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How is Brian and Melinda to date? 

I'm an old Blue Boarder, quit when the format changed. Life got quite busy for me and I just saw Love and Mercy on vudu? uninterrupted !! I saw the movie when it first came out, but I must have missed an awful lot! Too many comments and distractions during the movie the first time. The movie made me really sad this time and I just felt that I wanted to ask how they were now.

Not much to say, all I can say is Hello to everyone, miss you and Happy New Year!


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I can't add much, but I've started reading Brian's 2016 memoir, and he talks about her a lot. One detail that stood out to me was that Melinda will patiently talk him through panic attacks or depressive episodes when he falls into negative thoughts, getting him to see things in a new way. He made it sound like it was part of a daily routine. She really seems to understand his headspace and doesn't try to happy-talk him out of it -- just listens and understands. I was happy to read that.

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Welcome back AnnetteMarie, and welcome thelonelysea (nice answer to our former Blueboarder, btw) - Yes, Melinda has been the very best thing to happen for Brian, to be sure.  In addition to Brian's great memoir you referenced, read around on this Community Board (some now call it the blue-green board, others bw-dot-calm, others like me don't know what to call it).  You'll find answers to many questions - in some cases, written by some folks who "were there".  You may find yourself getting lost in the great references and links people provide.  

I don't know what made you sad about the movie, AnnetteMarie, but to answer your question further, Brian and Melinda are very well in the big sense.  Brian's had spine issues for a number of years, so had surgery earlier this year.  Got back out on the road soon (maybe too soon) thereafter.  But by the end of the Christmas Tour on December 23rd, seem to be gaining strength.  Back with family now I'm sure, taking a well-deserved break.

Check Brian's site here and you'll see a few tour dates already scheduled for this year.  Rumors of another LP continue to simmer (on Low).

Have Fun,

-Doug (aka, bugs) 


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