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Tom Tobben

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Is anyone else experiencing the header to the Brian Wilson home page remaining frozen at the top of every page as you navigate through this website?

This recently started happening to me and it's annoying because it limits the amount of information I can see at one time on my computer screen. 

Not sure if this was a format change by the site administrator or whether I need to make some sort of setting change on this site to make the header go away as I scroll down any section of the site. 
Darren J. Ray

Posts: 3,431
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Hi Tom, 

The header stays stuck for me, too. I can move it to the very top of the page, but it is ever present. 

All I can do is maximise the size on the screen. 

I'm working on a new MacBook Pro. 

Al Forsyth

Posts: 3,638
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Tom, I just thought that it was my old and slow computer.  Actually, half of the time I'm on the phone, looking and posting now. 
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