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Jason Manley

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The U.S. iTunes has it for a $1 dollar rental $7.99 purchase (both HD). If you are on the fence and never got to see it, do yourself a favor and check it out for the $1. It's one of the best films I saw in 2015 and a truly loving tribute to an American great.

Also, Paul Dano did a sit down interview with the Los Angeles Times today:

He's up for the Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe next Sunday and (hopefully) same for the Academy Awards(!)
Lee Marshall

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It truly is a wonderful piece of work.  From what I know...which is a fair bit of is also VERY accurate...not to say that there isn't plenty to learn...'cause there is.

Still wondering about the exclusion of Mr. Love's 'likeness' in the A side/B side added feature...which you won't be able to see for a mere buck.  Carl, Denny, Al and sometimes Bruce are all included...along with Bri.

Brian and Melinda are great.  Carl was a gem.  Al is a pal.  Dennis?  Well Denny had his issues but the old man sure didn't help THAT any.  [or help Brian spiritually and emotionally either for that matter]

Love and Mercy...Tonight.

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JCM, thanks for posting that interview!

Highlights for me: Paul Dano says he didn't look at any video when studying this role for the first few months, just listened (I'm guessing to studio sessions and music).

He also mentions how, upon becoming obsessed with the music, many Beach Boys songs started taking on their own meaning to him as an actor. I think that's something many of us can relate to (putting our own meaning onto these songs).

He also says the best compliment he got on the film were the people who said that after seeing the movie they had to go home and listen to Pet Sounds...and with the movie in mind they had a much greater appreciation for the music.

Thanks again for posting that. We are spoiled to have these interviews going on to this day. I too hope Dano and the Love and Mercy team get a win at the awards shows!

"My God, it's full of stars!"
Debbie KL

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Loved the interview.  It was wonderful, and now we know to check out Zoe Kazan's Twitter feed for comments on Su. night...
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