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Tom Tobben

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Many of our longtime "blueboarders" here will remember early blueboarder Miami Dan Yoe. Over the past decade or so, Miami Dan has recorded several original albums with his longtime group, the Hayes Street Band.

This past week, Miami Dan & The Hayes Street Band released their latest album, Left Hand to the Sky, an excellent collection of original songs. All the songs were written or co-written by Miami Dan, and the album features extensive guest appearances by current or past Brian Wilson or Beach Boys band members, including David Marks, Scott Bennett, Probyn Gregory, Gary Griffin, and others. Scott Bennett and Probyn Gregory also produced a number of songs on the album.

Here's a nice video preview of the Left Hand to the Sky album, produced by the band and posted on YouTube:

Among the album's numerous fine songs is "High Surf", a classic surf music instrumental featuring guest guitarist David Marks among the ensemble of five guitarists performing on the song. In my opinion, the song is good enough that it might have been able to become a chart hit, had it been released during the peak of the mid-60s surf music craze. Here's the song and its accompanying video:

For anyone who may be interested, the album is available through cdbaby or from the band's website,
Al Forsyth

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Thanks Tom!  Remember MD, yes.  Dave Marks = amazing.  Love this!!!!!!  Simple and beautiful.
A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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I just received my copy of this CD a few days ago. I'm enjoying it very much. Love all the different inputs and collaborations. 
Lee Marshall

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Based on the snips and clips?  A quantum leap.  Well done Dan  [et al]
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