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paul g adsett

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ah, y'know i was saying the tower'd disappeared?
well, only a few weeks back, apparently.
rusting beyond safe, but will it be replaced?

paul g adsett

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show review will be forthcoming,
but upper darby exceeded itself by having international festival
in the street,
right outside the venue.
latin / hip hop / stalls / parade / national costumes, flags / mayor (short'n'sweet) speech
and a massed 'we are the world'
guess who we found swaying along in the audience?
mary anne & al checking out the community vibe, aaan...

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paul g adsett

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right, so that was it.
the final joint bw / zombies show of the tour.
the final time the zombies play the entire 'odessey and oracle'
if so,
it was a goodie.
maybe not sounding as rich in this room.
some depth of harmonies lost
but mr blunstone's voice in fine fettle.
and chris white's rendition of 'the butcher' is memorable.
the band seem to get the most vociferous and standyuppy response
i've ever seen at any zombies's gig.
good stuff, chaps.

and the audience were in suitable cheerleady mode,
totally behind mr wilson.
palpably supporting him,
even eliciting a response to one cried out 'love you, brian'.
brian absorbed in the moment throughout.
yet more animated than in nyc
and giving every sign that he was somewhere he relished being
(insofar as...).
his vocal are stronger.
gone (mostly) is the hesitant, quaver.
he's putting visible emotion into the lines
and hitting the notes and phrasing.

i enjoyed the previous gig.
enjoyed it a lot.
it was moving and, in anticipation of likely frailty,
preparation for making allowances.
this one was a more incisive performance.
emotionally, i wasn't as moved
(cried but the once),
but, by golly,
it was a goodie.

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Thanks for the review.  I've been listening lately to "Odessey," as good a record as ever came out of the Brit invasion.

"Wake Duncan with thy knocking!  I would thou couldst!"

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