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John B

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Love the Laurie Anderson!

btw, Larry, a lot of people say that about Elvis Costello's voice, like John Lydon for example.  Like Jonathan Richman, that's just the way he sings.

But I think it's fair to say that Elvis took country-style songwriting very seriously and became really good at it if you consider songs like "(Giving you Away like) Motel Matches," "Imperial Bedroom," "Shoes Without Heels" and 'Stranger in the House'--that he DID write for George Jones.  Emmylou Harris does not find him a charlatan, either. 

I never knew anyone who didn't like CCR... !    ha.  Must be my Bay Area bubble.  I'm watching these VP lists and keep thinking, 'why no Gavin Newsom'?  
bonnie bella

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Al, interesting Monkees performance, very cute.

Another kiwi classic from 1987, strangely haunting.  


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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GOLD  Monkees (not by much... would be better without the yelling)
TIN Zappa
David W

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My votes :

Gold - Devo

Silver - The Monkeys

Bronze - Beach Boys

Tin - Zappa

One of my favourite tunes this year has been from France , Christine and the Queens and Tilted fact her album is now getting TV advertised here.

This is 2016 version of Tilted complete with choreography and rap followed by an earlier slightly odd version from 4 years earlier .

This is the 2012 version bizzarely called Cripple

Peter Simpson

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Sorry for the short response Tom. I'm away in the New Forest with limited phone and wi fi and I should be getting changed for my nephews wedding!

So gold -Monkees don't know if anyone's already pointed it out but the phrase originally came from our tv. series "till death do us part" which was very much like your "all in the family "
Silver -Devo
Bronze - Zappa
Tin bbs
Verden McCutcheon

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     Season 7 Week 22..Weird.odd,strange and Bizarre

                  1)Devo...............Is it really weird when its Devo.I can actually listen to this one

                 2)The Monkees...Yup its a strange one but the second most listenable track

                 4)She's going Bald....Brian and The Boy's did have a sense of humour and with a little pot thrown in for good measure  et voila we get this bizarre track

               5)Frank Zappa....oh how I hate this oddball country track !

                                       unusual theme Tom ! he he
Popeye (not the sailor)

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My odd votes:

Gold: Whip It - Devo

Silver: She's Going Bald - Beach Boys

Bronze: Randy Scouse Git - Monkees

Tin: Lonesome Cowboy Burt - Frank Zappa

Here's a weird, odd, strange, and bizarre song that covers all bases of this weeks theme...

Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Whip It (Devo - 1980)
Easily. RIP Alan. I noticed Mark in some kids’ TV show a while back. And recognised Gerald’s still-uncredited cameo in Hitchcock. The first real concert I went to was Devo. Met a girl near the front and we pashed throughout virtually the whole show, only occasionally coming up for air. After the concert, we walked out of Festival Hall and never saw each other again. Rowena, where are you now?

Silver - Randy Scouse Git (The Monkees - 1967)
Young Darren used to think Micky Dolenz was genuinely funny. These days the only things I like about him are his voice and his daughter Amy!

Bronze - She’s Goin’ Bald (The Beach Boys - 1967)

Participant - Lonesome Cowboy Burt (Frank Zappa - 1971)
Even worse, even with Mark Volman featured.

But fake country singers with that awful generic accent (they don't really know any better, but that's no excuse) are hilarious. Right, Darren? 

That’s true, t. But no less hilarious than guys from Surrey and Birmingham (Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, respectively) trying to sound like black men born in Jamaica and Georgia. The only difference is if you grew up listening to those guys, and it’s not modern Country music, it somehow makes it all acceptable!

My favourite Devo record (and no potheads to be found):

t bedford

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Always a bit Weird, Odd, Strange & Bizarre - Arthur Brown:

The previous video was The Crazy World of Arthur Brown...

