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Hey everyone here,

Sorry I'm late with this. Here are my comments:

1. Yes, Scott and I believe Paul Mertens were co-MDs. I know ST for sure was one and can't remember if the other one was PVM or Jeff Foskett. 
2. yes, Mike is very lucky to have Scott and now Jeff and Ike. They have really improved a lot over the years and Randy enhances the overall sounding of the show.
3. A lot of the guys in both bands started out as fans before they got to where they are. In terms of official BBs, here is who think should be considered one:

Our founders, the Wilsons, Mike, and Al
Dave Marks
Bruce Johnston
Blondie Chaplin

Jeff Foskett.

Hard to figure out where to place Matt and Billy. I guess honorary BBs would be the tier below including:
Gary Griffin
Darian Sahanaja
Scott Totten.

All those in both categories truly know the music and it is evident in their shows. 

4. The ML solo album and another reunion

I would like to see a ML solo album. It would most likely feature Pisces Brothers and Cool Head, Warm Heart as well as some new compositions and maybe some revised BB songs.
As for another reunion, I would like to see it happen again as one last hoorah once everyone (ML, Al, and BW) is getting towards the end. I would like it to feature all those listed above as official and honorary BBs. The official ones would be the main guys of the lineup and honorary BBs being the commissioners of the backing band. 


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And if there is another reunion tour with all those names you listed, official and honorary Beach Boys, they should also add in new members to test for some possible replacements as well as second or maybe even third generation Beach Boys. With me being a musician, and a fan of the Beach Boys, I personally think I would be a good fit on either drums or keyboards in like 2025.

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As of September 2019, the lineup consists of:
Mike Love - lead vocals
Bruce Johnston - keys/vocals
Scott Totten - lead guitar/vocals
Various (including Jeff Foskett, Brian Eichenberger, and Rob Bonfiglio) - rhythm guitar/vocals
Christian Love - rhythm guitar/vocals
Keith Hubacher - bass
Matthew Jordan - keys/vocals
Tim Bonhomme - keys
Randy Leago - woodwinds
John Cowsill - drums/vocals

Foskett is on leave recovering from throat surgery. Eichenberger and Bonfiglio have been fill-ins for him. Foskett has made occasional appearances with the band this year. Matthew Jordan is a new addition to the band (was just added a couple of weeks ago), he has done Beach Boys song covers on YouTube.
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