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A friend showed me this as she gets emails from a local venue here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Looks like Brian will be playing with the Cleveland Orchestra on August 11, 2019 at Blossom Music Center. Here is some information if anyone is close by and interested.

I am beyond excited for this. My wife and I were going to go to the Nashville show for our five year wedding anniversary last year before it was cancelled due to his surgery. I was looking forward to hearing the band with an orchestra backing them up. Now I get my wish! 😉 
paul g adsett

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'...smokin' through my dreams!'
is there no end to the 'pet sounds' tour?
must admit i've not (yet) seen  the orchestral version.
i'm still very very tempted to nip over to nashville for the rearranged date
(as it's an excellent excuse for dropping in to see friends in nashville),
but, with the king crimson 50th anniversary gig at the albert hall 20 june,
it's a trifle difficult to get over for the next night,
but, could be feasible...

this night is a a bit trickier
- how does one travel from fairport convention cropredy festival,
which finishes on the saturday night,
via cleveland ('city of light')
when you've got to be in vancouver on the monday?
nb. rhetorical question only
- i'm sure it's feasible, but unless someone (how i adore you...'
sponsors our rearranged flights and tkts,
it's not gonna happen...

'burn on, big river...'

paul g adsett

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forgot to say
- you're exceedingly fortunate for this to turn up on your doorstep
(though i appreciate doorstep distances maybe somewhat larger than here in uk).
good for you.

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