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Tom Tobben

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With the remaining three Monkees (Dolenz, Nesmith, Tork) recently releasing an excellent, long-awaited new album (Good Times!) in late May, it made me think of a very different version of an early Monkees song, "Take A Giant Step", written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, which first appeared on the Monkees' first album and as the "B" side of their hit single "Last Train to Clarksville" in 1966. This alternative interpretation of "Take A Giant Step" was the title track of a 1969 album by Taj Mahal:

On her excellent 2014 double CD album, Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, Lucinda Williams recorded a soulful version of the late J.J. Cale's "Magnolia", in her own distinctive style:

In 2012, on his delightful We Get What We Want album, Nelson Bragg of Brian Wilson's band released a lovely slowed-down version of Brian's "Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long", originally from Brian's first solo album. I actually like this soulful version much more than Brian's overproduced, up-tempo original.

Finally, a most unexpected and unlikely 1999 cover hit of a golden oldie, originally by J. Frank Wilson in the mid-60s, as recast by Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Interestingly, both versions reached #2 on the US Billboard charts some 35 years apart:
t bedford

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Here's one we've all forgotten (but I just remembered). Vanilla Fudge reimagines the Supremes:

Here's one for the Lone Ranger fans:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!

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GOLD They Can’t Take That Away from Me - Brian Wilson
SILVER Fever - The McCoys
BRONZE Temptation - The Everly Brothers
TIN Don’t Get Around Much Anymore - Paul McCartney

Cantina Margarita

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Hi t and all,

high time to give my votes:

1. They Can’t Take That Away from Me - Brian Wilson
to me the ultimate party song to bawl along till dawn, with wop-wop-wop-diggledeeshoe instead of ba-ba-baaaa-ba-Barbara Ann
... unfortunately without the party animal for the next few years ...

2. Fever - The McCoys
I keep waiting for Duffy's version of "yeah yeah yeah"

3. Temptation - The Everly Brothers

4. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore - Paul McCartney

I swear I haven't read D.A.N. before posting.[wink]

Reimagining songs can sometimes lead to amazing results.

Where is it most likely to find a hole in the worldwide copyright infringement protection shield ? It's behind the iron curtain. They had little inhibition of imitating existing "Western" hits, which reminds me of Chinese product ripoffs in our times. Those didn't just make a local language rendition which is no big deal and occurs often. They re-invented many a whole song, trying to enhance them, and granted, in most cases the result was total trash.

But trust me, this one below was far more successful than the Australian pattern - on a national base of course, and expecially in the former GDR. Even for me being a "Wessie", it has grown year by year, and today it is a true icon of "East Rock", as we call it. It starts by typical bloomy but senseless FDJ pribble-prabble of that time

"if a man's life lasts short, they say it's too early to go, if man's life lasts long, the world will say it's time to go"

and so on, but listening further, it becomes very interesting, having in mind the political environment:

" anything has its time, collecting stones and scattering them, planting trees and knocking them down, living and dying and peace and struggle" (transposed chorus), or

"don't wake her up before she moves by herself, I've laid down beside her in her shadow" (downbeat interlude).

Obviously the Stasi censors never listened until the end, although it might read like threatening prophecy on what happened in 1989. These two lines make it great poetry, and makes me forgive them the shameless musical theft.

A bit of advertising may be allowed:

Another very interesting week, t.

Al Forsyth

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Don't forget one of the BEST reimaginer acts of the 60's fashioned much of their music from their GREAT covers (or reimages) of existing songs (particularly American).  Here they are in their glory (note particularly the female fans getting it):

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Cantina Margarita

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You nailed it, Al.
[thumb]What early British rock is all about, is basically reimagining American R&B, and the Beatles were the far best at it. It didn't take them long to overrun it by length, to create their own style by recomposing its ingredients, to overrun themselves several times in only 8 years, which ended up in being the most unique and "the earliest and the greatest of them all" rock bands until our days. I stress rock bands because the latest and the greatest of them all is someone we know.
paul g adsett

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checking in from the members' bar at rfh
looking out over the thames,
with a cool pint of scrumpy,
before the gods come to a fiery end in the last of
wagner's ring cyle 'götterdämmerung'...

tinpot nibelheimian:  'don't get around much anymore'

- not quite true, macca , now is it?
you're touring like your pension plan collapsed.
but, this weren't really a worthwhile addition to the repertoire,
now was it? 

bronze helmet: 'temptation'
- as worn and sung by brünnhilde?
no helmet in this production,
but she still can't resist disobeying her dad.
not unpleasant, but a run of the mill everlybros track
that sort of lacks beauty and oomph.

silver horde: 'y'can't take that away from me'
- as just about everyone who gets their hands on the gold
in 'the ring'is prone to declare
(nb, there is no silver in the plot, but,hey...).
a pleasant enough track,
but not one of the finest on that album.

gold ring: 'fever'
like the way everone lusts after the gold,
the way siegmund and sieglinde consummate their incestuous love
 'hotter than a pepper sprout?'
'the real mccoy...'
dare i say it?
a firm favourite.oops, the bell's gone...
Popeye (not the sailor)

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My reimagined votes.

