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My Generation (The Who - 1965) 

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers - 1966) 

You Better You Bet (album version) (The Who - 1981) 

Heroes and Villains (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1967/2011) 

The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) 

Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) 

Caroline, No (Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys - 1966)

Friends (The Beach Boys - 1968)

Car Crazy Cutie (The Beach Boys - 1963) 

Good Timin’ (The Beach Boys - 1979) 

Larry Franz

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Yep, opens with 'She Knows Me Too Well'. STILL, my favourite BB doing. Only ever been used once here.

By me.

In Season I.

Come on, guys. Time to use it again. Who cares if if doesn't satisfy a theme?

This would be a good one to use in Week 12 or 20 of Season 10! 

The Beach Boys -- "She Knows Me Too Well" (1964)

The sessions:

The song:

An appreciation:

Darren J. Ray

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I know, Larry, but I'm always complaining when hosts go to the same song twice!
Al Forsyth

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Back to battle.  Some Carol-I-Know:
NOT in the battle, but diggin' it

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by Darren J. Ray
I know, Larry, but I'm always complaining when hosts go to the same song twice!

Nine years might be long enough to reset the clock. [smile]

Thanks, Al. 


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  1. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
  2. My Generation
  3. Heroes and Villains
  4. The Warmth of the Sun
  5. You Better You Bet
  6. Good Timin’
  7. Caroline, No
  8. Friends
  9. Car Crazy Cutie
  10. Rio Grande


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The Warmth of the Sun    10 pts   Easily.

Heroes and Villains    9

Caroline, No    8
Good Timin’     7
Friends    6
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore  (I'd like to spell it "Any More" but that could have a different meaning)  5
Rio Grande    4
Car Crazy Cutie    3

My Generation    2
You Better You Bet    1

David W

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My votes :Top goes to The Who for groundbreaking mayhem !

1)My Generation
2)Heroes and Villains
3)The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 

4)Good Timin’ 
5)You Better You Bet 
7)The Warmth of the Sun
8)Caroline, No 

9)Rio Grande 
10)Car Crazy Cutie 
Verden McCutcheon

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Season 9 2018 Battle of the Golds.....

                  1)The warmth of the sun

                  2)Sun ain't gonna shine anymore

                  3)Caroline No

                  4)Good Timin

                  5)You better you Bet

                  6)My Generation

                  7)Heroes and Villains

                  8)Rio Grande

                  9)Car crazy cutie


                                                         Going for gold certification
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to the first batch of voters - Cindy, Al, Larry, John B, stkilda4ever, Graciegirl, DAN, David and Verden. 

It's a fascinating count, with the Who and Walker Brothers holding their own. 

Cindy, nine years and still going strong. 

Thanks, Al. 

Al, I'm surprised 'Rio Grande' doesn't appeal to you whereas 'Heroes and Villains' does (I'm kind of vice-versa), but we can't all like the same thing.

I need someone's help on this one. 

Personally.... I love the sounds on it, Brian's vocals, each individual tune in it and the way each part seamlessly leads into the next. For me, the climax is just triumphant. And it was released - an important accomplishment in our man's career. I would love to have heard Brian and the band do this live.  

Cantina said this on it last week: advanced, even avant-garde kind of pop music. Released during his hardest time, this is a huge "hi out there, I'm still alive, and I can fire out something like this whenever I like to.

And Paul: can still recall the surprise and delight when i heard this, proof that mr wilson hadn't lost it on his re-emergence. very ambitious. it could've fallen flat, but didn't. bravo...

Larry, I know you're an early Who fan. Maybe it is a generation thing! I love their later stuff. I wasn't around to witness their early hits, still dig them, but they don't have the same impact on me. I know I'm in the minority here.  

Interesting to read Roger Daltrey's views on 'You Better You Bet', courtesy of Wiki:

"A wonderful, wonderful song. The way the vocal bounces, it always reminds me of Elvis." 
and stated: "'You Better You Bet' is still one of my favourite songs of all."

But you're not the only person who's put the song last this week. 

John B, glad you found it a hard decision. A close battle is a great one. 

David, you're not the first person to put the Who at #1 this week; not even the second. 

The polling booth closes in around 36 hours, folks. 

Make your opinion count.

It is very close. 

paul g adsett

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- what a very fine set of contenders!
difficult, almost impossible, to juggle the midrange bunch
through to the lower orders.,
but i'll do it now before i change my mind again.
topmost first: 10 points to (you'll not be surprised to hear it's) 'h&v'
10:  Heroes and Villains
9: The Warmth of the Sun
8: My Generation
7: The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
6: Rio Grande
5: Caroline, No
4: Friends
3: You Better You Bet
2: Good Timin'
1: Car Crazy Cutie

glad that's over.
my head hurts...
well done, djr, for wrestling with us through this season of grapplingdom
and cheers to one and all who tookeded part.

bonnie bella

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The golden egg lies amongst us ...

1. Caroline No.  It's a yes from me.

2. Warmth of the Sun.  Which is surprisingly warm.

3. Rio Grande.  Grand.

4. Heroes and Villains.  Villainy placing it here.

5.  My Generation.  Their generation.

6.  You Better You Bet.  I tend not to gamble.

7.  The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore.  Lucky for the rest of us it did.

8.  Friends.  Not just another American sitcom.

9.  Good Timin'.  Bad spot.

10.  Car Crazy Cutie.  Cutesy Caramel Crap.

Darren, you happen to do a very good job of this.  Thank you!


