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I haven't had time to really sit down at the guitar or piano to figure out some of the music. It seems like the awesome site which is filled with a plethora of chords and lyrics to just about everything Beach boy and Brian solo stopped updating new releases with  That Lucky old Sun and even that was I believe based on a passed on PDF that I think Probyn or somebody kindly put up on myspace per a fans request or something?

So I was just wondering if any other musicians on here like myself have had time to figure out any chords to any of the new songs and maybe wouldn't mind even posting them here? I can try to contribute a tune or two once i get a little free time.

And speaking of chords,tabs,music as a request or recommendation rather to the administrator;  I think it would be really cool to have a section on the forums for musical interpretations where musician fans can post chords to songs, maybe with a disclaimer that they aren't official voicings or something?  What do you musicians all think? It could also be a place for us musical/musician junkies to discuss gear used by Brian and the boys over the years in the studio?  Just an idea as I know a lot of Brian fans are also musicians like myself. 
Thank for hearing me out.   I would really love the chords to Beautiful day as well as One kind of Love.
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