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We went to see Leftover Salmon last night..a band out of Colorado..very bluegrass w some rock. It was a very gentle cool small venue at a distillery. Normally it would be a brewery venue out here in central oregon cuz that's all they do around here besides enormous amounts of potshots...but so we ordered a divine sweet rum and coke..amazing!! What do I know! We were at a distillery...the first local band played these awesome cover songs by the the sun was going mellow..but I had smashed my toe the day before..and had to sit way in the back to protect my foot and missed out on all the fun where my hubbie and everyone was rock in out! It wasn't my best concert in the entire world that I've ever been to..but very mellow..feeling the end of summer..they had a booth selling dumplings and you would go stand in line at the cocktail booth not A beer line.hmmm.. of course I met the guy singing those band cover songs at cocktailine..and thanked him and he gave me a bumper sticker about his was nice..anyone else grooving at end of summer concert? No doubt Vegas is going to be the best blow out!! Waiting to hear about that! Oh the so lucky! Summer summertime!!
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