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Darren J. Ray

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Hi everyone.

Welcome to the Season IX Battle of the Golds, the fifth and final play-off.

After 44 weeks of competition and four weeks of play-offs, it has come down to this.

From 176 selections, we’re left with the last 10 standing.

This week will decide the Gold, Silver & Bronze winning songs for the year.

Contesting songs are the seven highest ranked Gold songs through 2018 and the top three vote getters from last week's Preliminary Final.

Here are your nominees:- 

The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) (70 votes, 35:00) (Week 2 - Larry Franz)
-     A clear winner in a strong week that featured the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and this year’s Tin Play-Off runaway winner, ‘All Along the Watchtower’ (The Jimi Hendrix Experience). In its third Gold Play-Off, coming 2nd on both previous occasions. Will it lose its bridesmaid tag and make it third time lucky?  

Car Crazy Cutie (The Beach Boys - 1963) (63, 35.00) (Week 4 - Lee Marshall)
-     Left Ronnie & the Daytonas, Jan & Dean and the Rip Chords at the starting line. It's the first track from Little Deuce Coupe to make a play-off and Lee’s first entry in a Gold Play-Off. 

Friends (The Beach Boys - 1968) (75.5, 37.75) (Week 5 - GGH)
-     Comes in ranked #1. In what was supposed to be a friendly week, it smashed War, Queen and Straight No Chaser. GGH’s fourth entry in a Gold Play-Off in just two years.

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers - 1966) (49.5, 30.94; 100) (Week 10 - Cindy Hood)
-     Remains the sole survivor from a strong week that included play-off entries from Dennis Wilson and Nilsson, and a very distant Survivor, before grabbing 2nd place in last week’s Preliminary. Its third time around but first play-off of any type. The Queen of the Battle returns to the Gold Play-Off after a year’s hiatus with three golden selections.   

Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) (56, 32.94: 88) (Week 12 - Tom Tobben)
-     Left Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine and the Beach Boys stranded before a last voter clinching of a spot in this week’s grande finale. Another third time around-er and first Gold Play-Off. ‘Caroline, No’ included, just the eighth Brian Wilson solo song to make it here. His highest finish so far is a 4th place in Season VII with ‘Lay Down Burden’. Tom’s ninth entry in the big one.

My Generation (The Who - 1965) (55, 36.67) (Week 15 - Larry Franz)
-     Entries from Elvis Costello, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys all f-f-f-faded away when this Who classic gave the group their first Gold Play-Off contender. Larry’s second entry for the week and his fifth entry in a Gold Play-Off. 

You Better You Bet (album version) (The Who - 1981) (64, 35.56) (Week 30 - Darren J. Ray)
-     Comes in ranked #2 after bettering the Doobie Brothers, the Beach Boys and the Hollies in a week of comebacks. Their second contender for the week and my fifth in a Gold Play-Off. 

Caroline, No (Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys - 1966) (60, 35.29) (Week 34 - Deb#1)
-     Voters clearly said no to Phil Ochs, Freddie Scott and the Zombies to give ‘Caroline’ her second Gold Play-Off from four entries thus far. Came 8th in Season I. Deb’s fifth entry in a Gold Play-Off. 

Heroes and Villains (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1967/2011) (55, 34.37; 112) (Week 36 - Cindy Hood)
-     Led from the start in the Preliminary Final after heroically defeating the Beatles, the Archies and the Monkees in an animated week. It’s the second Gold Play-Off for this version, coming 6th in Season IV. 

Good Timin’ (The Beach Boys - 1979) (57, 35.62) (Week 39 - Cindy Hood)
-     Narrowly beat the Silver Play-Off winning song from the Rolling Stones, crushing the Doobie Brothers and 38 Special. Its second time around and first play-off. Cindy’s record thirteenth entry in a Gold Play-Off.

The clips have been posted below.

Throughout the play-offs, I have listed all links previously used by the respective hosts excepting where clips have been taken down for copyright infringement or when clips with improved audio have become available.

I have sought the approval of substitute clips from the hosts whose selections this has affected.

Nine clips this week are the originals used by the hosts. ‘My Generation’ has been taken down and two substitute clips found to cover the international copyright blocking. 

Again, if any of these links do not work for you now, just let me know and we’ll endeavour to find an alternative clip. 

As per each week of the play-offs, I ask you to vote using either one of three methods.

Ideally, people will vote 1-10 (in their order of preference). 

If this appeals to you, you can copy and paste the titles (just below) into your post and put next to each song your order (1 = favourite song, 10 = least favourite song).

