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Lee Marshall

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Imagination is a terrific album and [elsewhere] the a cappella version of the title song is a treat of MAJOR proportions.  As for the conversation regarding the 2 remakes...I can hear what might have bothered Brian about the original Let Him Run Wild.  It is a FANTASTIC song by the way...always has been underrated in my book...but maybe Brian felt it shrieked a little bit too much in places?  To me that sounded more like desperation, anger, emotion, heart felt passion than a shriek.  This version is excellent...and it's surely sweeter.  But sweet isn't necessarily the way to sell this story or the sentiment.  I like them both but I'm more a fan of version 1.  [SD and SN]

Keep an eye on summer?  It's a song about kids and summer love/romance.  A mature sounding adult can't pull that off.  It lacks credibility.  The main complaint I had about TWGMTR was the fact that a couple of the songs...just S O M E...sounded rather like old leches ogling young girls through a beach-side balcony telescope.  Here KAEOS kind of lends itself more to that angle.'s about a couple of older cottagers or resort regulars who are cheating on their spouses every summer.  Not kosher.

As for Orange Crate Art...Brian's vocals and arrangements are wonderful.  ALL a key part of his coming 'back'.  The Brian's back campaign/concept circa 1978 was a hoax...a failed idea,  and wishful thinking at the very best.  OCA suggested that maybe...just maybe...that guy dangling his toes in the water was finally, and possibly truly coming "back".  'Cause the rest of us DID know "that he was gone."  I personally never appreciated that attempt to trick the record company or the public.  It was both desperate and dishonest.  OCA remains a must have album for any committed fan.  It's rather a high-water mark for Van Dyke as a composer as well...and THAT is seldom, if ever, mentioned.

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Lee, thank you for articulating the exact reasons that the original version of LHRW gives me chills. It is Brian's raw emotions I hear, not shrieking or shrilling (as Murray would say😡).
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