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I attend Brian’s shows every time he comes to town. I have been trying to get contact info to send a letter. Would you have that information you provide? Last fall, I saw Brian at the Sandy Amphitheater in Sandy, Utah. I arrived hours early with the hopes of trying to get a pic/meet and greet. I parked my beloved 1965 Volkswagen Bug just outside of the gates where the buses parked. My Bug is a tribute car to The Beach Boys! I was praying somehow I could get Brian to autograph the glove box! I would be happy to remove the glovebox door and bring it in to sign. Many people came out and looked at my Bug too! I saw a couple people with meet and greet passes but they would not divulge how to get them. It would be a dream come true if I could get Brian’s autograph on my glove box! Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Lucky:

Nice bug (I've owned a couple myself over the years).  You're on the right track (er, road) on getting that glove box signed.  But (as you can imagine), your best chance is with cash...and persistence. 

Keep close tabs on Brian's shows - there seems to be more coming this year, though the 'Tour' page is not yet populated as such.  From those links, find the closest practical venue that offers VIP passes.*  Those come at a cost (around $500), but include entrance to the soundcheck, a ticket to the show in the first few rows, and a quick photo op with Brian, Al & Blondie (the soundchecks are especially fun).  In the recent past, you've been able to take a couple of items to the Meet & Greet for signatures.  Lately, I've seen that op replaced at times with a pre-signed poster or equivalent.  And sadly, there seems to be less Meet & Greet packages as Brian ages - especially with the long recovery from back surgeries.  But keep checking.

And your idea about removing that glove-box cover is very good - it may be the only way you'll get it signed. 

Good Luck!

*Why those folks didn't share their 'secret' is beyond me - that's not typical Brian Wilson-fan behavior!


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