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Against the beautiful backdrop of the Interlochen campus, Mike’s band put on a stellar performance last night.With a tight setlist and professional pace, the band gave a full house a terrific show. As always, Scott Totten does a fantastic job on lead guitar, and John Cowsill was his usual energetic self. I surprise to me was the power of Jeff Foskett’s voice. I had never found his falsetto as strong as, say, Matt Jardine’s, but he was great last night and performed both his solos, and his backing vocals, extremely well. I was also pleasantly surprised at the strength of Bruce’s voice, apparent not only on Disney Girls but also on other songs. Then, of course, there is the leader—and it would be hard for even the most ardent Mike critic to deny that he is a tour de force. What is the guy—75? He is out there as frontman with his own indefatigable style, leading the audience to a totally fun and enjoyable experience. To a crowd that had at least three generations of fans, he deserves great credit for his part in sustaining the band’s historic legacy. More power to him!

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Nice, and heartfelt comments back home. I'd welcome ML back if only he could "let go of his ego".
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