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Tom Tobben

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Lots of fine songs to rate in this final round, and only one real dud in the mix in my opinion. 

Sticking with my top two rankings from last week's semi-final round:

#1. "Rio Grande", Brian Wilson. After his many troubled years, this wonderful, multipart song was ample evidence that Brian Wilson could still reach out and touch the stars, further expanding his musical boundaries on his debut solo album. The various segments of this song present lovely aural imagery of the Rio Grande and its surrounding landscape, from the lush river valley to the arid desert land nearby. See also my more detailed comments last week, comparing his musical reach on this song to that of earlier 20th century American composers Copland, Gershwin, and Grofe. Brian, too, is one of the giants of 20th century American songwriters and a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, inducted in 2000. 

2. "Heroes & Villains", Beach Boys. The follow-up to "Good Vibrations" and a key component of Brian's long-abandoned masterpiece, SMiLE, Brian continued to explore musical boundaries and his modular music style, with a western frontier theme, and fascinating lyrics by Van Dyke Parks. 

Brian's creative explorations on the songs above and on a number of his other classics like the Pet Sounds album, "Surf's Up", "'Til I Die",  "Midnight's Another Day", the final several songs on TWGMTR, and numerous others, remind me of these famous lines from the illustrious 19th century British poet Robert Browning:

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what's a heaven for?" -- "Andrea del Sarto", Robert Browning

Rather than always sticking to the old hit formulas, throughout his career Brian was not always content to play it safe musically but rather to keep creating and expanding his musical boundaries, and we are all much better for it.

3. "Caroline, No", Brian Wilson. A heartbreakingly beautiful climax to Pet Sounds and Brian's first official solo hit single.

4. "The Warmth of the Sun", Beach Boys. A real Beach Boys classic loved by nearly everyone. I'm kind of surprised that it has not previously won a year-end final battle and already been retired.   

5. "Good Timin'", Beach Boys. This 1979 single written by Brian and Carl is my favorite latter-day Beach Boys single in their post Surf's Up/Carl & The Passions/Holland years. Lovely song and gorgeous vocals. Far better than, say, "Kokomo", "Getcha Back", "Crack at Your Love", "Wipeout" (with the Fat Boys), and other mediocre to poor to rotten stuff from their later albums (including the entire awful SIP album, now mercifully long out of print).

6. "Friends", Beach Boys. Paired with the tidbit "Meant for You", my favorite selection from the pleasant, understated Friends album. 

7. "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", Walker Brothers. A  mid-60s classic that still sounds as good as it did back then. I need to explore more of their work from later, because only two of their songs became hits in the US back in the 60s.

8. "My Generation", the Who. Their iconic generational early hit single that helped to launch their career to the masses. Good enough song, but I prefer so many of their other singles and entire albums to this teen angst hit. Never trust anyone over age 90? 

9. "You Better You Bet", the Who. Similar to the song above, a decent enough Who song but not a personal favorite and well below many of their other songs. For example, on their Face Dances album (which features this song), I prefer "Another Tricky Day":

10. "Car Crazy Cutie", Beach Boys. Nothing more than a lesser formulaic car song as I see it.  

Another fine year of the BOTBs and lots of good battles, contributions, and comments from all of our regular contributors! 

Thank you, Darren, for ALL you do!


Al Forsyth

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Always look foward to the "Tobben-talk" on his votes.
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Cantina Margarita

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Hi all,

attention, as a confessing Brianista I'm going to brianize (brianificate ?) the playoffs.

01. Rio Grande

Weird, mysterious, somewhat scary. Still much to discover for me in this song. Buried on an infamous album, standing out like Mt. Everest on a Dutch cow paddock. My #1 this year.

02 The Warmth of the Sun

Shocking first 10 seconds, but the rest is music history, rewarding you for not skipping.

03. Caroline, No

still any need to comment on this song ? Another sub-peak in creativity, with many more to follow, before the engine starts choking.

04. Heroes and Villains

1966/67 wasn't the right timing. In 2004, it showed to be the opener of world's greatest live pop symphony, supported by a hypergalactic stage band and some cuties from Northern Europe. Who would have dared to expect, having bought the old 45 rpm mono single ? Besides, a great rewarding piano exercise for beginners, with repeated Cantina Sections for advanced learners, linking to I'm In Great Shape and the entire Elements Movement for the gifted.

05. My Generation

the Sex Pistols ... were they really the first Punk Rockers ? No, clearly not. This is PR's birth, more than 10 years before. This song has everything it takes.

06 You Better You Bet

What is it, what makes The Who one of the most influential Bands ever ? No further research required. Post-Punk was theirs, too.

07. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

honour where honour is due ... one of the world's greatest crooner songs, in a row with Yesterday, Massachusetts, Hallelujah and Nights in White Satin.

09. Friends

oom ta ta, oom ta ta ... at least they let him do his special harmonies. Perfectionism sounds different.

09. Good Timin’

perfect vocals and harmonies this time, but no step forward in 10 years. Still Friends, but no good timing at all.

10. Car Crazy Cutie

Nice little song but its formula has faded, at least in the U.S., if it ever really existed. Where are the cuties from Japan, CZ, France, Korea ? And as for the US, where are the black supercuties from Motown ?

Wanna give you my favourite whistlealong song of the season, too. "Miss You" by the Rolling Bones. Don't really know what to whistle, thinking about Rio Grande.


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