Gold: They Can't Take That Away - Brian Wilson

Silver: Temptation - Everly Brothers

Bronze: Fever - McCoy's

Tin: Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Paul McCartney

I imagine this classic has been reimagined a time or two...

Canadian rocker Frank Marino reimagining Chuck Berry.

Thanks t!

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Gold – They Can’t Take That Away from Me - Brian Wilson, musically all around the best.

Silver – Fever - The McCoys, not as good as the ’56 Little Willie John version but still a good version.

Bronze – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore - Paul McCartney, The reinterpretation not as good to me and the vocal a little lacking for me.

Tin – Temptation - The Everly Brothers, I hate to vote these guys down, but I must.

An interesting remake:

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”

Larry Franz

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Too bad they didn't finish "Walk On By".


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Hi T,


Here is my pick for the week.


Gold - They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Brian Wilson

Silver - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – Paul McCartney

Bronze - Temptation – Everly Brothers

Tin - Fever - The McCoys


Graciegirl [smile]
paul g adsett

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good morning, reality.
the world of the ring, gods, nibelung, giants and heroes
is now receding into golden mythology...
but, here's one final reinterpretation
that sums up the wish of the rhinemaiden 's gold,
forged into that might, cursed ring
and, in its fulfilment,
allows the  final denouement and redemption
- 'take me to the river
drop me in the
written by al green (and mabon 'teenie' hodges)
taken from probably the greatest live music movie made
stop making sense'with the mighty, expanded talking heads

t bedford

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Thanks to D.A.N., Cantina, paul, Popeye, Deb & Graciegirl for the votes. Additional thanks to all for the videos.

Here’s the results from 21 voters:

GOLD to Brian Wilson with 67 points (10G, 6S, 4B 1T)
SILVER to The Everly Brothers with 53 points (5G, 5S, 7B, 4T)
BRONZE to Sir Paul McCartney with 50 points (3G, 7S, 6B, 5T)
TIN to The McCoys with 40 points (3G, 3S, 4B, 11T)

Aggregate 210

Now, on to Darren’s mysterious theme-less (?) Week!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, t. 

They're in the book, locatable on page 2 of this forum. 

'They Can't Take That Away from Me' is only the third selection from Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin to be used in the Battle. 

Its record is: 

Nothing But Love (a Gold in Week 4 of Season III - Deb#1), 
I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' (a Bronze in Week 31 of Season IV - t Bedford), 
They Can't Take That Away from Me (a Gold in Week 19 of Season VII - t Bedford)

'Temptation' is the eighth Everly Brothers track to be used.

Their record:

Always Drive a Cadillac (a Gold in Week 4 of Season I - Darren J. Ray),
All I Have to Do is Dream (live) (a Silver in Week 22 of Season III, 8th in the Preliminary Final - Tom Tobben), 
On the Wings of a Nightingale (a Gold in Week 5 of Season V - t Bedford), 
Made to Love (a Silver in Week 5 of Season V - t Bedford), 
The Price of Love (a Bronze in Week 5 of Season V - t Bedford), 
Don't Worry Baby (a Tin in Week 5 of Season V, 3rd in the Tin Play-Off - t Bedford), 
Bowling Green (a Gold in Week 31 of Season V - Verden McCutcheon)
Temptation (a Silver in Week 19 of Season VII - t Bedford)

Hence in the four weeks that they've had just the one entry, they've collected two Golds and two Silvers. A fine record. 

Phil Everly also scored a Bronze for 'Louise' in Week 11 of Season I (Gordon Higgins).  

'Don't Get Around Much Anymore' is the fourth solo Paul McCartney selection. 

His record: 

Singalong Junk (a Silver in Season I - Teenage Symphony), 
My Valentine (a Tin in Season III - Deb#1), 
Did We Meet Somewhere Before? (a Gold in Season VI - brent mcmullen),
Don't Get Around Much Anymore (a Bronze in Season VII - t Bedford)

He also featured on 'FourFiveSeconds' (Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney) (a Bronze in Season VI - Al Forsyth).
Wings have had two entries. 

'Let Me Roll It' (live) won a Bronze in Week 45 of Season I (Cynthia D. Hood).

'Let 'Em In' won a Tin in Week 10 of this season (Deb#1).

The Beatles have had 28 entries for 9 Golds, 13 Silvers, 4 Bronzes and 2 Tins. 

14 of the 26 songs from the six completed seasons have made play-offs.

The two from this season both won Golds and look likely to compete in the major play-offs.

Theirs is an outstanding record. 

'Fever' is currently ranked in 2nd position of all Tin contenders and, with 19 of the 44 competition weeks completed, is a good chance of making its play-off. 

'Don't Get Around Much Anymore' is also a chance of making its play-off. 

Its score is identical (in points, percentage and breakdown of medals) to that of 'Here Comes Summer' (The Dave Clark Five) from two weeks ago. 

If they are tied for the last spot in determining the 10 Bronze Play-Off contestants, it will necessitate a quick poll of just those two songs before the actual play-off. 

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