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Al & Matt started up the Postcard Tour tonight in HI. Two things to note:
  • Matt plays drums! I knew he played percussion but didn't know he plays drums too. Saw a couple vids on social media and a pic on Al's social media that showed that. If anyone has videos of this, pls share. 
  • Where's Jeff Alan Ross? Is he no longer on the tour or is he just unable to make this weekend's shows?
Al Forsyth

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Seeing them in early February out our way. Can't wait. 

Jeff Alan Ross was amazing with them last year and his website is under construction now so no news.

Interesting how they met up:—-al-jardine-matt-jardine-and-jeff-alan-ross/

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Thanks for the podcast link

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I've been seeing pictures of Jeff Alan Ross on tour with Peter Asher & Jeremy Clyde, as Peter & Jeremy. He has been a longtime sideman for Asher.
"Music, when you're alone, is like a companion, for your lonely soul..."
Al Forsyth

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On Friday we convened to hear Al, Matt and Jeff work their magic at Infinity Ballroom, that venerable space, in Norwest Connecticut.  They went on to do a free show yesterday at Mohegan Sun Casino.

As I didn't record the set-list, which seems to change and evolve, I'll divulge an encapsulation of what we saw and heard at Infinity on Friday.  First, I have to say that this is a brilliant show to catch for anyone who is a fan OR to go and learn and revel in the music as it is as tight knit but oh so fun to be a part of.  Jeff  even announced that this is as close as it comes to singing along with the Beach Boys. All three vocals - perfect with each other, and yes, that family blend is there.

It was a show without the video screens and my second time hearing/seeing it (last year in NYC City Winery). Without the videos, it was more of a coffee house type of environment with the stories spoken even more. Of course it opened with Surfin' with Al on the standup double bass. I have to say that his bass playing and guitar work was outstanding throughout.  Jeff helps him out with the pedals.

They did Luau, the early surf songs such as Surfin' Safari where Al is the lead guitar as well AND has his guitar intro to California Girls done perfectly.  We heard Sloop (Kingston version moves to BB's).  Matt Jardine, just elevates everything with the voice and his percussion work. His Don't Worry Baby, God Only Knows and then the trio tackling Surf's Up and knocking it out of the park with Matt simply delivering the vocal.  Al is on bass here again.  Vegetables = fun.  Cali Saga and Postcard from California.  A trio pulling off Good Vibrations????  Big YES.  Jeff Alan Ross - the perfect third in the middle of all of this.  

Surprise ending with their take on the opening of Nowhere Man which segues into Surfin' USA.  In My Room will simply stop you - it's done to perfection!!!!!  Rhonda, of course, ends the night.  The interplay is amazing.  

I'm missing a few things here but GO and be a part of this if they are in driving distance, walking distance or ear-shot of you.  You will come away elevated in heart and soul.  

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Al Forsyth

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AND the Set List, courtesy of Jeff Alan Ross.  Song keys included (many are original keys).  

1. Show Intro
2. Surfin' (G)
3. Luau (A)
4. Surfin’ Safari (A)
5. Surfer Girl (D)
6. Don’t Worry Baby (E)
7. California Girls (B)
8. Sloop (G) (K-Trio v&ch-BB full)
9. God Only Knows (A)
10. Good Vibrations (Ebm)
11. Vegetables (D)
12. Surf’s Up
13. California Saga (C)
14. A Postcard From California (E)
Encores: 15. In My Room (B) 16. Surfin’ USA (E) 17. Help Me Rhonda (C

(Again special note that Nowhere Man was sung prior to Surfin' USA)

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Does anyone know if Matt is coming back to the Brian Wilson band for the 2019 tour?

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Matt was at the BeachLife Festival last week with Brian and Al.

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“Every show is different folks.”

  That’s from Jeff Alan Ross, Al Jardine’s musical director last night at RAM’s Head On Stage in Annapolis.  It was a nice cozy atmosphere, plenty of storytelling, some warmhearted, friendly, amiable banter and some stellar music.

  Al, Matt and Jeff did a great job showcasing The Beach Boys musical beginnings and evolution.  While Al spun his tales, Matt added a few his own accounts, and Jeff enlivened the evening with his “perspectives” [smile].

  It was remarkable to hear such a broad range of Beach Boys music replicated so realistically with just the three of them.  All three are highly respectable vocalists. Al played his larger-than-self standup bass and guitar, Jeff played guitar and keyboards and Matt handled percussion.  Matt even doubled as a Tannerin on Good Vibrations!