Otherwise, feel free to just vote for your top 3 or top 5 in order. (The songs you don't rate will then be allotted equal points of the remainder.)

Which song will join ‘Good Vibrations’, ‘God Only Knows’, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, ‘Surfer Girl’, ‘I Get Around’, ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, ‘Surf’s Up’ and ‘’Til I Die’ in the Battle Hall of Fame?

See you next Monday (with the results).

The Warmth of the Sun
Car Crazy Cutie
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Rio Grande
My Generation
You Better You Bet
Caroline, No
Heroes and Villains
Good Timin’

The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) 

Car Crazy Cutie (The Beach Boys - 1963) 

Friends (The Beach Boys - 1968) 

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers - 1966) 

Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) 

My Generation (The Who - 1965) 

You Better You Bet (album version) (The Who - 1981) 

Caroline, No (Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys - 1966) 

Heroes and Villains (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1967/2011) 

Good Timin’ (The Beach Boys - 1979) 


Cindy Hood

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It's hard to believe that another year has gone by so quickly and here we are at the end of season 9 of the Battle of the Bands (and some thought it would never last)!

Here are my votes for the coveted Gold:

1.  Heroes and Villains.
2.  Warmth of the Sun.
3.  Good Timin'.
4.  Caroline No.
5.  The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore.
6.  My Generation.
7.  Friends.
8.  Rio Grande.
9.  You Better You Bet.
10.  Car Crazy Cutie.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Al Forsyth

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Golden votes for 2018 BotB

#1 Heroes and Villains - the thickness of this sound that they got right in 2011 (only 44 years later), FINALLY completed what was to be a cornerstone of Smile.  It's just brilliant all over it - and over it is quite a lot of OVER!
#2 Caroline, No - everyone probably knows that I'm a Caroline fan (as I went back and forth with #3 ).  Brian's finest vocal - even with the Murry tampering. 
#3  The Warmth of the Sun - simply amazing. This is again, something very special and so easily recognizable as Beach Boy.  It still holds up - written on a date filled with tragedy in the US. Go figure.

The top three are brilliant and each could receive a gold from me - but it's no-tie time.  

#4 My Generation -  Edge comes to pop.  Great song, great band! Bass solo for John E., the majesty of the Keith M. drumming
#5 You Better, You Bet - the sound continued via the mind of Pete T., the vocals of Roger D and the band plays on. 
I heard Roger Daltrey perform this past summer - amazing. And now:

The top five, to these ears, head and heart ^
The lesser five >

6) Friends - the changing sound of the Beach Boys in the late 60's - the "home" recordings, songs, singles and albums. 
7) The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - thank you, John Maus.
8) Car Crazy Cutie - Fun.  Come on back Lee. You made the top ten!
9) Rio Grande - I just don't get this pastiche piece of putting things together to make something that works, which Brian paved the way with in the 60's. Some people do LOVE it! I need someone's help on this one. 
10) Good Timin’ - should have been on 15 Big Ones.  Moved back for a reason? Timing wasn't on its side.  

Still hard to fathom of nine seasons completed here of Battles, which Chris A. began to keep things going during down-time of what Brian was doing.  Darren comes to make it a real entity here and is the force behind it, as one can see through the incredible organization and statistics above ^.  Most importantly to the hosts who put these battles together, host the weeks and then score them - the lifeblood of the battles. Some GREAT songs and creations ^^^^.   A real commitment.  All in the spirit of the musical maestro, one Brian D. Wilson.  

And to this site and Michael D. who runs it.  Brian Wilson dot com in its 20th year!  There are people here who have been with it a looooong time.  

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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1. You Better You Bet (album version) (The Who - 1981)
Love it. It’s my favourite Who song. I bought the single. Twice I suggested it for two bands I was in as a teenager. They both put it in the ‘long-term’ AKA ‘that’s too hard for us to play’ basket. B-side was a John Entwistle song, ‘The Quiet One’. No Stones songs has made a Gold Play-Off. Just sayin’. 

2. Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988)
The last track off Brian’s eponymous debut album and probably the most impressive. Not my favourite, though. Have enjoyed the past fortnight re-visiting this. Liked Cantina’s and Paul’s comments about it last week. 

3. My Generation (The Who - 1965) 
Iconic. I first heard this on a second-hand compilation record Mum bought me at a garage sale. I played it loudly in my bedroom, hoping Dad would hear the ‘f-f-f-fade away’ line. I was 17 and felt so cool and naughty.

4. The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) 
Melancholic and beautiful. But just gets into my Top 25 Beach Boys tracks. I have fond memories of it being on the first Beach Boys cassette that our American boarder loaned me, The Best of The Beach Boys Vol II. Brian’s falsetto at its zenith. This is my favourite Beach Boys period. But I’ve heard this one a few too many times in the Battle. 

5. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers - 1966)
Spector-esque production. Plenty of photos of these three posers in the clip. Nothing that a couple of years in the army wouldn’t have sorted out. 

6. Heroes and Villains (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1967/2011)
As I said last week, the week is about what gives the listener the most enjoyment, and this is not it. Totally inventive with full-on harmonies, an average melody and gibberish lyrics. But the countless takes and confusion just do my head in. Music wasn’t meant to be this hard. Pet Sounds and Smile are not the reasons I’m a Brian Wilson fan. I was listening to the cantina section again tonight and only just noticed that’s Mike singing the second line. 

7. Good Timin’ (The Beach Boys - 1979)
I used to like this a lot more before I really listened to it. It’s a sweet sound that goes nowhere. The lyrics are drivel.  

8. Car Crazy Cutie (The Beach Boys - 1963)
This car has depreciated a lot over the years. 

9. Caroline, No (Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys - 1966)
For some reason, I’ve never been a big fan of this. Interesting melody but it doesn’t stay with me. I hate that the tape was sped up. I like my Brian untampered with.

10. Friends (The Beach Boys - 1968)
Meh. Twee little ditty. Not into waltzes. 

Larry Franz

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I love the blue ones, like the green ones and am lukewarm about #10. (Being strictly a pre-Tommy Who fan.)

  1. Caroline No  (the top)
  2. The Warmth of the Sun 
  3. Rio Grande
  4. Heroes and Villains 
  5. My Generation 
  6. Car Crazy Cutie
  7. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 
  8. Friends
  9. Good Timin’ 
  10. You Better You Bet 

Thanks, Darren.

John B

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I'm looking at two songs that should ideally enter the hall of fame, at the same time: one, is the best song Brian ever wrote with Mike, yes, greater than 'Good Vibes' even, and the other is the 2nd best song he ever wrote with Van Dyke.  But how to choose between those two?   I can't really do it...unless I have to, so I will.

1. "The Warmth of the Sun"  More Brian in the world=more peace in the world.
2. "Heroes & Villains"  I don't feel good about making this 2nd, since well, it seems to apply more to 2019 than #1.

3. "Caroline, No" from the greatest growing up album in the history of the world.
4. "Rio Grande"  Epic and true to both Texas and Brian Wilson history.
5. "Car Crazy Cutie" better than "Pamela Jean" if not exactly up there with "Cherry, Cherry Coupe"
6. "Friends"  title song of a very great album.

7.  "Good Timin'"  beautiful singing.
8. "My Generation"  Might have been higher, but to me, it was 'their generation'
9.  "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore"  a wiser song said 'though life would still go on, believe me'. 
10. "You Better You Bet"  OK (one day maybe I will maybe I won't, understand why the UK loved T-Rex so much...

p.s. I believe Darren meant 'Best of, Vol. 1' (not 2)
Darren J. Ray

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Here you go, John....

Image result for The Best of the Beach Boys Vol II

Companies, etc.


John B

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I LOVE this assemblage.  Leading off, with 'She Knows me Too Well'?! (and closing with 'God Only Knows'?).  Makes me wonder what was on you guys' Vol. 1?  (just surfing songs?). 

...but very different in the states, where our #1 (1966) had your #2 cover...Also, for our #2 (1967), the 1966 group is sitting on a log out in the woods, not in Japanese gear but super cool like, especially Dennis, BUT it features no songs after 1965.  "Warmth" is on the U.S.'s Vol. 1, and the 'Pet Sounds' songs don't arrive til Vol. 3 (which also had 'Frosty the Snowman,' '409', and 'Good Vibrations.'   #3 was released in 1968.  Wonder what the hippies thought of the Frosty inclusion? (and 'Surfin'!).  So...Vol. 2, although released in 1967, had no songs more recent than 1965!  Really half-bleep considerations given the group by this time, including the same Vol. 2 sitting on the log pic, is duplicated for Vol. 3, but sideways, and although a big 'Wild Honey' pic is the main one on the front cover, the Vol. 3 has no songs more recent than "Heroes & Villains."
Larry Franz

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The Discogs site suggests this was Australia's "Best of the Beach Boys, Volume 1" (don't know what year it was):

R-9673559-1484556245-6561.jpeg.jpg  R-9673559-1484556267-3172.jpeg.jpg 
Don't Worry Baby
Surfin' Safari
Ten Little Indians
Surfin' USA
Shut Down
When I Grow Up
Little Deuce Coupe
Be True To Your School
In My Room
Fun, Fun, Fun
Why Do Fools Fall In Love
I Get Around

As for the Australian volume 3 (1970):


Capitol Records always inserted clunkers on their Beach Boys compilations. The first one: "Louie, Louie". Volume 2: "Long Tall Texan". Volume 3 (are you kidding?): "Frosty the Snowman". 

