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bonnie bella

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Cantina, I enjoyed reading your post. 

Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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1 – Caroline, No
2 – The Warmth of the Sun
3 – Rio Grande
4 – Heroes and Villains
5 – Friends
6 – Good Timin’
7 – The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
8 – My Generation
9 – Car Crazy Cutie
10 – You Better You Bet

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Al Forsyth

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Agree on the Cantina synopsis.
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Tom Tobben

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Ditto re Cantina's excellent commentary! I so much enjoy when our participants take the time to share their views and insights along with their votes. 

Cantina, your comments about whistling to the Stones' "Miss You" reminded me of something I ran across the other day. After watching a few segments of a multi-part documentary on the personal history of Lyin' Donald Trump on Netflix recently, in which he had claimed to have an affair with Carla Bruni years ago, I found that she totally denied his lies about having had an affair with her. In the process, I did some additional research about her history and I also learned that she had recently recorded an album titled French Touch in 2017, with her own personal interpretation of "Miss You". Try whistling to her version, if you're not too distracted by her video:

Darren J. Ray

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Thank you very much to the last group of voters - Paul, bonnie, Tom, Cantina and Deb. 

Thanks, Paul. And thanks, as always, for your insights. Always worth the wait.  

Thank you, bonnie. Your humour always makes me smile. 

Thank YOU, Tom! Your expansive posts are great reading. Your dedication to our venture, nine years old now, is always much appreciated.  

Cantina, you're probably tired of me saying this every year, but the weeks are poorer when you're not a part of them. It's outspoken, unique and often hilarious contributions by people like yourself, John B and Paul that make this place must reading. 

Thanks, Deb. You've unwittingly sealed the deal, as you have most weeks! And your weekly contributions, for the whole nine years so far, are gratefully acknowledged, too. 

The polling booth has now CLOSED for the final time in Season IX.

Here come the results and the golden announcement..... 

Darren J. Ray

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Results from Week 5 of the Play-Offs (Battle of the Golds)...

Hi everyone.

Here are the results from Week 5 of the Play-Offs (the Battle of the Golds):- 

GOLD - The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Week 2 - Larry Franz) (three 1st places) - 123

SILVER - Heroes and Villains (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1967/2011) (Week 36 - Cindy Hood) (three 1st places) - 118

BRONZE - Caroline, No (Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys - 1966) (Week 34 - Deb#1) (three 1st places) - 104

4. My Generation (The Who - 1965) (Week 15 - Larry Franz) (two 1st places) - 91

5. Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) (Week 12 - Tom Tobben) (two 1st places) - 86

6. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers - 1966) (Week 10 - Cindy Hood) (one 1st place) - 86

7. You Better You Bet (album version) (The Who - 1981) (Week 30 - Darren J. Ray) (one 1st place) - 63

8. Good Timin’ (The Beach Boys - 1979) (Week 39 - Cindy Hood) (nil 1st places) - 63

9. Friends (The Beach Boys - 1968) (Week 5 - GGH) (nil 1st places) - 57

10. Car Crazy Cutie (The Beach Boys - 1963) (Week 4 - Lee Marshall) (nil 1st places) - 34

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

We had 15 voters for the week.

Special thanks again to D.A.N for scrutinising the votes this week and throughout the play-offs.

Congratulations to Larry, Cindy and Deb#1 who selected the medal winners in their original weeks.

This is the first time that Larry has selected the winning song of the year; the third male host to do so after Al and Tom the previous two years.

Well done, Larry.

‘The Warmth of the Sun’ is the Gold winner for Season IX, joining ‘Good Vibrations’, ‘God Only Knows’, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, ‘Surfer Girl’, ‘I Get Around’, ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, ‘Surf’s Up’ and ‘’Til I Die’ in the BOTB Hall of Fame and is hence retired from competition.

It is worth noting our Gold winning song is from Larry’s Week 2, the same week that gave us the winner of the Tin Play-Off, ‘All Along the Watchtower’ (The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 1968).

Larry becomes the twelfth host to have had multiple play-off wins in the same season.

It is the eighth time a regular week has given us two play-off winners (that were different songs).

Again, well played, Larry.

It was the third time around for the Beach Boys 1963 recording of ‘The Warmth of the Sun’, having previously been the runner-up (Season Silver) in Seasons I (Tom Tobben) and V (Jo McGuire).

Three other versions have been used.

The Brian Wilson solo version of it, from 1995, also won a Gold in Week 18 of Season VII (Cindy Hood) and finished 4th in the Preliminary Final.

The Vince Gill rendition, from An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson from 2001, also won a Gold in Week 41 of Season VII (Tom Tobben).

The Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra version, from 2018, also won a Gold in Week 33 of this season (Al Forsyth).

It was the second time around for this Smile Sessions version of ‘Heroes and Villains’, having come 6th in the Gold Play-Off of Season IV (Al Forsyth).

