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Lisa G/TS

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Whoopsy daisy! Just checking in now...

For anyone having issues with the McCoys and BW links, try these:

(Fingers crossed -- I think the only other available McCoys one had video but "Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted", so how useless is that?) 

Cool concept, t, but Great Googly Moogly! That Roto Rooter Hendrix is 2 minutes 16 seconds of my life I can't get back! [eek][eek]

I will be back, however, after I mull over your music.

BTW, would this count as reimagined knocked on its ear?:

Larry Franz

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Someone uploaded two of their favorite tracks from a new Pet Sounds tribute album created by the Reverberation Appreciation Society: "That's Not Me" by Holy Wave and "Here Today" by the Cool Ghouls:

The whole album can be streamed here (I haven't listened to all of it so no recommendation is intended):


The Cosmonauts (from Fullerton, California), "Little Honda", 2011

Al Forsyth

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I'll follow up as it's ALL new to me (out this May, apparently) - here are Shannon and the Clams:

A fave from MGS:

Frank Black reimagines:

Who would have thunk it, bring back Shannon with her Clams

From Smiling Pets:

Back to some normalcy:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Oh my gosh, you're definitely topping the list of my favourite people with this list! What an awesome collection of songs!

Gold: They Can't Take That Away From Me - Brian Wilson
Holy moley, that voice ... how could it be anywhere other. This was hard because as soon as I saw Paul McCartney I was like, well obviously he's going to be no. 1; but I was wrong. Still love you, Paul .. but Brian is the man.

Silver: Don't Get Around Much Anymore 
I had a solid groove. McCartney can do no wrong... well maybe, but let's not talk about it.

Bronze: Fever - The McCoys
I love this song and this groovy version made me love it even more. Yesssss McCoys! Nailed it!

Tin: Temptation - The Everly Brothers 
This was hard because I really really love the Ev's. They're some of my absolute favourites to sing with my duo partner, but gosh... the week was just too good! Sorry D&P, maybe next time?

If I think of a song that fits the theme later, I'll post it. But for now I'm stuck on Brian songs on repeat so I'll have to get back to you all haha.

Thanks again, T! Excellent picks!

“It's all too much.”
- George Harrison
John E

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1. Brian - I love the Gershwin album.

2. Paul McCartney - sounding good here.

3. Everlys - Not my favourite track by them, but still classic.

4. McCoys - I prefer Peggy Lee's version of "Fever" ( even though I like "Hang On Sloopy").

Here's a couple of covers:

bonnie bella

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Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox attempt to outcute Britney.  Love the Mickey Mouse gloves.

Smashing Pumpkins covering a James brown classic.  Personally, I like what they did with it.  [smile]

"Karma Police" from Radiohead, reinterpreted by Flunk.

The White Stripes, with Kate Moss making good use of a cube and a pole (warning - eye popping, do not watch if you are not in to skimpily clad, gyrating supermodels).  Sorry Dusty, but I much prefer this version.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

paul g adsett

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so, radiohead, eh?
well, how about a dub reggae 'ok computer' album?
'dreadhead', recorded in 2006 by easy star all-stars
- that's american michael goldwasser 
with an ever-changing bunch of musicians.
a white, jewish new yorker,
he's fully immersed in reggae / ska / dub
and works with great respect to sources.
here's a toots'd up track with toots and the maytals tackling 'let down'

and, previous to that release, they recorded the whole of
'dark side of the moon' as 'dub side of the moon' in 2003.
touring it with a wealth of guest singers.
a great evening out, swaying to the bass rhythms,
skankin' to the choppy guitar,
groovin' to the sax'n'trombone,
hypnotised by the dub drop in / out / reverb sounds
and enchanted by the cool vocals...
oh so familiar, songs yet with very different textures.

here's us and them', a track with a great, simple, repeating bass line
and the lovely dancehall voice of frankie paul on vocals: 

and 'brain damage' with dr israel:

for me, 'dub side...' works better, on record and live.
it was first pointed out to me by the late, greatly missed michael lenz
(whose name itself was banned from this board of blue for too long a time!)
who turned me on to easy star all-stars
(between messages of love, rants and threats to sue me)
but there's interesting stuff on 'ok...' album.
i've yet to hear their 'thrillah'...

as mike l was wont to say 
'...and then there'll be world peace.'
John B

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I really like this week because I like all the songs (yes, Lee is right about the awful Macca oldies album, but this song is better than I remembered) and I learned something--I had no idea that the Everly Bros.' 'Temptation' was an old song from the 30's.

Okay: here are my votes:

1) 'Temptation' by the Everly Bros.

always loved this song, and those harmony lines!  makes one wonder since this was a hit about the time that the 'Boys were recording 'Moon Dawg'.  An influence maybe?

