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My mom just told me a story and I was hoping I could confirm it.

In 1980 she was on the same flight with the Beach Boys from Europe.  After arriving in the US she got in a long conversation with Dennis Wilson while they both waited for lost luggage.  He was impressed with her spirituality as they both shared about their lives.  He was in rehab and was seeking deeper meaning to life.  He then watched me as a small child run up to my mom who I hadn't seen in weeks and commented on how he saw the connection in our eyes.  
He told my mom there was a purpose in their meeting and invited my mom and me to his next concert in another city.  My mom declined, and he tried to persuade her.  Once she got her luggage she thanked him for the conversation and walked away.

My mom said she was contacted later after his death as her name was included in his notes which inspired "Passing Friend" but she did not follow through.  She only recently listened to the song and believes it does reflect their encounter at the airport.

I am curious if anyone knows the history or meaning of this song.  I do vaguely remember seeing the beach boys at the airport as a small child but this is the first time I have heard this story.  Wikipedia shows this song was written by Boy George, so I wish I had some way to verify if there were notes which inspired it.

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"Passing Friend" is credited to O'Dowd/Hay, that is Boy George and Roy Hay of Culture Club. I recall reading that the song - the lyrics of which make for bitter reading - was inspired by George's fractious relationship with Marilyn, a one-hit wonder ("Calling Your Name") of the early 80s. Dennis had nothing to do with the song, which was composed (by someone else) and recorded the year after he died. Sorry.

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