The song itself has a long Battle history:

‘Heroes and Villains’ (The Beach Boys from The Smile Sessions):
- a Gold in Week 1 of Season IV, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off (Al Forsyth),
- a Gold in Week 36 of Season IX, 1st in Preliminary Final, 2nd (Season Silver) in Gold Play-Off (Cindy Hood)

The 1967 released version:
- a Gold in Week 6 of Season I, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off (t Bedford),
- 11th in the Ultimate Battle (to commemorate the first five seasons of the Battle)

A live version from 2012:
- a Gold in Week 4 of Season V (paul g adsett)

Parts 1 & 2 from The Smile Sessions (1966 & 1967/2011):
- a Gold in Week 38 of Season VIII (GGH)

It was the fourth time around for ‘Caroline, No’.

Its record:

- a Gold in Week 33 of Season I, 8th in Gold Play-Off (Joy B),
- a Gold in Week 11 of Season III *, 6th in Preliminary Final (Al Forsyth),
- a Gold in Week 10 of Season VII (Deb#1),
- a Gold in Week 34 of Season IX, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off (Deb#1)

* one of only two songs to ever receive unanimous Golds in a week

An instrumental version by Tony Clef, from 2007, also won the Gold in Week 5 of Season II (John Potter) and finished 10th in the Preliminary Final.

Four of the other seven contenders had previous Battle history:

‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ (The Walker Brothers):

- a Gold in Week 12 of Season I (Prodigal Son),  
- a Bronze in Week 39 of Season I (Roy Roger Bridge),
- a Gold in Week 10 of Season IX, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off (Cindy Hood)

‘Rio Grande’ (Brian Wilson):

- a Gold in Week 18 of Season II (Teenage Symphony),
- a Silver in Week 4 of Season VII, 3rd in Silver Play-Off (t Bedford),
- a Gold in Week 12 of Season IX, 3rd in Preliminary Final, 5th in Gold Play-Off (Tom Tobben)

‘Good Timin’’ (The Beach Boys):

- a Gold in Week 1 of Season VII (Verden McCutcheon),
- a Gold in Week 39 of Season IX, 8th in Gold Play-Off (Cindy Hood)

‘Friends’ (The Beach Boys):

- a Silver in Week 25 of Season III (Frankie Teardrop),
- a Silver in Week 31 of Season VI, 3rd in Silver Play-Off (Tom Tobben) *,
- a Gold in Week 5 of Season IX, 9th in Gold Play-Off (GGH)

* used with ‘Meant for You’  

‘The Warmth of the Sun’ and ‘Heroes and Villains’ shared the lead the whole week.

They were often either tied or had one point separating them.

The final five points was the biggest margin between them at any stage.

‘Heroes and Villains’ was leading 74 to 70 after the ninth voter (David W). ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ then took a narrow lead with the next voter (Verden) and was never headed.

Dissecting the numbers….

Ten of the 15 voters had ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ in their Top 3. Only one voter had it outside of their Top 5. (David W had it 7th.)

Eight of the 15 voters had ‘Heroes and Villains’ in their Top 3. Only two voters had it outside their Top 5. (Verden McCutcheon had it 7th. Yours truly had it 6th.)

Nine of the 15 voters had ‘Caroline, No’ in their Top 3, but only one more had it in their Top 5. Two voters had it in their bottom 3. (Yours truly had in 9th. David had it 8th.)

Only four songs received BOTH multiple Top 3 AND multiple bottom 3 rankings. They were ‘Rio Grande’ (six and five), ‘My Generation’ (five and four), ‘You Better You Bet’ (two and seven) and ‘Caroline, No’ (nine and two).

They were the polarisers.

Two songs, ‘Car Crazy Cutie’ and ‘Friends’, received no Top 3 placings. Their highest rankings were 5th places; ‘Car Crazy Cutie’ received just the one (from John B), whilst ‘Friends’ received two (D.A.N and Deb#1).

Five of the songs did not receive a 10th place. They were the first four place getters from the week plus ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’.

The most 10th places went to ‘Car Crazy Cutie’ with six. ‘You Better You Bet’ had four. ‘Friends’ and ‘Good Timin’’ had two each. ‘Rio Grande’ had one.

So, that’s it for another season.

We’ve now been running this weekly competition for a full nine years.

We now break for a fortnight before Season X kicks off on Sunday/Monday, February 17th/18th, depending on where in the world you are.

Please check out the schedule post, inviting hosts to jump on board. Hoping you’ll participate.  

In the meantime, I will update and post a new ‘Battle Guidelines…’ which will acknowledge our new retiree.

A huge THANK YOU to our ‘team’ of voters who have each week helped clear clips in their respective countries before hosts have been given the green light to post their final selections.

Copyright bans on clips remains an issue.

To any new players, please remember, because a clip may work for a host in the US, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can be viewed in Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany or anywhere else. And vice-versa.

To avoid three-cornered contests that have the potential to catapult songs into play-offs (because part of the world cannot evaluate one of the songs), I strongly encourage upcoming hosts to contact me (or anyone) privately with a bunch of clips and we can run them by a participant from each of those countries to ensure their future week has no restrictions.

