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Reply with quote  #1 a certified techno klutz, let me be the first to thank you for putting in this category! (and many thanks in advance to anyone who can give helpful advice!)
Debbie KL

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Michael - I really love the new formatting for the site and look forward to all of the opportunities available for discussions about different eras of BW/BB activities, media, concerts, recordings and memories  Then there are the various spaces for the potential comments by associates of Brian's.

With this year's concerts and Brian's book coming out, I can see this being the "go to" place for all of us to enjoy.

Bravo!  I'm looking forward to watching that unfold, and as we all know, that takes a little time. 

Brian has new shows this coming week through the fall, and a book this fall, so this should be a very rich period for this community.
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