....this one is Kingdom Come:

These two from the Hawkwind spinoff project Captain Lockheed & the Starfighters by Robert Calvert:

This with the one off Intergalactic Touring Band project:

This one solo:

And altho' there's none on YouTube to post, this blues album was released on LP:
[$_35]  [fe97f033e3374664bfa20f457ceb5d03] 

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
bonnie bella

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Because I'm reading the autobiography, "Scar Tissue" (and up to the point where Anthony realizes you do not need to have a lot of musical talent to be a successful lead singer in a grungy rock band), here is one with a strange title, from an oddly named band, with a lead singer who lead the most bizarre life.  I will refrain in this instance from posting a "sock" clip.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Tom Tobben

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Thanks to all who have cast your votes or added more WOSB (weird, odd, strange, bizarre) songs to this week's mix in the last few days:

t, Graciegirl, kds, Deb, Al, DAN, David, Pete, Verden, Popeye, and Darren, thanks to all of you for your considered votes and your related comments. And thanks also to Larry, John B., t, bonnie, Deb, Al, David, Popeye, and Darren for the additional WOSB songs/videos and related commentary.

t, lots of interesting WOSB songs and artists throughout the week. Some good/rare finds among them too. Don't recall hearing the Rivingtons' follow-up (Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow) before, and interesting to hear some of Zal Yanovsky's unusual work after leaving the Lovin' Spoonful. Your additional finds from Arthur Brown convinced me that his world truly was "crazy".  t and John B, I thought "Randy Scouse Git" win the prize as a Monkees' oddity, but your find of "Zilch" is truly bizarre. Any particular back story about that song and all the multi-layered dialogue? Good Jimmy Carl Black find, matched up with Arthur Brown! I'll bet that one was unusual.

Larry, "Country Honk" was definitely a strange inclusion on the excellent Let It Bleed album and certainly an interesting alternate take compared to their hit version. That David Garland certainly does some most unusual takes on BW/BBs songs. Had never heard of him before. It's pretty amazing how diverse the artists are who've connected with and covered Brian and the Boys' music over the decades. Laurie Anderson -- downright bizarre! Is all her stuff that odd?

Larry, John B., and t, I have Costello's Almost Blue album too, and it was surprising to see him venture into country music, and not particular my cup of tea from him. Not terribly surprising in retrospect, though, because he continued to venture into other musical styles as his career evolved -- Brodsky Quartet, Bert Bacharach, etc. I don't get too hung up on artists who affect a particular vocal style based on the type of music they are singing, particularly if it helps evoke the style of genre or artist they are covering or paying tribute to. For example, the Sir Douglas Quintet from Texas affected a British accent on "She's About A Mover", but that never bothered me -- still a good song!

bonnie, Bjork certainly does some unusual stuff. As you say, some of her stuff is pretty good, while some is a bit out there! Hadn't ever heard the Shona Laing "Kennedy" song before -- unusual, but interesting, especially for a longtime Kennedy fan like me. Excellent find with that live Chili Peppers' segment from Woodstock 1994.

Deb, definitely YES! to Zappa's "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow". Just one of his many entertaining or humorous songs. His Apostrophe! album is one of my all-time Zappa favorites. Now, on the other hand, that Regina Spektor song was definitely WOSB (all of those descriptors)!  Brian's "Mrs. O'Leary", perhaps strange, but in my opinion, a powerful song, as discussed on the BOTBs a couple weeks ago.

Al, a bunch of good oddities! Dolby's one-hit wonder song was definitely unusual for a radio hit. Cure's tune was certainly a bit out there. When planning this week's battle, I had also considered Arlo's "Motorcycle Song" -- definitely an oddity, though I suppose some might say the same about his long-form classic "Alice's Restaurant", which I still listen to every Thanksgiving Day. Jimmy Durante -- what a blast from the far past that one was! I remember hearing him sing that on TV when I was a young kid. "Goodnight, Miss Calabash, wherever you are!"

David, the video player in the US won't let me play "Tilted", but Christine & The Queens' "Cripples" was certainly a bizarre oddity!

Popeye, Dr. Hook was certainly known for their strange songs, and this certainly fits the bill for this week's theme! Most unusual lyrics!

Darren, isn't it true that just about any Devo song is at least a bit odd, if not really weird? "Freedom of Choice" certainly seems to do so!

More Zappa:

First, this brief vignette:

Then, this longer piece, with some amusingly unusual narrative at the beginning of the song, followed by some excellent guitar work and vocals, featuring both Zappa and Captain Beefheart:

And, taking into account unusual versions of Rolling Stones songs and Devo this week, we have this oddity:

Finally, this surprise hit from around 2000 always seemed like a musical oddity to me:

Larry Franz

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Tom -- As I recall, the Laurie Anderson album Big Science, which included "O Superman" was equally strange throughout. I bought it on the strength of that one track and concluded that I'd made a mistake. Wikipedia says the album reached #124 in the US, but #29 in the UK and #8 in New Zealand! Also surprisingly, the "O Superman" single reached #2 in the UK (although one or more polls showed it was also the least favorite single in the UK that year).

