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Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Here Comes the Night (The Beach Boys - 1967)
I think I prefer the disco version. I know this one is sung by Brian, but he and Carl were vocally so similar.

Silver - Here Comes the Night (Them - 1965)
Decent song and I suspect Larry has the order right, but I cannot give the lead singer a Gold out of principle.

Bronze - Here Comes Summer (The Dave Clark Five - 1970)
I always thought this band was regarded as a bit of a joke everywhere but in the US. And, yeah, I think I know my history. Decent sound but song of no consequence. It’s not ‘Summer Means Fun’ or ‘I Got a Line on You’ or ‘There She Goes’ or even ‘She May Call You Up Tonight’, t. Wanted to give it Silver but it’s not worthy.

Participant - Here Come the Nice (Small Faces - 1967)
Not even a decent song. It’s supposed to be about drugs, isn’t it?
NotJermia wrote

I spent the whole song waiting for the nice and it just never came... what an anti-climax! [wink] 
 I concur.

According to Wiki, this pre-dates the Them version.

Very appropriate for here today

I always figured Bobby could've had a bigger hit with this if only he'd named it 'Here Comes the Bride' instead of 'Here Comes the Bridge'. It just didn't make sense. 

Al, have you heard this before?

For those who weren’t around or can’t recall, here is the promo clip for the disco version that Pete used in Season II. The actual song won the Bronze and finished 7th in its play-off, so some people must’ve dug it. At the time, Kevin Witts gave a hilarious insight into the pre-production meeting for the videoing. Shame it wasn't archived. The highlight for me is definitely 0:58. It’s so Al!

And here it is in all its glory…





Cantina Margarita

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Hi t and all,

my votes:

1. Dave Clark Five - Here Comes Summer
I like the guitar work, all in all a likeable (though not awesome) song. But watch out - multiple chorus key transposition is an exclusive privilege to Brian W. That's the connection to my YT link this week. See below.

2. Beach Boys - Here Comes the Night
- but only credited to Carl's lead

3. Small Faces - Here Come the Nice

4. Them - Here Comes the Night

And here's the very first time 21st century's BW was heard. What came next ... well, nothing less but one of the most surprising and amazing solo careers ever.

Cheers and have nice remaining weekend !

David W

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My votes:
Gold-Small Faces - Here Come the Nice
Silver-Them - Here Comes the Night
Bronze-Beach Boys - Here Comes the Night
Tin-Dave Clark Five - Here Comes Summer

Another vote here for the disco version of Here Comes The Night ! I kiked it at the time .

All the videos I would have picked have been used so a random video of Christine and the Queens live on BBC . She's French and totally unlike some of todays girl stars but has got the "moves" !

But to be on topic :

paul g adsett

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gold: 'here comes the night'
- the them recording. a bert berns composition
(and he co/wrote much, much more than this, eg
'twist and shout', 'piece of my heart',
'hang on sloopy','everybody needs somebody to love'...
though van m had, um, 'problems' with berns,
he still often performs this song.
and rightly so - it's still a thrill.
i've been listening this week to the magnificent brand new
van morrison set of live 1973 recordings,
'it's too late to stop now, vols 2/3/4'
which, not unexpectedly, but nicely coincidentally,
includes this magnificent number.

silver: 'here come the nice'
- dig that ending!
steve marriott / ronnie lane...
what songwriters. what a group.
what a song. what memories...
'it's understood...'

bronze: 'here comes the night'
- beach boys, in r&b mode.
great piano.
excellent lead vocal.
mediocre, muddy production.
not so great wailing 'ooo,ooo...' backing vocals.
can i own up to an irregular penchant for the 12" disco version...?

tin: 'here comes summer'
- i always want to lurch into 'my old kentucky home'
when I hesr this song.
a perky song.
but not perky enough, by far, is this dc5 version.
despite biiig (?attempted beach boys stylee?) backing vocals,
it sort of plods along.
and then it cranks up the obligatory keychange - twice(?!)
and, by the, i'm willing autumn to arrive early
and put them out of their misery...
can i go back to last week's botb for a second and extrapolate?
bbc radio played the very famous 1960 tv 'face to face' interview
from 1960, with the great comedian tony hancock at his most exposed and candid.
it hadn't struck me before listening on saturday morning,
that the theme music, an excerpt from bizet's ouverture to 'les franc juges',
has more than a little similarity to 'the carnival is over',
which is, itself, a 19th century russian folk tune.
here's the tv theme
and here's  the full overture, with that bit coming in around 4:50
(ok it's not really really really the same, but it was similar enough for me to seek out details, like...)

Tom Tobben

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Checking in to vote and to wish any dads here a happy Fathers' Day here in the US, and anywhere else that may be celebrating today.

Gold -- "Here Comes the Night", Them. Easy gold choice for me this week. As part of the mid-60s British Invasion, Van Morrison and Them were such a distinctive and enjoyable-sounding group. Who would have known at that time that Van the Man would go on to such a long and illustrious career with so many fine albums and songs, and that he would go on to explore such a varied range of musical styles and influences. One of the best and most influential artists to emerge from the mid-60s era.