2) 'They Can't Take That Away from Me'.

defeated from #1 not by the quicker tempo--I recognize Sinatra did similar with the Reprise version, but don't the boogedy-boogedy-boogedy-boogedy-shoots and so forth undersell the beautiful lyrics?  I mean, a jokey Jan & Dean song, bring on all the boogedies.  But this is a love song.  So, as much as I love Brian's album, this is second place this week for me.

3) Paul McCartney, 'Don't Get Around Much Anymore.' 

I am NOT a fan of the blues, but this works somehow because I think (could be wrong), Paul was thinking 'Sun Sessions' a little bit.

4) The McCoys 'Fever'

speaking of Elvis, my fave version of 'Fever' is on 'Elvis is Back'.  This version is still good, but a close 4th for me.
paul g adsett

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talking of 'thrillah'
here's east star all-stars with luciano on vocals
with a track from that album:

and, a very favourite michael jackson cover of the song
- here's a live version by the (sadly now reft asunder) civil wars

paul g adsett

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cyndi lauper?
here, one of my 5 favouritest performers
(+ bw jacques brel , van morrison,joni mitchell
are all modern musicans i could not contemplate not listening to,
with mahler, dvorak, schubert, shostakovitch
thrown into the musical mix).

here's a live, contemporary version.
exceedingly lyrical, restrained, not, um ,overblown:

it's from the 1985 album 'you're under arrest'
that also includes a fine 'human nature'
- here performed live (with a unique guest vocal by chaka khan)
Larry Franz

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Gold -- Brian Wilson -- A highly enjoyable cover

Silver -- The Everly Brothers -- Started out in 3rd place because it's a weaker song than Paul's

Bronze -- Paul McCartney -- Didn't wear well

Tin -- The McCoys -- Never in the running

I posted a couple tracks from Bryan Ferry's These Foolish Things album during t's "Ready or Not" week. It's filled with re-imaginings.

"Piece of My Heart"

"I Love How You Love Me" (previously done by the Paris Sisters and Bobby Vinton)


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Gold - Brian Wilson

Silver - Paul McCartney 

Bronze - The Everly Brothers 

Tin - The McCoys 
Larry Franz

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Yo La Tengo do "Blitzkrieg Bop" as a surf instrumental (Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo, 1996)

bonnie bella

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My votes.

GOLD - The Everly Brothers.  Such beautiful harmonies.  Such an upbeat tune.  Such a lot of hair.  I also had no idea this was a cover.  Easily my gold this week.  Retro cool.

SILVER - Paul.  (Let me just go and shove a pair of slippers on for this one.)  I was hot and cold over this song.  Sometimes (when feeling particularly old, perhaps?) it sounds cool and funky.  I quite like the sweet, daggy stuff and nana sound Paul produced in his solo career, but perhaps this one won't get around my playlist much any more.

BRONZE - Brian.  Fun tune, and I'll admit I haven't listened to much of Brian's solo stuff yet except No Pier Pressure.  It's a bit bouncy, a bit too clean and produced, but it's not too bad.  

TIN - The McCoys.  There is only one version of this song I've ever liked.  This is not it.  Sounds more like he's being given a shopping list, or socks for Christmas.  Not a huge amount of "heat" in it.  Maybe he needs to borrow old O'Leary's cow to warm things up a bit?

The Dead Kennedys get Elvis all shook up.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers doing Stevie Wonder with reverence.

Pretty boy Marilyn Manson covers The Eurythmics.  Better when not watching.  

Taken By Trees, borrowing a Gun's and Roses song.

paul, I enjoyed the "Billie Jean" cover from The Civil Wars, and also the "dancing in the dark" reference last week.  Very funny.  


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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Thanks to our voters so far, Lee, Cindy, NotJermia, John E, John B, Larry, kds and bonnie.

Thanks for videos to:
Lee (enjoyed “Night & Day”),

paul (loved “Nigel”), also the mention of He Who Must Remain Nameless. Can you believe it's been 9 years since he passed on (May 17)?

Al, loved Rita Morenao, but the McCoys originally hailed from Indiana, altho’ they ended up in Springfield (near Dayton) Ohio. No Cleveland connection (we’d claim them if we could).

Larry, I was fairly old (20's?) When I noticed the Rodgers & Hart credit on Blue Moon (changed my life).

bonnie, Rage Against the Machine did a good reimagination.

Lisa, you are confusing God Save the Queen with God Save the Queen. Same title...different song. Here’s different title...same song:
Gentle Giant: The Queen

One for kds. Dickies reimagine Paranoid

Speaking of Spirit and James Brown, here’s the late Randy California of Spirit, who’s estate lost the recent lawsuit with Led Zeppelin, reinterpreting James:

Big Daddy reimagines Bruce Johnston!!

Big Daddy's masterpiece is a labor of early mashup of Sgt Pepper's & 50's rock....done greaser style!:

Unfortunately, the whole album playlist apparently won't play here, but I recommend going to YouTube & checking out the complete recording, if you are a 'Pepper's' fan. It's amazing (and has celebrity impersonations, to boot).

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
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