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John B

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I support paul, but yes I DO wear a tie at work.  my internet co wife points out that in 2020, that makes my job either politics, the courts, or car sales...

Fresh off Brexit and labor debacles, probably no one in the UK agrees, but I would like a politics topic, maybe a boycott advocacy one.   Brian-portraying actor John Cusack can get us started: boycott MSNBC (Chris Mathews, Chuck Todd) for horrible, anti-journalistic smears of Bernie Sanders 2020.   !    
Larry Franz

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Sing it, Roy!

Al Forsyth

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Hear!  Hear, to a burble area.  It's good to do as sir paul a. so eloquently makes the case for.  Can it be Odds and Ends (open discussion that fits no other category)?  Fits us rather nicely, me thinks. And only ties for Battle of Bands, not to be discussed the wearing of. 

John B. right before you posted I was going to add a NO politics part as this consumes us in our nation now and does not heal - but divides us. We, here at the Blueboard, actually were credited with starting the dust up last week that went global and there were strong political undertones with that - without REALLY getting into that side of it! Thanks again to Deb and Bugs for spearheading! So if there were to be politicking, that it be reasonable discussion maybe?  Maybe??????

Okay sir paul (using your lower case to NOT be confused with the "other" Sir of the same name) - I am going to support you AND make my personal Beatle statement. Here in the good ole US of A,YOU, of the UK, schooled us as to what rock and pop music were and we desperately needed that education.  So we had a Capitol compilation album entitled The Beatles' Second Album here in April of 64.  It's my all-time favorite "side" of Beatles - side two, Beatles' Second.  Side Two begins with Long Tall Sally (which floored me) to I Call Your Name (love ALL of the rhythmic changes and not from the drums by the way - the guitars), to Please Mr. Postman, to I'll Get You to She Loves You.  I believed them to be legit albums here.  My biggest problem is that I LOVE both the Capitol and EMI Rubber Souls - so I become divided (that tie thing again). THAT side two just showed the energy of the band, the vocal talents and the playing was superb!  When they used that line - the rhythm is in the music - so true, as LTS does as well and all of the songs do! I LOVE all of the five songs. LOVED the album.

SOOOO - some music"  

First, FIRST AID KIT (Thanks, Darren, for introducing) covering The Nankers:

They also covered Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill but here is the REAL Kate, with Dave Gilmour, at Secret Policemen's Third:
Takes guts and talent to take on Kate B. - genius!

We do have some good music here in the States and of course it isn't popular except with people who APPRECIATE music.  Appreciate Sara W.'s joke before the last song:

Sarah J. was more solo as Sara W. and Aoife had some babies. 

I never knew that Over The Edge was this old of a song (Sarah Jarosz again) and THIS is a brilliant version:

Social media drives everything - the masses.  1984 finally comes to life - propaganda music. All based on "hits" and not of the hit music variety.

LIKE this new one by Canadian, Rose Cousins:

LOVE when Rose gets with others, including, wow, Jann Arden

And Jann and Anne show (this'll make you stop and listen).

Ok - so to bring it back to those Beat Brothers/Beatles:

And how it comes down to RESPECT for the music (80th birthday later this year)

LOVE how that video ends!

So yeah, O & E (Odds and Ends)

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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I had two battles lined up, just in case. 


Sting -- "Fields of Gold" (the pictures are from Days of Heaven)

The Secret Sisters -- "Black and Blue"

The White Stripes -- "Blue Orchid"

The Beach Boys -- "Baby Blue"

Command Performances

Brian Wilson -- "Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight"

The Rolling Stones -- "Please Go Home" (actually more of a request, but it is the imperative mood)

Electric Light Orchestra -- "Don't Bring Me Down"

Elliott Smith -- "Bottle Up and Explode"

Larry Franz

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A Brian Wilson / Beach Boys Playlist: "Think About the Days". In memoriam BOTB.

Al Forsyth

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Larry - a grand way to say goodbye.

BUT, if you ever reconsider your thoughts about reviving -  people could come in and post a battle with as many songs as they want to put in and determine when to shut it down - one week, two weeks, three.  What would be VERY sad would be to see the entire work from ten years disappear here due to the activity. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Al -- I assume what's here will stay and if it does, we can still make use of the place for less organized purposes. I hope so anyway.

paul g adsett

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gold: 'black and blue'
- oh, sorry,
old habits...

looking forward to the new secret sisters album ,
due in a couple of weeks.
another brandi carlisle production
(fewer tight harmonies, apparently, more individual voices,
so that'll be interesting).
i'd helped crowdfund previously.
they were due to showcase at the amauk
(ameriana music association uk) conF and awards
and to be interviewed,
but didn't get over due to illness.
they're touring across the usa from march
and  will be here in europe for some summer dates and festivals.
nice choice.

Darren J. Ray

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I just wish to acknowledge the latest generous comments here.  

I hope it's appropriate that I single a few folk out and reply in kind.  

I certainly don't have a way with words like sir paul from sunny Brighton, but I'll give it a go....

Cindy, you've been a dedicated participant here since day one. You've often been the first to vote with "my final answer". Your love for early '80s rock and Carl Wilson have been the motivation behind many a battle. You dominated the Gold Play-Offs from the start, and your enthusiasm for the game has been unwavering this whole time. 

Lisa, another 10 year gal. Your humour and your smarts have been a big part of this, not to mention your Sesame Street clips! You're a special person. 

