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NPP is refreshing and exciting!  What beautiful, uplifting music, once again! 

Brian seems much happier with this group than with the BB back in 12/13...  Glad for him.

one question, is Brian's band on NPP? 

Lee Marshall

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Looks like most of the Brian we've come to know them...are NOT here Sam.  Maybe that explains why Jeff made his way back to the Beach Boys touring band.  A guy that loyal for that long deserves to be kept on the payroll?  Just a guess.  Another 6 weeks or so and we'll be able to read the album credits.

I think Brian was going for a different and a fresh sound here on NPP...and he got it.


Run James Run...was a title not actually used.  So?  Maybe he still wants to land a song in a Bond movie and he's gonna try again?  Why not?  Brian enjoys conducting the to speak/as it were.

Go Brian Go with Run James Run.  [guess James doesn't need any Exlax  [wink] ]
Nate Jackson

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Interesting and exciting.

I wonder how much of the production value is Brian's sound or Joe Thomas's sound? There's no doubt that Imagination, That's Why God Made The Radio, and now No Pier Pressure have a similar vibe...all being produced by Joe Thomas. Yet That Lucky Old Sun and Getting In Over My Head was "kinda" different. I wonder what Brian could do with just a home studio with Al, David, Mike and Bruce. Nice and raw with kinda weathered voices that still harmonize. The Beach Boys are obviously known as having those pristine harmonies...which is why the producers (Joe Thomas, etc) strive so badly to have those glossy harmonies. But they are in their 70's now. Those classic Beach Boy recordings had tight harmonies, but never glossy harmonies (probably emphasized by digital as opposed to old analog). Think of the harmonies on a song like Forever...they were tight, but RAW.

Anyway, should be a very nice-to-listen-to album. We are blessed to have Brian still pumping them out.

"He not busy being born is busy dying." - Bob Dylan
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