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I wonder if Ray Davies heard "God Only Knows" before he wrote "Days". Both songs use the phrase "believe me", the words in "God Only Knows" begin with an admission that he does not know whether his love will last forever and the song in "Days" is about some relationship which ended but will never end in his heart (it could even have ended by death, because Ray's sister died).  

Terry and Julie in "Waterloo Sunset" remind me of "Wouldn't It Be Nice" but they are very English (like Terrence Stamp and Julie Christie)  and Brian was probably writing about his young love for his young first wife.  Brian is very Southern California and Ray Davies is very London.

 Both bands had brothers, coincidentally, but there were lots of bands with brothers, Everly Brothers, for example, and the Delmore Brothers, and even the Louvin Brothers, and the brothers usually did not get along, except that the Beach Boys brothers really did get along.  Girl sisters groups (there were many), like the Ronettes and he Paris Sisters,  seemed to get along.

 I hope that Brian will write a new song about his mind today but maybe record companies today would not give him a studio to work with like an instrument, as Brian, the Beatles and Glenn Gould used a studio as an instrument.  

Which leads to another question: Did Brian hear Glenn Gould play Bach?  Brian loved Bach.  Gould played Bach on piano better than a human can do and Gould spliced recordings made at different times, just as Brian did.
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I'll follow.  The Kinks were effectively banned from playing in the US and somehow the records weren't being played here either.  I'm not a big Wikipedia person for using as reference but go and look at the blank spots on their discography in the US.  I know that our late friend T-Bedford would have been all over this.  Your question involves Ray listening to Brian though. 
Here's a LOT to look at:

America wasn't listening to the Kinks at this time period that you mentioned ^^^^.

Ray Davies  gave an interview while he was promoting his book:
From it - These experiences have informed his new book, Americana: the Kinks, the Road and the Perfect Riff.
During the interview Tom asked Davies if American culture had been an influence on the music of the Kinks. “Well it was originally, because of R ‘n’ B music, Blues, Cajun music, country music...Americana became a quest because we were a band cut off in our prime without fulfilling our potential. It became more of a cause than a music style,” he explained.

What effect did the American ban have on the group’s career?

“It was a big pot of honey…an opportunity to take our careers further and we had that denied to us,” he told Tom.

Davies gave a succinct explanation for the Kink’s American ban…”Bad luck, bad management, bad behaviour”.

“It made me root myself more in Europe, the folk tradition in Britain,” he told Tom.

Perhaps, on the flip side, if that ban hadn’t been implemented, ‘Waterloo Sunset’ would never have been written.

Ray seemed to have turned inward - writing about Britain for Britain. I remember Sunny Afternoon and then nothing until Lola. 

For me, the first time actually seeing the Beach Boys live in 72, the Kinks were also on the bill.

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I might add that Ray has released two parts of an opus titled (after his memoir), Americana, Act 1 in 2017 and Act 2 last year.  The best work he's done since the demise of the Kinks over 20 years ago.  I'm disappointed that it didn't receive much recognition.

I thing you're right about his turning inward after being banned from the U.S., thereby coming up with Face to Face, Something Else, and The Village Green Preservation Society, all three unheralded in their day but recognized now as masterpieces.  Interesting that Ray has centered his latest work in America.  He's given the matter a lot of thought.

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Probably wonderful musicians listened to each other and influenced each other.  Here is an obvious one which I hope you do not mind my mentioning since it is pretty obvious.  It is like chemistry (except that I don't know anything about chemistry):  God Only Knows + Good Vibrations + Linda Eastman McCartney + Paul McCartney resulted in Maybe I'm Amazed. 
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