Deb#1, 10 years of quiet dedication. No bells and whistles, you've been a constant voter and a regular host. A classy lady and obviously a huge fan of Brian Wilson. A true believer. 

bonnie, speaking of smart and funny, you were a latecomer here (Season V, Week 22 - I checked) and made your mark from the start, selecting that year's winner. Your witty remarks have been a must-read in all that time. Plus you also have brought down the mean age of this Battle group, for which I'm sure we're all grateful! 

Larry, you've been a part of the fabric here since you earnestly jumped aboard our Battleship in Season IV (Week 21, to be exact). You've opened our ears to possibly more songs than anyone else. Much respect. 

Cantina, you too, my good friend, have been with us for the majority of the 10 years, and each time your posts have been like fresh air. Your reasoned, often hilariously irreverent, always unique, impassioned comments (and votes) have been a highlight here. You've made this place a much better one than it could have been otherwise. 

David, 10 years, mate. For the first six of those, you, Lisa and I were the only ones who had never missed a week. A quiet achiever and a true gentleman. David, thanks also for always getting back to me promptly when checking clips. An unheralded hero on this forum. 

Tom, another true believer. I will miss debating with you what real soul music is! Seriously, for 10 years, you've always shown each host much respect with your carefully considered and expansive comments. You have been a diplomat and a pillar of not just this game but this whole board with your contributions over many years. Arise, Sir Tom. 

Al, I believe your fair-mindedness, your musical knowledge and the work you have put into constructing your weeks deserve high praise. Your unbridled passion for the music has been a constant for the full 10 years. (Al, thank you for remembering Rosemary the other day in your post. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one. It was four years ago in January that she passed.) You've been a mainstay of not just this forum but the whole board since its inception. As someone once said, you're a cool guy!

Verden, mate, it's for people like you that this game was created. You don't discriminate - you love good music, no matter what decade it comes from.  
John E, thank you for 10 years of voting; quite often the first each week. 

John B, you joined us in Week 15 of Season VI and have been a weekly regular since with your, again, unique and often hilarious comments, without fear nor favour. 

stkilda4ever, your contributions over the years, particularly your hosting in the past two, have been a tonic. 

D.A.N (AKA DomesticAnimalNoises), you deserve a trophy for not only having the best moniker in our 10 year history, but always being on hand on those Mondays when I've needed score verification. For 10 years. Thanks, mate. The accurate one.  

Paul, no week has ever been complete without the p.g.a. final offering. You have demonstrated from the start an uncanny ability to critique a record and declare its strengths and weaknesses in a way that I nor possibly others here could ever do. As I've said before, many weeks, after reading your votes and comments, I've felt like editing my own votes and simply typing "What Paul said". Your 10 year dedication to the task, often when stuck on a 'dinghy' somewhere around the globe or after, I imagine, some 'big' weekends, hasn't gone unnoticed.    

I believe it's also fitting to acknowledge the contributions of these foundation members: 

t Bedford (RIP) - everyone here knows how much t was a part of this until his untimely passing a year ago. t opened our ears to a lot of 'new' music when he hosted. A real music buff. Much missed but always remembered.

Pete Simpson - came up with the bright idea to put together a schedule of hosts after the opening weeks of Season I and then continued to run it for several years. A good bloke. 

Chris Arellano AKA Wow! Great Concert! (I don't think Chris foresaw just what he started in February 2010!)

Then there were those who were major contributors along the way, some for several seasons, some for just a couple....

Gordon Higgins
Kevin Witts AKA Prodigal Son
Roy Roger(s) (Bridge)
Lee Marshall
Popeye (not the sailor)

brent mcmullen
John Potter
Frankie Teardrop
The Egg
Jo McGuire
Rosemary l (RIP)
Rickety Reek
Joy B
Annie Day
Ang Jones


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This time any other week I’d be starting to get my vote together.

Thanks to all who have put the effort together to keep this entertaining corner for so long. I think I first joined this board around the same time the BOTBs started. I’m actually surprised it lasted this long. One of the best things was being able for the most part to express an IMO thought without total scorn.

I appreciate the music I’ve been exposed to from contributors that I otherwise would not have know. I’ve learned to look into the music farther than first take. I learned a lot about YouTube. 😝

Thanks, Darren and all behind the scenes double checking that videos played as needed and scores were correct.

Sundays will be different now.

See you upboard.

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 
Lisa G/TS

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[bawl]  Darren, it's feeling like a funeral....nah, maybe a "celebration of life" as many prefer to call funeral services nowadays. 
Probably a good time to repeat a quote which used to be on my signature line:  "Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened" which apparently may or may not have been initially quoted by Dr. Seuss according to this:

Thanks for the kind acknowledgement...I'll graciously accept the nod to my humour (I remember Chris Arellano emailing me after as a response to someone asking about a yodel, I tried to do so - in text form only, no audio mercifully. He complimented that, saying the board sometimes has the "personality of a filing cabinet"). [biggrin]  

My smarts, however...shucks, there's days a few ladies and gents could outsmart me "8 ways from Sunday"....even if it's not Sunday. Even if they're not rocket scientists, they might be sharper than a fella who posted this comment on an unrelated news forum yesterday:

It’s not rocket appliances to know that if you stand on the tracks when a train is coming, you’ll lose. Simply move out of the way.

"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"
Tom Tobben

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Darren, thank you for your kind words, not just to me but to everyone who has been a regular here over all these years. Well said toward all!

And, just for you, here’s “A Little Bit O’ Soul”:

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