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just great - watch the dvd alot too - reminds me of the time I took friend (her first Brian live experience) to the Royal Festival Hall london to see this premiered - awesome, and my friend then became a Brian Wilson 'fanatic' !!
Michael J Cohen

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I still listen to TLOS a lot more often than I listen to any Beach Boys album. At work, it's in my small "priority" stack of CDs on my desk next to the mini-stereo ("Pet Sounds" is there, too).
Sue Schlichter

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Someone posted on Facebook about losing a family member, and how That Lucky Old Sun was so healing.
I also mentioned that I was on a working road trip, moving my mother's twin sister from Southern Maryland to our home state of Pennsylvania.

I recently discovered that I am an undiagnosed anxiety person, like a few others in the family. So, I loaded all kinds of Beach Boys and Brian Wilson for the four-hour interstate trip skirting Philly, Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore. STRESSFUL. The house we're cleaning out is in disrepair with electrical, plumbing, and other problems.

I was on a bridge detour around Baltimore, when I grabbed some music blindly from the console. It was TLOS. It saved me. Played it twice through. I am eternally grateful, Brian Wilson. Thank you.

P.S. I was 'Going Home.'
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