  There were a few video clips to watch, too.  Al, Matt, and Jeff walked on to a short clip of the “3701 West 119th Street, Hawthorne, California: The Surfin’ Rehearsal” track from the Hawthorne CA album (if I recognized that correctly) and seamlessly picked up finishing the song in person.

  Here’s how the night’s set went:
      Surfin’ Rehearsal Clip
   1. Surfin’
   2. Luau
   3. Surfin’ Safari
       Monkey’s Uncle Clip
   4. Surfer Girl
   5. Don’t Worry Baby
   6. California Girls
   7. Sloop John B
   8. God Only Knows
   9. Good Vibrations
      Vegetables Back Story Clip
  10. Vegetables/Mama Says
  11. Santa Ana Winds
  12. Surfs Up
  13. California Saga
    Glen Campbell Feature Clip
  14. A Postcard from California

  15. In My Room
  16. Surfin’ USA
  17. Help Me Rhonda

  Some memorable moments:

  Matt related how it was “weird” and yet special and fun to have a beach boy Dad when growing up.  He painted a picture of a big family, growing up with Carnie and Wendy, Jonah and Justin, Christian and Hayleigh, road crews that were like “crazy uncles”, and backing band members he knew for 20 years.  He recalls Dennis saying “I love when you guys come out on the road.  It just makes it fresh and we love seeing kids running around back stage.”

  Before launching into The Beach Boy’s version of “Sloop John B” Al related some history behind the Bahamian folk song. Then they played a first verse sample of the song in the Weavers style before launching into The Beach Boys version.  I kind of felt it was more Kingston Trio style, but it was cool nonetheless. 

  Matt really pulled off some great vocals with “Don’t Worry Baby”, “God Only Knows”, and “Surfs Up” (a real surprise tonight).  Jeff’s quote after GOK: “In this day and age you will never hear it sung better than that man.”

..When asked what his father thought about his mom lending the group a full month of her salary to rent instruments when they were starting out, Al said his father never mentioned it until 20 years later when he sent Al a cassette of his favorite Beach Boy songs…and Al was quite thrilled with that.. Seems his dad didn’t have much time to listen to the radio back then.

..There’s a funny back story on “Vegetables”.  Al says he missed that session when Brian brought in a truckload of vegetables to the recording studio.  ’Nuff said.  I suggest you see the show for the rest of the story.  Hearing the “Mama Says” chant was charming.

  On “A Postcard from California”, Matt did Glen Campbell proud singing with an “Arkansas twang kind of thing” on the second verse…Al’s description.

..Best quip of the evening:  While plugging his guitar back in after returning to the stage for the encore Al remarked that they used to have wireless guitars and he didn’t know what happened to them.  Jeff:  “Not on this tour!  I don’t know where you think you are but this is not Brian Wilson.” Matt to Jeff: “It’s been really nice working together”.

All told, it was a really fine show and one that you should see if you can.  And if what Jeff says is true, the next one will be different…undoubtedly with some other stories and memorable moments.  Go for the good vibrations!  There were plenty last night.

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Al Forsyth

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Deb,  It is a special show to catch.  I have to say that I preferred the non-video show and it has more of the banter.  It is filled with "good vibrations" in a warm and playful way but the music is delivered sooooooo exceptionally. 
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Derick Johnson

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My wishlist for a New Brian and Friends Studio Album:
1.what your life can be (adult child era)
2.the spirit of rock n roll
3. Country feeling (sweet insanity)
4. Big Sur- studio (landlocked)
5. We got love (re-recorded/ studio)
6. Calendar Girl 1978
7. Rock n Roll Woman 1968 new in studio
8. Oakie from Muskogee (new in studio)
9. Rock n Roll to the Rescue ( new not overproduced)
10. Hard Times/Don't Worry Bill/Leaving this Town (re-recorded with current voices + Blondie and Ricky)
11. Cuddle Up/End of the Show/Holy Man (w Taylor Hawkins)
12. Waves of Love/Don't Fight the Sea/Big Sur (A Jardine)
13. I Write the Songs/Dierdre/Nearest Faraway Place (Johnston)
14. Love Will Keep Us Together C&T (new record)
15. Drip Drop ( Teardrops on My Bed - clean)
16. Instrumental unreleased from gmtr album
17. Crusin music raspberries
18. Hey deanie
19. She did it (w Eric Carmen)
20.wishing you were here (re-recorded w current Chicago)
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