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Jason Manley

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From Facebook:
Hard to believe it has been 25 years since 1995 – but – time flies! It's a special, intimate record that I find myself going back to as much as any from Brian's solo catalog.
I sure would love to see a digital re-release (on Blu-ray and streaming) of the Don Was documentary I JUST WASN'T MADE FOR THESE TIMES. It remains, to me, the definitive portrait (aside from LOVE & MERCY) of Brian – even 25 years after it was released.
My first viewing of the Was documentary caused me to rethink The Beach Boys and Brian altogether. Sure, I had an appreciation for early Beach Boys music like any child of the 70's that grew up with their parents playing "Endless Summer" or any of the gazillion clone compilations that sprang up in its wake on road trips, etc.
Seeing the mutual admiration from his contemporaries (Graham Nash, Danny Hutton, etc) and perhaps more pointedly – Thurston Moore – caused me to really sit up and take notice. Given my taste in music, at the time, seeing one of the godfathers of Alt-Noise-Rock paying respect spoke volumes. And, more importantly, prompted me to reassess The Beach Boys (Brian's) post-1965 output.
So, I have IJWMFTT (and Don Was) to thank for my deep adoration for Brian and his music. It truly does deserve to be seen in the best possible presentation. Surely, since much of the documentary was shot on B&W film it could be rescanned to HD for a Blu-ray and HD streaming release.
Anyway, here's a great clip of Don Was appearing on the Charlie Rose program on August 15th, 1995 to discuss his documentary.

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Great interview Jason, thanks

Good vibrations.

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