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Andrew Smith

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Born in 1952 so grew up with BW and The BB's....Probably have a BW/BB mojo/nostalgia cruise a couple times a week at home...can never get enough of the BW sound !!  ALL OF US ARE ADDICTED TO THE MUSIC OF THE GREATEST SONGWRITER OF THE LAST 100 YEARS OR SO. And as Gen.  George S. Patton once famously said, "OK sunsabitches,now you know how I feel."

With that preamble outta the way its time to get down to "bidneth".   I also grew up idolizing another incredibly gifted human being: one RICHARD MARVIN BUTKUS...aka Dick Butkus or the Monster of the Midway.

Now before you start screaming for me to get off this board, please hear me out.
1) Both born in 1942. 
2) Both have no peers.
3) Both are quite humble in real life but on their respective stages were giants.
4) Both are living legends.
5) Both are multi faceted/talented individuals
6) Both have done and are doing a lotta good in this world...lord knows we need some good...
7) Both gave and still give 200% in their endeavors.

For those of you born after 1973, you may not who Dick Butkus is. Well, he's the greatest defensive football player ever and probably the greatest player ever in the NFL. I picked 1973 because that was the year Dick Butkus had to retire due to a destroyed right knee. Us old timers remember him well. " The most feared man in football " and the greatest linebacker ever, before and since. In fact , us old timers remember Jim Brown, the greatest running back in football...ever and there was only one man Jim Brown feared and that was Butkus. Which is extra special amazing in that they never faced each other as Brown's last year (1965) was Butkus' rookie year and they did not play each other that year.

If you wanna see some real football please google Dick Butkus and you will find dozens of videos and documentaries about this man. My perception of him, beneath the obvious exterior , is much the same as Brian.. sorry to be so long winded and Glastonberry 2019!!!
BTW,  I've  watched all six videos of BW at Glastonberry 2005 at least 100 times. 
Thanks for your patience!
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