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Originally Posted by Al Forsyth
Brent Wilson met Brian during this Streetlight Harmonies film, which I really want to see now.  Jason Fine seems to be a person who has connected with Brian over the years, writing for Rolling Stone, so it appears as though it's an excellent team to really do this right!  
This was a few years back, but you get the feel that they connect: 

Good to see that they are taking their time with this and keeping it under wraps until it's ready to be announced. 

Thanks for that link, Al!  I'd never seen that before.  There's more, but I like...

"He's sort of a fox...he's smart, savvy."  "He still has this joy for life, still hopeful."


β€œLike a dream that's somehow linked to all the stars above." 🌟 🌟 
-Brian Wilson, 1976

Rick Bartlett

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Originally Posted by John B
Worth it to hear Bob Gaudio talk alone.

Absolutely on that!
I should clarify previous posts, when I say I hope they don't make this a 
'everybody else' talks about Brian documentary, I certainly don't mean the likes
of those in his inner circle.
Anything closely associated is always wonderful.
Darian, Tony Asher, VDP, Joe Thomas, Melinda, The kids etc etc.
Wish Marilyn would get more of a here say in all of these documentaries.
She is one of the truly curious bystanders who hasn't really said too much
over the years.  Certainly she'd write one hell of book.....
I'm pretty sure she probably wont feature in this documentary either for 
obvious reasons.....
Hope they pack the DVD with hours of bonus footage.

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Originally Posted by Emdeeh
Wait -- they're using a CARL Wilson song for the title??! Why not one of Brian's?

I had heard it was Brian's decision and that the documentary focuses a lot on the 3 Wilson brothers. I believe Brian even re-recorded "Long Promised Road" for this

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I've heard that too, Wes -- so it functions as a tribute to his brothers.
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