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Not that he ever left, of course, but I was fortunate enough to see the Carmel, IN show last Saturday, and what a difference from the show a couple weeks earlier. Brian appears to be getting around better. Only one person escorted him to/from the piano, and he was in very good spirits. They even left the stage and came back for the band introductions and encore.

The music itself was fantastic as always, and the venue was spectacular (and almost sold out, I believe). The crowd was appreciate and enthusiastic. It was a great night.

I post this because I know there has been some concern expressed recently about Brian's health. He appears to be on the mend. And the band seemed almost jovial. It was a wonderful holiday gift.



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What a GREAT post, RB!  And you should know, with your 71st show in the last two years (seemingly, at least). 
We DO appreciate the news - thank you.


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