I can't speak for the hippies of 1968, but including "Frosty" indicated a deep-seated animosity for someone (the group? me personally?), or else an obliviousness previously unknown to the human race.

This wasn't as bad as releasing an album cover with one of the group's members missing, but it was the same kind of nonsense. Could one imagine an album cover with only three Beatles? (Assuming Paul wasn't actually dead?)

The saving grace for Vol. 3, however, was the inclusion of "The Little Girl I Once Knew", previously unavailable on an album.

John B

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thanks for knowledge, Larry.! 

how about this question.  I mean, it was okay for what it was/when it was, but why oh why did (someone? who?) a decider at Capitol decide that they loved "409" so very much?   I fear it may be the Boys' most duplicated track, since it appeared on at least two regular release albums AND 2 of the 3 'Best of's'.  Seriously, it's like Costello always, singing 'Green Shirt'.   What am I missing?

I am sort of imagining a big jerk over at Capitol, smugly laughing to himself, twisting the Vol. 2 pic sideways and slapping on 'Frosty the Snowman' for the 1968 release.  Maybe he  was close friends with the Sidewalk Skipper Band or The Phoenix Trolley, and instead of being assigned to promote them, they lost their apartment leases...and he was stuck instead with this bleep little kids band project! 
Larry Franz

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Putting "409" on Little Deuce Coupe made sense, since it included two other car songs from earlier albums. But I bet it ended up on two Best Of albums because nobody was paying attention.

Al Forsyth

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The Aussie Best Of's were different than ours in the US.  Larry and John B are correct about the goofy song on each off the GH's: Louie, Texan and Frosty.  Sounds like a p-star group. I think 409 was revolutionary for it's time and STILL holds up. Whenever I hear SUSA, STILL a fresh sound.  The guitars were toes on the nose. Recording the revving engine on 409 - golden.

Capitol put on Vol 1 to more or less boost record sales as they didn't believe in Pet Sounds.  And voila, - Vols 2 and 3 come out in succession.  Wondering what their album output needed to be under their Capitol contract as this had to be the reason to release Stack O' Tracks (which we loved - had a little music book to play and sing-along with).  

Interesting to see the differences per country release.  Was there a Capitol branch in each country?

Right, Larry, about TLGIOK on Vol 3.  Got a LOT of play on our tiny stereo.

Deuce Coupe was a car-based album.  Made sense.  

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
John B

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Concerning, "Little Girl I Once Knew," I got it first on album, on the Pickwick label, licensed by Capitol, but over in the bargain bin in 1973.  It was called "Good Vibrations" and also had 'H & V's' and 'Darlin' and 'She Knows Me too Well' and 'GOK's'...but yes, again, why?, '409'!! 

Certainly agree about the Vol. 2 in Australia, I would vote even better than 'Endless Summer' and their vol. 3 is amazing!  So, an explanation maybe for why the average Australian Beach Boys fan is hipper than the average U.S fan. 

but...their volume 1 was in places as bad as ours for choices.  "Ten Little Indians"--is not "best" of anything, and my favorite song 'Don't Worry, Baby" should not barrel into 'Surfin Safari' as it does on their Vol. 1 and our Vol. 2. 

about putting 'Frosty' on vol. 3 in 1968, along with '409' again, and 'Surfin', we ought to find out who is responsible, uh, locate Lee, and go and beat him up!
Darren J. Ray

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John B, that Best Of Vol II is what began my love with the Boys. 

We lived on a cliff face overlooking the beach. I was 13. It all made sense to me!

Yep, opens with 'She Knows Me Too Well'. STILL, my favourite BB doing. Only ever been used once here.

By me.

In Season I.

Come on, guys. Time to use it again. Who cares if if doesn't satisfy a theme?

And, yes, I mentioned that Pickwick Good Vibrations during the Silver Play-Off as I got both it and a Chuck Berry compilation on Pickwick the same day. 1978 Xmas.

Image result for Good Vibrations LP The Beach Boys Pickwick
Image result for Good Vibrations LP The Beach Boys Pickwick
Darren J. Ray

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Ha, the endless Friday nights after school, poring over the liner notes to these albums in Brashs and planning which order I would buy them in over the next few years with my $1 a week pocket money!
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