Silver -- "Here Comes the Night", Beach Boys. I'm a big fan of the Wild Honey album, and this is just one of numerous fine songs from that album. Following the massively creative and experimental Pet Sounds and Smile projects, this album was a return to more basic songs but not necessarily to the formulaic songs and topics of the early Beach Boys years. Also, I much prefer this original version over the extended disco-fied version of the late 70s.  

Bronze -- "Here Comes the Nice", Small Faces. Coming in a weak third is this lesser-known tune (at least in the US) by these guys. I prefer to remember the group by their big US debut hit, "Itchycoo Park", from 1968.

Tin -- "Here Comes Summer", Dave Clark Five. In their first year or two early in the British Invasion years, these guys put out some great songs ("Glad All Over", "Bits and Pieces", "Because", "Can't You See That She's Mine", etc.), but by the time of this song they were a spent force. I wasn't particularly a fan of the early pop version by Jerry Keller, and this version is not as good as the original.

A few more on-theme songs to toss into the hat this week:

Fun battle this week, t!

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Here is my vote thanks T.

Gold - Here Comes the Night - Them
Silver - Here Comes the Night - The Beach Boys
Dave Clark Five - Here Comes Summer:
Tin - Here Come the Nice - Small Faces

Popeye (not the sailor)

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Here comes one from the lovely Dottie West.

John E

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GOLD Them - Here Comes the Night. 
SILVER Dave Clark Five - Here Comes Summer
BRONZE (Tie) Small Faces - Here Come the Nice / Beach Boys - Here Comes the Night

I normally skip the Beach Boys track... in my mind I didn't 'hear' Brian singing lead.  Would've said Carl.
Maybe I would have preferred Carl on this.
t bedford

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Thanks to all for the additional videos.

Al, I think the DC5's "other" Everybody Knows holds up (certainly to Beatles filler like Your Mother Should Know, released about the same time)....but still wearing matching outfits, by late 1967, was seriously behind the times. And image is all in rock'n'roll.

bonnie, Lisa, Darren, Cantina, David, paul ,Tom, Graciegirl & D.A.N, thanks for the votes.

It's a runaway ThemFest this week. Van the Man scores big with more gold than all other competitors combined!!

HCTN (Them) 69 (13G, 4S, 1B, 3T)
HCTN (BB) 57.5 (4G, 8S, 8B, 1.5T)
HCS (DC5) 50 (3G, 7S, 5B, 5T)
HCTN (SF) 33.5 (1G, 2S, 5B, 13.5T)
Aggregate = 210

In early 1966 this was seriously behind the times:

One final Kinky one:

Now, go support Cindy's week!!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, t. 

Those scores are in the book - the post 'Season VII' which is now at the very bottom of page 1 of this forum and about to be banished to page 2!

'Here Comes Summer' is probably the best chance of making a play-off (Bronze). 

If it makes it and wins, both 'Here Comes the Night' records will progress with it to the Preliminary Final. 

If that happens, it will be the first time Van Morrison has made a play-off. 

Eight solo songs prior - three Golds, three Silvers and two Bronzes - have not qualified. 

As mentioned earlier, the Beach Boys 1979 disco version of 'Here Comes the Night' won a Bronze in Season II (Peter Simpson) and finished 7th in the Bronze Play-Off. 

The Wild Honey version is the eighth of the 11 tracks from that album to feature in the Battle, and the eleventh entry.  

The history: 

I'd Love Just Once to See You (a Gold in Season I - Teenage Symphony), 
I'd Love Just Once to See You (a Silver in Season II - t Bedford), 
I Was Made to Love Her (a Silver in Season II, 8th in the Silver Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood),
Aren't You Glad (a Bronze in Season II - Teenage Symphony),
Wild Honey (a Gold in Season III - Michael F. Becher), 
Darlin' (a Gold in Season IV - Cindy Hood), 
I Was Made to Love Her (a Silver in Season IV - Peter Simpson), 
Country Air (a Gold in Season IV - Teenage Symphony),
Let the Wind Blow (a Gold in Season VI, 9th in the Gold Play-Off - Tom Tobben), 
Country Air (a Gold in Season VII* - paul g adsett), 
Here Comes the Night (a Silver in Season VII* - t Bedford)

* still alive in competition

The stereo remix that appeared on the Hawthorne, CA album (2001) also won a Gold in Season VI and finished 5th in the Preliminary Final (Lisa G/TS). 

'Here Comes Summer' is the second entry for The Dave Clark Five. 

'Glad All Over' won a Gold in Season I (mother's little helper). 

'Here Come the Nice' is the second entry for Small Faces. 

'Itchycoo Park' won a Gold in Season V (Roy Rogers). 

John B

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sorry, I was away on vacation, so I didn't vote.  Best deals at ABC store now? 6.99 Steinlager 6 pack and 2 bottles flip flip Cab for 10$.  Anyway, I would have gone with the Beach Boys #1, Them #2, so my vote wouldn't have changed the outcome anyway. 
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