from its quirky title spellign
to the implausibly dreadful rhyming of
... it's a song by handel'!
that's my kind of lyric,
but written by two of the greatest 20th century songwriters...
silver: 'what i really want for christmas'
- more reflective than the jollinesses on the beach boys' trip along the yuletide path.
'no more lists
send no more gifts...'
the best instrumental arrangement, in my most unctuously 'umble opinion.
but not my favourite.
bronze: 'santa claus is coming to town'
- does it match the crystals' version? 
but it's jolly.
tin: 'i'll be home by christmas'
- without doubt the best vocal arrangement here.
beautifully crafted and performed by a bunch of fresh young men.
but, lacks the joy of the other contestants.
sort of surprised m'self in arriving at this order,
but, of the tracks from that 1964 album, these were two of the also rans
and the bw songs were the two bestest.
nys(e one), mary, mary, merry, merry...
can i finish by introducing this little gem once more?
from the greys, down the hill from us in brighton,
fillumed by terrace cred. (moi) at our hank & brad's (with spanner) xmas show
5 whole years back
(and repeated annually since).
t bedford

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I can't rate Christmas music, as I don't like Christmas music....having all Brian/BB's doesn't make it easier.

So in basically random order (nothing over .01 points separating any song):

GOLD I'll Be Home for Christmas

SILVER What I Really Want for Christmas

BRONZE Christmasey

TIN Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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paul g adsett

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bedders, old bean,
my oh my, oh my...
may the maker of merriment prescribe you the following:
the entire j.s. bach 'christmas oratorio' bwv 284
(here a favourite version conducted by john elliot gardiner)
and, cue with a drumroll...
'a song of handel...'
(no massing of christ required to enjoy)...


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This is the first time I’ve wanted to vote all gold.  With the Christmas concerts I saw and the great Christmas I just had with a terrific family still warming my heart, it’s easy to fall into loving the music this week.

Still, to help with the tallying here’s my ranked vote.
   Gold - I'll Be Home for Christmas   The Beach Boys
   Silver - What I really Want For Christmas    Brian Wilson
   Bronze - Christmasey     Brian Wilson
   Tin - Santa Claus is Coming to Town    The Beach Boys

To make it an even better week, Santa brought me a ukulele to play with.  Yeah!
Happy Holidays, all.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Darren J. Ray

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Voting for this week has closed.

Scores to follow shortly.... 
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks again for hosting this week, Mary.

The top three proved an extremely close battle. 

Final scores, as confirmed by D.A.N, are: 

Gold - Christmasey (Brian Wilson - 2005) (42) 
(5G, 4S, 4B, 2T)

Silver - I’ll Be Home for Christmas (The Beach Boys - 1964) (41)
(6G, 3S, 2B, 4T)

Bronze - What I Really Want for Christmas (Brian Wilson - 2005) (41)
(3G, 6S, 5B, 1T)

Tin - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (The Beach Boys - 1964) (26)
(1G, 2S, 4B, 8T) 

Aggregate: 150 = 15 voters

Summary to follow…..

Meantime, it’s off to the play-offs.

John B

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sorry, my cookies aren't right to post at home, and was off for the holidays.  I WOULD have voted, first,
'Christmassy', which I've heard many times, so I do think it's a word.  2nd, 'What I Really Want for Christmas'.
3rd. 'I'll Be Home for Christmas', and 4th. 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town, with too much Mike Love'.
Darren J. Ray

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Google tells us that ‘Christmasey’ is not a word. The word is ‘Christmassy’. 

Mary, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ was your polariser. 10 of the 15 voters either voted it first (six) or last (four). 
Both it and ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ were only the third and fourth songs from The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album to be used. 
Its record: 
Little Saint Nick (a Gold in Week 44 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood), 
Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (a Tin in Week 45 of Season IX - MaryNYS), 
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (a Silver in Week 45 of Season IX - Mary NYS), 
Auld Lang Syne (a Silver in Week 45 of Season VIII, 9th in Silver Play-Off - Darren J. Ray)
‘What I Really Want for Christmas’ and ‘Christmasey’ were just the second and third songs from What I Really Want for Christmas to be used. 
Only ‘Joy to the World’ had been used before, in Week 43 of Season VII (Lee Marshall), winning the Gold. It was a bonus track on the album, having originally been released in 1997. 
‘What I Really Want for Christmas’ will be in the Bronze Play-Off. 
If it wins, both it and the two songs that beat it will feature in Week 4 of the Play-Offs - the Preliminary Final. 
(If John B had gotten his votes in before closing, it would have taken the Silver, and ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ would be in the Bronze Play-Off instead. As I say in the Facebook advertising every week, your vote will make a difference.)
Please support and enjoy the play-offs. 
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