Obviously, dwindling numbers in the Battle are a concern.

In Season V, the lowest supported week had 20 voters. This season, 20 was the highest we got.

In Season III (2012 – the C50 year), we had 50 different Blueboarders participate in the season. This year, we had 25.

Thank you all for allowing me to conduct the play-offs again and for supporting it.

All finalists were totally based on the figures from the weekly battles. (If anyone isn’t sure how they work, check out the Battle Guidelines post, currently on page 3 of this forum but soon to be updated.)

I tried to keep the system transparent though, at the same time, endeavoured to build the suspense.

Every host should feel free to query me as to where their selections finished up. It’s your right.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to host and, indeed, everyone who voted throughout the year. Without your great support, we obviously wouldn’t have a game.

We had 15 different hosts in 2018, all of whom had at least one of their selections make play-offs.

Cindy had the most appearances in the play-offs with nine nominees. Larry had seven.  

32 of the 44 weeks spawned play-off contestants, 12 of which had multiple entries.

The most from any week was three, from Cindy’s Week 10 and Larry’s Week 29.

Here is how their selections finished:

Week 10
Gold - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers - 1966) (49.5) (finished 6th in Gold Play-Off)
Silver - River Song (Dennis Wilson - 1977) (46.5) (finished 7th in Silver Play-Off)
Bronze - Everybody’s Talkin’ (Nilsson - 1968) (42) (finished 1st in Bronze Play-Off)
Tin - Eye of the Tiger (Survivor - 1982) (22)
(Cindy Hood)

Week 29
Gold - I Go to Pieces (Peter and Gordon - 1964) (51) (finished 8th in Preliminary Final)
Silver - Walkin’ After Midnight (Patsy Cline - 1957) (49) (finished 2nd in Silver Play-Off)
Bronze - In the Parkin’ Lot (The Beach Boys - 1964) (35)
Tin - Maybe I Know (Lesley Gore - 1964) (35) (finished 3rd in Tin Play-Off)
(Larry Franz)

Twenty-five different Blueboarders voted during the year, two of whom participated in all 49 weeks of competition (see list below).

49 – Darren J. Ray
48 – Larry Franz, David W, Al Forsyth
47 – D.A.N, Cindy Hood, Tom Tobben, bonnie bella*, Deb#1, John B
43 – t Bedford
34 – paul g adsett, stkilda4ever
30 – Lee Marshall
26 – kds, Lisa G/TS
22 – Verden McCutcheon
20 – Popeye (not the sailor)
18 – Graciegirl
16 – John E
12 – Cantina Margarita
10 – liamios
  6 – GGH, The Egg
  5 – MaryNYS

* bonnie bella abstained from voting in two of the three weeks she hosted

The most supported weeks were Week 2 (Larry Franz) and Week 5 (GGH) with 20 voters each.

The least supported week was Week 14 (Deb#1) with just 12 voters, the equal lowest we’ve ever had.

Voters voted 783 times over a period of 49 weeks at an average of 15.98 voters per week.

Many thanks to D.A.N for always being there when we need a scrutineer, throughout the year and especially during the play-offs.

And, of course, thanks to the great Brian Wilson and Michael DeMartin (Administrator) for allowing us our own forum on this wonderful board.

Before next season kicks off, I shall update all the results from the year.

We ask that all future hosts recognise the nine ‘retirees’, and please continue to refrain from using a recording that has already been used in the same season.

Beyond that, all other songs are fair game, whether they’ve been used in previous seasons or not.

Looking forward to Season X.

This season is now closed. 


Larry Franz

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I'm a little surprised that Week 2's songs won both the Gold and Tin playoffs, since getting in the Gold playoffs means a song did especially well in its week, and getting in the Tin playoff means at least some of the songs were evenly matched. 

It just so happened that both those conditions were met by the Week 2 songs. 

"The Warmth of the Sun" got 35% of the vote, which put it in the Gold class. 

The song that came in second, "Paperback Writer", did well (25%) but was a whole 19 points behind the winner, while "Gimme Shelter" (20%) and "All Along the Watchtower" (19.5%), bringing up the rear, were separated by just one point.

paul g adsett

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thanykyou, djr for your
and altogether jollygoodchapability.
jollygoodshow, what...


Cindy Hood

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Another season of The Battle of the Bands is behind us now.  How time flies!  

Congratulations to Larry Franz for winning the coveted GOLD award for Warmth of the Sun!  It's bittersweet that such a beautiful Beach Boys song is now retired from play though.  

Also, congratulations to Deb#1 for winning the BRONZE prize for Caroline No 

I humbly accept the award for the SILVER for Heroes and Villains.  All 3 are some of the best songs recorded by the Beach Boys!


A GREAT BIG 'THANK YOU' TO MR. DARREN J. RAY for yet another season of his meticulous calculations and statistics of our Battle of the Bands contest!  God Only Knows what we'd do without you, mate!  

Now, we will go on a much needed break until the new season starts in 2 weeks.  
Rest up everyone!


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
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