In other news:

There's a new movie out called The Childhood of a Leader. It's about an extremely difficult little boy living in France after World War I. From the NY Times review:
After a sensational, direct opener — a quick-sketch newsreel history lesson set to Scott Walker’s powerhouse score — “The Childhood of a Leader” settles into smudgy mystery and ominous foreboding...[The] driving score ... occasionally threatens to upstage the movie. (Mr. Walker’s instrumentals fill the track with thunder and at times ring out like shots.)

I'd forgotten that Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers began writing avant garde music later in his career. This is the 4th movement of "And Who Shall Go To The Ball? And What Shall Go To The Ball?" from 2007 (the other three movements are similar):

Lisa G/TS

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Whew! A crazy, busy week in other ways, but here you go, Tom:

GOLD -- Whip It, DEVO -- Well, what can I say? I was a teen at the time, and while I didn't follow their other stuff, this has certainly stuck over the years. Good memories, good times...

SILVER -- Randy Scouse Git, Monkees -- The end track of "Headquarters" which almost sounds like a random track tacked on last minute IMO. I like that trivia that it shot up the UK charts in spite of them shielding its original title. Interesting cycle of how Micky starts off singing, then rants thru the chorus like he's short a banana or two, throws in a little scat vocalizing, then back to singing. I have the Rhino CD of it with all the bonus tracks of the same sessions, and am surprised "The Girl I Knew From Somewhere" and "All of Your Toys" didn't make the cut and/or become smash hits. Ah well, what do I know about music?  [rolleyes]

BRONZE -- She's Goin' Bald, BBs -- It used to be kinda cute, but I prefer its original version I only became aware of a few years ago:

TIN -- Lonesome Cowboy Burt, Zappa & Co. -- An acquired taste, I suppose. Just not my cuppa (iced) tea. 

There's probably a few others not mentioned yet that are missing my radar. The closest I can offer up are lyrical oddballs from The Beatles who, by the time of the White Album, were renowned for many works more lucid than this (which has been covered by Fats Domino and Soundgarden also on YouTube):

...or this almost concise creature (one YT comment asks "What do they want to do in the road?"):

Thanks, Tom! 

t bedford

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Here's a lyrical oddity. This is an obscure record by one of several "December's Children" (it was the title to a Rolling Stones LP) from around the United States. Not sure where this one hails from, but it's NOT the Cleveland band with the same name:

Here's another Rivington's song (that may sound awfully familiar):

Here's a Yanovsky-less Spoonful. Check out his replacement's (Jerry Yester plays keys on this) vocal in the middle eight!:

BTW, Jerry produced Zal's one and only solo LP, and Jerry & Zal both produced Tim Buckley's Happy Sad LP. Zal went on to play in Kris Kristofferson's touring band before retiring from show biz.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Cantina Margarita

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Ok Tom, let's have a little sparring for our nerves. :-)

My picks:

1. ""
Firstly, I take "He Gives Speeches" for a jewel among those unreleased Beach Boys songs. A wasted worldwide #1 hit for me. And secondly, I'd suggest to anyone who hasn't any entertaining hobbies to take a 4-track-recorder and to record a little choir with constantly increasing tape speed, but without losing the key on the result. And don't forget to grab the live session take with an ordinary voice recorder app on some mobile phone. Afterwards listen to both, and try to find out which is nicer. What a great and innovative idea. My lonesome #1.

2. ""
The bearded italo guy and his jolly invention mothers are always a joy to listen to.

3. ""
A good weird song must become unbearable after not more than 2 minutes. And if this goes even for the fellow Monkees, then it's really good.
4. ""
WE MUST NOT ATTACK WOMEN SEXUALLY OR EVEN WHIP THEM. This is a lesson we the people around Cologne learned lately. So this video is ugly, quite simply.

Here's what I usually offer people whenever it comes to weird art:

- Reward for anyone who listens for longer than 2 minutes -

I'd also like us to listen to the famous i-dont-care-about-the-whole-story-example of sorry-we-must-split-up-now-Blues by the latest-and-the-greatest-of-them-all band. But there's no link available. So feel free to search for "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)".

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