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Cantina Margarita

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I'd like to thank you all for some 10 years of being allowed to be a part of this community. Now it's time to say goodbye because I feel I can't continue having musical discussions on a US music forum, suspecting all the time to be talking to Donald Trump voters.

I can't go on discussing music and concerts, trying to ignore the subject. It's a very ugly and dangerous fly, and I'm used to expressing my opinion quite frankly. I can't do this here without spoiling BW's board, and this is not something I want this forum to suffer.

My adoration and love belong to Brian and Melinda Wilson (expressively not to the "Beach Boys"), to all band members including Scott Bennett, and to some dear fellow writers such as Darren, Ang, Frankie Teardrop, Cherokeeangel, Starry, and Bonnie B. Keep having a nice time here, I just don't feel like being in any longer.

My account is just being cancelled.

Maybe, only maybe, I'll return after the next PROTUS elections, under a new nick. American politics is just too important to the rest of the world to ignore it.


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First, I totally understand your feelings about the "President" and I assure you there are many people on this board who feel exactly the same way you do or worse. HOWEVER, I come to this board as an escape from all the stress, sorrow and despair I feel on a daily basis. I don't come to this board to discuss politics; there are other forums that are far better suited for those discussions. I come here to bask in the beauty of Brian and his music and to escape the barrage of craziness we deal with on a moment to moment basis here in the States. I have always believed that music transcends all political, racial, religious, national divides etc. It saddens me greatly, that because of political reasons, you feel the need to leave this board, The notion that you can't participate here because a member might be aTrump supporter, is a huge part of the problem of division we have in the U.S. We need to come together as a human race and try to learn about and from each other. I know in my daily life, as hard as it is, I try to have rational discussions with the "other" side in an effort to understand what I can't understand in the hopes that maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere.

CM, I know your account is deleted and not sure you can read this as a "guest", but don't let your dislike for Trump, and assumptions you are making about those posters who might support him, keep you from enjoying this wonderful place of "love and mercy". Before I get off my soapbox, one last thing....I saw a fan's comment on Matt's FB page that she can't wait to see him and the band in Peoria. So, I took a risk and messaged her and told her I was going solo and would she like to meet up. The answer was a resounding yes. And, after a very pleasant back and forth she "friended" me on FB. I was curious about her, so I checked out her page and my first thought was, oh no, when she sees my page she will run for the hills. It is clear that we have very opposite political beliefs. But the point is, we will meet, we will shout and sing and dance together and bond in the moment, I am not going to give that up because she supports a "President" that I despise (there I said it). Music heals, people!!

Peace and love,


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Just so Im clear, you dont want associate with folks who may or may not have VOTED for Donald Trump, but you send your love to a CONVICTED rapist?


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Bye then.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. Adios.
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
Larry Franz

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Speaking as an American:

Imagine that the worst person you've ever met came to live with you, and followed you around all day, saying stupid and vicious things and taking every opportunity to screw up your life or someone else's.

That would be really bad. It would be like living in the US in 2017 and paying attention to the news.

PS -- I'm done with this thread. Those of us who know he's a monster don't need convincing. Those who admire him are out of reach. Those who haven't made up their minds by now aren't paying attention.

The would-be emperor has no clothes, no clue and no shame. And is freaking out under the pressure.
Darren J. Ray

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Cantina, you're a good man, and your comments are always unique and entertaining. 

Please know that you'll be missed until such a time that you may return.
bonnie bella

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Do what you need to do, Cantina.

I'll miss your comments and excellent contributions in the Battle.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Lee Marshall

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While I agree that that arse-wipist makes for a hunk-o'-dung president of anything let alone the head-honcho of the supposed leader-country in the so-called "free world"...I think walking away from a forum which has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of that is rather 'over the top'. 

Yes some folks here voted for that tool...'cause maybe some of them were FOOLED by the false promises and his alluding to a possible shot at a better life at 'home'. Well ... Doi - oip - dee - doip. / Doi - oip - dee - doip.  I wonder how many would vote for him again?

Until that number reaches 100%...your move is ...granted... dramatic.  [but it's pointless nonetheless.]

(((although I'm sure if that guy who brags about grabbing women by the 'privates' see this thread he'll immediately resign...'cause he's such a concerned and caring s.o.b.)))

A suggestion? [idea] "Add some music to your day".  I do.
Well...what was I going to put here?  "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"?  Really?  Hum me a few bars.  [wink]  By the way...I still don't respect that Trump ALL.  Prison is looming larger and LARGER. They're preparing signs even as I type.  "Welcome Donald." [rofl]



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What an odd thread.

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Cantina you are too cool to just leave. Youve been around a long time. You cant take anything too serious on this bourd. You know the people have good hearts here. Some live for that arguement or good debate...not to be taken too serious!! You find the beautiful gems and diamonds in the rough and walk away with those and feel good! As everyone has already said..bottom line this is Brian Wilsons bourd..about his music and we share and you cant go wrong with his sounds. Come on Cantina..try try more getting down about it...its gon be allright!!
Ang Jones 2

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IMO it's another triumph for President T if you allow him to affect your choice of places to post. Brian Wilson and his music are a separate issue. Some who post here may have voted for Trump but some haven't and some aren't even from the US.

I'll be sorry if you go Cantina and hope you change your mind. 
Al Forsyth

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Cantina,  we're just a music board, supporting Brian Wilson and his music and "trying" to avoid the political scenarios.  Somehow, our country will withstand this. 

We all make our reason(s) for being here and hoping that you give it a hello - goodbye - hello again with the keeping an eye about the music, the man, and what goes rather than the noise created elsewhere.  Your "battle of the bands" input has always been enlightening and insightful. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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More than the other BB related boards I participate in, politics is discussed the least by far on this forum.  And, when politics is brought up, it's usually by anti Trump people.  So, I'm not sure what would make the OP think that this board is populated by Trump supporters.  

Frankly, I have conversations all the time with people whose political views I don't share.  

To shut yourself out of an entire forum of diverse people just because some of them might support Trump seems pretty short sighted to me. 
John B

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?  I am puzzled by this too.  I don't like the way your election went, so I cannot talk to an entire country's people?    

I'm trying to look for an interpretation of this that does not seem like holding your breath until your face turns blue, or 'cutting off your ear to spite your face', etc., but I am failing.
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