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Sam Capuano

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Had a couple of complete listens to TWGMTR this week for the 1st time in awhile, and the album has aged well. I've always felt the weaker songs (Private Life, Shelter, etc) were bolstered by nice production. And the songs that kickoff, and (especially) close the record are wonderful. If this is indeed the last BB album, it will go down as a very good one.
Al Forsyth

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I hope that they have at least one more album in them!

From first song to last, there's that melancholy kind of "looking back" feel to it.  The harmonies are killer.  The production is Beach Boy worthy - fabulous.  That line "a whole new generation" may have been an intention but it was the film, Love and Mercy, that really got younger audiences tuning in. The concerts that both bands play do expose the music to younger people but the albums are a fine way to show what they really are/were - perfect in the studio - rock or ballad or whatever. Maybe it was intended for we/the aging Boomers. I just wished that they made attempt to rock it up a bit.  David M. can completely shred and if you add Blondie to it, R & R from the Beach Boys would live again. This was a little too formulaic. There was something missing. 

Remember that this was the Reunion year and they could have/should have tuned in better to that.

Summer's Gone still can get to you! 

Watch this sometime:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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