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curt lambert

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I just listened to the sinppets again that are at google play and already have my favorites. I know they are just snippets, but they offer a flavor of each song, and these are my favorites. What are yours?

What Ever Happened

The Right Time

On The Island

I'm Feeling Sad

Tell Me Why

Sail Away

Brian's voice, the instrumentation, arrangements, Zoe's voice, Al's voice... And these snippets only give us a glimmer of the gold in these songs. Wow! I can't wait for "No Pier Pressure" on April 7th!

...feel the vibrations and all the sensations...

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I am a Zooey fan but I don't think I could listen to that song very often. It sounds a lot like the old song "Lady from Ipanema" which I don't like either. Hopefully hearing the whole song will change my mood that that song is not my style of music.
Little Pad

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Agree on those thus far Curt. Don't think On the Island is Ipanemaresque other than the beat. Bit radio two-ish though, but then the whole album probably is because that's where it belongs. 
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